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Outrage over paedophiles being allowed to be alone with kids in UK

August 22, 2011 - London

Judges have sparked outrage after ruling that paedophiles can no longer be banned from being alone with their children - because it breaches their human rights.

The Court of Appeal tore up powers that meant perverts could be banned from unsupervised access to their kids.

The court bans, known as Sexual Offences Prevention Orders, were designed to protect children from abuse.

But the Appeal Court ruled they breached the "right to family life", the Sun reports.

It also put an end to blanket bans on Internet access "because it restricts the use of an essential part of everyday living".

It also overturned total bans on paedophiles coming into contact with teenagers aged 16 to 18.

The ruling came after a legal challenge by paedophiles Wayne Clarke, Bryan Hall, Steven Smith and Jonathan Dodd, who complained their human rights were being denied.

A panel of three senior judges, led by Lord Justice Hughes, ruled a ban imposed on Clarke, 34, was "unnecessary and unrealistic" because it would stop him having "ordinary contact with his brother and nephews".

Campaigner Claude Knights, director of Kidscape, was astonished by the rulings. She said: "The safety of children should come first, and whoever has decided this needs to do some serious explaining.

Tory MP Philip Davies said: "The criminal justice system seems to put the rights of the criminal ahead of those of the public or victim."

The rulings come as ministers review the Human Rights Act which has been responsible for a long list of cases of soft justice.


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