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International News on October 9, 2011

Brit player claims œ101m EuroMillions lottery jackpot
A lottery ticket holder from the UK has claimed that he has won 101million pounds EuroMillions jackpot following this weekend's draw. ANI

Malaysian man held for sodomising infant son after wife refused sex
A Malaysian man was recently arrested for sodomising his 23-day-old son after his wife declined to have sex with him. ANI

Wills- Kat's 1st-born daughter 'will inherit 700m pounds Duchy of Cornwall'
A first-born daughter of Prince William and Kate Middleton would be entitled to inherit one of Britain's wealthiest estates, under a change in the royal succession laws passed by the British Government. ANI

Now, knitting - a hobby for men too!
England's leading clothing companies have revealed that when it comes to knitting, the gender gap is reducing with time and that there has been a "massive increase" in the number of men shopping for wool. ANI

30m Pounds biopic to reveal 'never before known facts' of Princess Diana
BAFTA-winner Stephen Evans is set to produce a 30- million-pounds biopic about Princess Diana, and is being tipped as the next British blockbuster. ANI

UK plans to strengthen military ties with US
Britain is reportedly planning to strengthen its military ties with the US under plans to shore up non-European alliances. ANI

FBI agent defeats 'Al Qaeda with cookies, Koran' countering Bush's torture policy
A Federal Bureau of Investigation agent Ali Soufan's method of interrogating terror suspects by offering them their favourite dishes counters the torture policy pursued by the George Bush administration. ANI

Sydney brothels to face unsafe sex ban
The Australian state of New South Wales is likely to ban unprotected sex in Sydney brothels, a move campaigners say is long overdue to protect community safetly. ANI

Saudi Arabia facing cyber war from external forces, warn officials
Saudi Arabia is facing a risk of an external cyber war aimed at instigating violence and religious sectarianism, senior officials in the kingdom have claimed. ANI

HRCP urges Pak political parties to disband militant wings
The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) has called on political parties to disband private militias and disarm criminal gangs to end the bloodshed in Karachi. ANI

India preparing for conventional war with Pakistan, claims Pak daily
Recent developments on the eastern border have alarmed Pakistani policymakers and military officials, who are keenly observing India's preparations for a conventional war with Pakistan in the context of the Cold Start war doctrine, a Pakistani newspaper has said. ANI

New York cop saves himself from being shot by jamming ring finger under hammer
A New York Police Department cop jammed his ring finger under .38 revolver's hammer to save himself from being shot in the gut. ANI

UK advertising watchdog to ban 'overtly sexual images' on hoardings
UK advertising watchdog has introduced new rules that will ban public display of explicit hoardings, especially within 100 yards of a school, to stop the sexualisation of children. ANI

Oz top cop urges women to inform pals about sex plans on night out
The Police Commissioner of New South Wales has advised women to inform their friends if they plan to have sex on a night out and to "look out for your mates". ANI

Noted atheist says Muslim faith schools filling children's heads with 'alien rubbish'
Richard Dawkins, an author of books on evolution and religion, has slammed Muslim faith schools for teaching students 'alien rubbish'. ANI

WFP urges flood-hit Pakistan to enact disaster prevention strategies
Floods in Pakistan will continue to wreak havoc on the population if disaster prevention strategies are not enacted, a senior World Food Program (WFP) official has warned. ANI

Zardari, Sharif-led parties 'looting Pakistan' by turns: Imran
Pakistan cricketer-turned-politician Imran Khan has accused the country's two major political parties of reaching an agreement to rule the nation by turns. ANI

Malaysia abolishes school fees for poor Indian students
Malaysia has abolished school fees and provided 100 ringgit assistance for all poor Indian students at the primary and secondary school level. ANI

Poll shows Romney leading 2012 GOP White House race
A new poll has shown former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney leading the 2012 GOP race for the White House, while businessman Herman Cain continues his surge. ANI

US envoy apologizes to Philippines over 'sex tourism' remark
U.S. Ambassador to The Philippines Harry Thomas has apologized for saying that 40 percent of male tourists visit the country for sex. ANI

Pak Govt to blame for more than 50 per cent of suicides in country: PAMH
Pakistan Association for Mental Health (PAMH) President Dr Haroon Ahmed has blamed the government's lack of interest as the main cause of over 50 per cent of suicides in the country. ANI

Indian taxi driver allowed to stay in Australia despite bashing elderly woman passenger
An Indian taxi driver in Melbourne, who bashed an 81-year-old woman in his cab, has escaped deportation and will be allowed to stay in Australia. ANI

