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International News on October 26, 2011

Hindus welcome Archbishop of Canterbury's Diwali message
Hindus have applauded Archbishop of Canterbury Dr. Rowan Douglas Williams for his Diwali message to "Hindu Friends and Colleagues", wishing a "very joyful and blessed Diwali". ANI

Pint-sized Luxembourg also celebrates Diwali
Luxembourg; a pint-sized one-of-the wealthiest country of the world whose about 87% population is Roman Catholic; is reportedly also celebrating Hindu festival Diwali. ANI

Queen and Duke of Edinburgh ride a tram in Melbourne
They may be more used to travelling in a chauffeur driven state Bentley or Rolls Royce, but on their visit to Melbourne, the Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh travelled by the humble tram and appeared very much at home on public transport. ANI

Coming soon: US army four-seater vehicle that can take off and land vertically
The United States is reportedly planning to deploy something that it calls Transformer (TX) "flying humvee" by 2015. ANI

Growing power of radical Islamists after Mubarak's ouster threatens Egypt's ties with US, Israel
The fast growing power of radical Islamist political groups in Egypt after the fall of former leader Hosni Mubarak's regime, and the failure of the army to stop a growing rash of sectarian violence is likely to threaten the nation's long-standing friendship with the US and Israel. ANI

Syrian government accused of 'torturing' protestors in hospitals
Human Rights Organization Amnesty International has claimed that injured Syrian protesters are being 'tortured' in some of the government-run hospitals. ANI

China to replace 'excessive entertaining' shows with 'healthy' programming
China will replace its popular reality television shows with so-called 'healthy' programming, as a part of the nation's latest move to tighten media control. ANI

Saudi Arabia bestows highest civil award on Pakistani hero posthumously
Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah has honoured a Pakistani man who had laid his life to save 14 others from drowning during torrential rains in Jeddah back in 2009. ANI

Saddam feared 'conspiracy against Iraq' over Reagan's decision to arm Iran
Papers from Iraqi archives have revealed that Saddam Hussein had gathered his most senior aides for an important strategy session on November 15, 1986, two days after the then US President Ronald Reagan acknowledged in a televised address that his administration had sent weapons and spare parts to Iran. ANI

'Terror outfit' JuD opens new religious teaching and relief activity front
The Falah-e-Insaniat Foundation (FeF)- the philanthropy wing of the banned outfit Jamaatud Dawa (JuD)- has included religious teachings in its flood relief activities in Pakistan's Sindh province. ANI

India among 30 countries facing biggest risks from climate change: Report
India, Bangladesh and Congo are among 30 countries with "extreme" exposure to climate shift, according to a British firm specializing in risk analysis. ANI

Detainee in Afghanistan claims he was recruited by Pak's ISI to become suicide bomber
A young man detained by the Afghan Intelligence Service has alleged that he was recruited earlier this year by Pakistan's powerful military intelligence agency, the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), to become a suicide bomber, according to a media report. ANI

Strauss-Kahn's Washington home finally on market for $5.2 mln
Former IMF head Dominique Strauss-Kahn's home located on the prestigious Dumbarton Street in Washington DC, has officially gone on the market for 5.2 million dollars. ANI

Japan's used-car dealers selling radioactive vehicles to unsuspecting customers
Japan's used-car dealers are reportedly selling vehicles contaminated by high levels of radiation from the nuclear meltdown at the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant. ANI

Nine out of ten Americans distrust Congress: Poll
A new poll has found that a deep sense of economic anxiety and doubt about the future hangs over the United States with Americans' distrust of the government at its highest level ever. ANI

Indian tycoon refuses to live in 'world's most expensive house' he built
India's wealthiest man Mukesh Ambani has incited a public debate by refusing to live in his 27-storey, billion-dollar tower in Mumbai, called Antilia - also dubbed world's most expensive home. ANI

Glaciers in southwest China feeling the brunt of climate change: Report
Significant increases in annual temperatures are having a devastating affect on glaciers in the mountainous regions of south-western China, potentially affecting natural habitats, tourism and wider economic development. ANI

Mutassim Gaddafi remained defiant of "petty" rebel captors till death
Colonel Muammar Gaddafi's son Mutassim appeared scornful and defiant of his rebel captors in his last hours, and called them "petty" and "small," a new video has revealed. ANI

China to launch Shenzhou-8 spacecraft in November
China will launch the Shenzhou-8 spacecraft in November from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center, located about 1,600 kms from Beijing. ANI

