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Osama's wife says they had 'not left the room for past five years' where he was shot dead

May 6, 2011 - London

Al Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden spent the last five years living in the room of his mansion in Abbottabad, where he was shot and killed by US forces, according to Pakistan security officials.

The Saudi-born terrorist, who had evaded capture for a decade, was killed Sunday night in a top secret operation involving a small team of US Special Forces in Abbottabad city, located 50 kilometres northeast of Islamabad and 150 kilometres east of Peshawar.

Osama's Yemeni wife apparently told interrogators that she and her husband had not left the same room for the past half a decade, the Daily Mail reports.

The revelations of Amal al-Sadah sheds new light on the existence of the world's most wanted man.

Pakistan continues to defend its failure to uncover Bin Laden, who had been living in the Abbottabad region next to a military base for at least the past half a decade, and officials have rubbished claims that the country's secret services have links to Al Qaeda.


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