Oz tax payers' to fork out nearly 2 million dollars for Queen's CHOGM visit
Nearly two million dollars of Australiantax payers' money will be used entertain Queen Elizabeth, world leaders and delegates attending the opening ceremony of the CHOGM talks here later this month. ANI

India has more affluent households than many European countries, finds study
India and China have overtaken many European countries in the number of affluent households, according to a new Global Affluent Investor study by leading market research company TNS. ANI

Egypt's ruling military council amends election law
Egypt's ruling Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) has decided to scrap the fifth article of the election law which reserved a third of seats in the parliament for independents and drew a wave of anger among many political groups. ANI

Rights body condemns execution of 8 Bangladeshis in S. Arabia
A leading human rights group in Bangladeshas condemned the public execution of eight Bangladeshi migrantorkers in Saudi Arabia. ANI

Hindus upset with Radio Netherlands Worldwide for linking Hindu culture with 'suicidal thoughts'
The Hindus are critical of Radio Netherlands Worldwide (RNW) for linking Hindu culture with "suicidal thoughts". ANI

Brit Indian Anni Dewani's mum says cannot rest till she finds out who killed her daughter
The mother of Brit-Indian Anni Dewani, who was shot dead while on her honeymoon with husband Shrien Dewani last November, has said that she can't rest until she finds out who was responsible for her daughter's murder and ensure that theguilty are punished. ANI

Intelligence chiefs warn of planned attacks by 200 UK-based suicide bombers
British intelligence chiefs have warned the Davidameron Government that at least 200 potential terrorists are activelylanning suicide attacks while living freely in Britain. ANI

Head of the Indian Orthodox Church welcomed in Bahrain
The head of the Indian Orthodox Church,is Holiness Maron Mar Baselios Marthoma Paulose II, has been given aarm welcome here by the Bahrain Government. ANI

Yemen President confirms he will be stepping down soon
Yemen President Ali Abdullah Saleh hasrevealed that he would step down soon, even as his country continues to tilt toward a civil war. ANI

Ex-UK PM Blair could face parliamentary probe over secret meetings with Gaddafi
Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair could face a parliamentary investigation into his close relationship with ousted Libyan dictator Colonel Muammar Gaddafi. ANI

China's railway passenger traffic touches record high 67.3 million mark
China's railways carried a record high 67.3 million passengers between September 28 and October 7, 2011. ANI

China for unification with Taiwan through peaceful means to achieve rejuvenation
Chinese President Hu Jintao has called for the peaceful unification of the country to achieve rejuvenation, because it serves the interests of all citizens, including Taiwanese counterparts. ANI

Harry 'drives 120 miles to California for beer and burger prior to Apache training'
Prince Harry recently drove 120 miles to the famed McP's Irish pub in California with three of his colleagues from RAF Wattisham and protection officers to enjoy a burger and beer before undertaking the final stage of his Apache helicopter training. ANI

Dalai Lama slams China's 'hypocritical communist system'
The Dalai Lama has criticised China through a video link, after visa problems prevented him from joining Archbishop Desmond Tutu's birthday celebrations in South Africa. ANI

Afghanistan seeks Pak's help in stalled peace process while bashing it over terror links
Afghanistan is attempting to revive peace talks with a seemingly contradictory approach- publicly bashing the Pakistanis for supporting the Taliban while at the same time asking for their help, a news report has said. ANI

Rajapaksa advisor among 4 killed in Sri Lanka's violence-marred elections
At least four people, including the adviser to Sri Lanka's president have been killed and dozens wounded in an outbreak of political violence in the country. ANI

Pak arrests Qaida suspects on CIA request, stops demanding end to US drone attacks
Pakistan has reportedly arrested several al Qaida suspects at the Central Intelligence Agency's request, and allowed the United States access to the detainees. ANI

Pak cooperation 'extremely important' to US security: White House
The United States believes that Pakistan's cooperation remains extremely important in terms of US national security objectives, even as Washington has issues with Islamabad at times, the White House has said. ANI

Libyan rebels launch final offensive on Gaddafi stronghold of Sirt
Libyan rebel forces have reportedly launched a bloody "final offensive" on the Gaddafi-held loyalist stronghold of Sirt. ANI

Victoria Premier blames Oz Govt. for "strangling" international student market
Victoria Premier Ted Baillieu has accused the Australian government of "effectively strangling" the international student market, and has announced that he will join forces with his New South Wales counterpart Barry O'Farrell to push for wider changes to the nation's visa restrictions. ANI

Italian juror says Knox's honest face convinced him that she was not guilty
One of the jurors who overturned American student Amanda Knox's murder conviction has said the honesty in her face convinced him that she could not have sexually assaulted and murdered Meredith Kercher in 2007 along with her ex-boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito. ANI

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