Russia slipping back to deviant Soviet-era power ways: US House Speaker Boehner
Two and a half years after the Obama administration "reset" relations with Russia, House Speaker John Boehner has said that he is worried that Moscow seems to be slipping back into its Soviet-era ways. ANI

Strauss Kahn's wife may head Huffington Post's French edition
Former International Monetary fund (IMF) chief Dominic Strauss Kahn's wife, Anne Sinclair, is rumored to be taking charge of the French edition of The Huffington Post when it launches in November. ANI

Strauss-Kahn's lawyers go into all-out defense mode against rape-accuser hotel maid
Lawyers representing International Monitory Fund (IMF) chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn have demanded from New York's Sofitel hotel, where a maid accused him of trying to rape her, to reveal all the room card records. ANI

PoK chief justice survives life attempt by unknown gunman
The top judge in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir has survived an attempt on his life. ANI

US students launch poster campaign against 'racist' Halloween costumes
A group of students in America's Ohio University have launched a campaign against some Halloween costumes which would hurt and humiliate people from minority ethnic groups. ANI

Afghan militant group says it's ready to have 'direct or indirect political dialogue' with US
A key Afghan insurgent group, led by a former warlord, has said that it is willing to pursue "direct or indirect" reconciliation talks with the United States without any preconditions. ANI

Docs reveal 'normal' pe**s size to stop dangerous enlargement procedures
One of France's oldest and most learned medical bodies has published the average measurements of a man's pe**s in an effort to discourage men from going through potentially dangerous pe**s enlargement procedures. ANI

Brit woman facing jail after biting off boyfriend's testicles
A woman is facing jail after admitting to biting off her boyfriend's testicles during a drunken brawl. ANI

Pakistan seeks US help in improving ailing economy
Islamabad has asked Washington to help Pakistan's ailing economy by ensuring approval of the spent plan for 2011 for disbursing assistance under the Kerry Lugar Law (KLL) from Congress, even though the fiscal year has already commenced in the United States, according to a media report. ANI

US embassy denies Clinton 'threatened' Pakistan of US' unilateral military action
The US Embassy in Islamabad has denied remarks attributed to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton that she has "threatened" Pakistan and implied that the United States intends to take unilateral military action against Pakistan. ANI

Ex-Oz PM Fraser backs call for Sri Lanka war crimes investigation
Former Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser has supported calls for an international investigation into allegations of widespread war crimes during the civil war between the Sri Lankan government and the Tamil Tigers. ANI

Gaddafi believed 'Libyans still loved him' till his death: Bodyguard
Muammar Gaddafi believed Libyans still loved him despite being repeatedly told that Tripoli had been occupied," his former bodyguard had claimed. ANI

Another Tibetan monk self-immolates himself in protest against Chinese rule
Another Tibetan Buddhist monk has set himself on fire in protest against Chinese rule over the Himalayan region. ANI

Obama waiting for GOP candidates to be evicted "Survivor" style till he takes notice
US President Barack Obama has said that that he is not going to pay attention to the GOP candidates until they are narrowed down "Survivor" style. ANI

Taliban release videos of Swiss couple abducted in Pakistan
The Taliban in Pakistan have released videos of two Swiss tourists who have been held hostage for the past four months. ANI

US rules out possibility of war with Pakistan
The United States has ruled out any possibility of war with Pakistan in the wake of Afghan President Hamid Karzai's controversial statement in this regard. ANI

Obama uses 2008 'change message' card to woo back supporters
US President Barack Obama has argued that he had honoured over half of what he promised to do to bring about a change in the country during his 2008 election campaign, including the killing of the 9/11 terror attack mastermind Osama bin Laden. ANI

'Optimistic' Munter hopes US ties with Pakistan will 'grow in future'
The US Ambassador to Islamabad, Cameron Munter, has expressed his optimism that the Pakistan-US relationship would grow and improve in the future. ANI

Pak judge who convicted Taseer assassin hasn't fled country, but gone for Hajj
The Pakistani judge who had awarded the death sentence to Malik Mumtaz Hussain Qadri, the self-confessed assassin of former Punjab Governor Salmaan Taseer, has not fled the country following death-threats, but left for Saudi Arabia to perform Hajj, according to a media report. ANI

US, Pak, Afghanistan agree on framework for holding "tri-logue" with Taliban
The United States and Pakistan have agreed on a framework for holding direct talks with the militants and are now working to operationalise the plan, the US State Department has said. ANI

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