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International News on October 16, 2011

I may be chauvinist, nut not rapist: Julian Assange
Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has said that he might be a chauvinist, but definitely not a rapist. ANI

Brit schools to ban skirts if students don't lower hemlines
Head teachers across England are banning girls from wearing skirts in school for fear that their ever-shorter hemlines might put them at risk of an attack. ANI

Firstborn daughter of Wills-Kat to be next Queen?
Queen Elizabeth II is personally in favour of the plan that repeal ancient laws and allows the firstborn daughter of Prince William and Kate to accede to the throne, according to reports. ANI

Duchess' bridal gown raises 1 pounds million for charity
The Duchess of Cambridge's wedding dress is said to have raised 1 million pounds for the charities supported by Prince William and Kate, although official announcement has not yet been made. ANI

Pot more popular than booze among Oz kids as young as 10
Australian children as young as 10 are reportedly getting more hooked to marijuana and other drugs than alcohol, say alarming figures. ANI

Sean Penn wants Obama to personally meet Wall Street campaigners
Hollywood actor Sean Penn has asked US President Barack Obama to visit the Occupy Wall Street protesters in New York and look into their concerns. ANI

Pennsylvania brothers 'held for selling stolen bridge for scrap metal'
Two brothers in the US have been accused of stealing a bridge in western Pennsylvania and selling the scrap metal for 5,000 dollars. ANI

'Boob tax' to send cost of cosmetic surgeries soaring by 20 percent
The British HM Revenue and Customs is planning to impose a tax on cosmetic surgeries by slapping VAT on any artificial enhancements and procedures. ANI

Cameron will "never shut down Facebook"
British Prime Minister David Cameron will never shut down Facebook, even in times of civil unrest like the riots, a top executive at the social network has said. ANI

Over 60 percent Brit terrorist suspects from middle-class backgrounds: secret M15 file
Two-thirds of British terror suspects are from middle-class backgrounds and those who become suicide bombers are often highly educated, a classified MI5 document as revealed. ANI

'Slender' Kate now turning to snacking to gain weight
In a bid to gain weight, the slender Duchess of Cambridge has reportedly turned to snacking. ANI

Brit man's body mummified like Egyptian Pharaoh for TV
A British man who died after battling a terminal disease has been mummified like an Egyptian Pharaoh for a Channel 4 show, with his consent. ANI

PML-N announces schedule for anti-Pak Govt rallies
The Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) has announced the schedule for protest rallies against the federal government. ANI

Palin changes Facebook profile from Republican to 'Conservative'
Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has changed the status of her Facebook profile from Republican to 'Conservative'. ANI

LGBTQ youth at greater risk of suicide attempts, victimisation by peers
A new research has claimed that youth who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or questioning (LGBTQ) are at a greater risk of suicidal thoughts, suicide attempts, victimization by peers, and elevated levels of unexcused absences from school. ANI

Beware! Eating too many chilli peppers could kill you
It has been claimed that chilli peppers can cause death if taken in large quantities. ANI

Tunnels made by PoW during World War II replicated for documentary
For the first time in 70 years, a team of archaeologists, engineers and RAF servicemen has spent several weeks to explore the tunnels dug by British prisoners during the Second World War. ANI

Will Price Harry go Space Age in Arizona?
Prince Harry is all set to begin the second phase of his US helicopter training for which he will be moving from California to Arizona, but the exact destination of his stay is still a well-guarded secret. ANI

Bus accident injures 31 Pakistani Haj pilgrims in Saudi Arabia
A bus carrying 40 Pakistani Haj pilgrims had an accident while travelling from Makkah to Madina, injuring 31 passengers. ANI

'Racist' tea party is a "problem," "distraction" for Obama: Sean Penn
Sean Penn, actor, activist and outspoken liberal, has said that the tea party is a "problem" and a "distraction" for President Barack Obama. ANI

Britons want immigration to be slashed: Oxford University research
Most Britons want to see immigration reduced in the United Kingdom, according to a new survey. ANI

Pak court rejects acquittal plea of ex-police officials in Benazir murder case
An Anti-Terrorism Court (ATC) in Pakistan has rejected an acquittal plea filed by former Rawalpindi police chief Saud Aziz and former Rawal Town SP Khurram Shahzad in the Benazir Bhutto assassination case. ANI

UAE to open its first multi-faith crematorium in Abu Dhabi
The United Arab Emirates will shortly open a cemetery built in Abu Dhabi's Al Ain city to cater to all non-Muslim communities in the country. ANI

UK's prestigious tennis club offers honorary membership to Wills-Kat
One of UK's most prestigious tennis clubs has offered Prince William and his wife Kate honorary memberships worth 14,000 pounds each, which they have accepted. ANI

NYC designer excited as Michelle Obama wore her gown to state dinner
A Korean-American fashion designer, who is based in New York, was on top of the world after US First Lady Michelle Obama wore one of her creations to the White House state dinner for South Korean President Lee Myung-bak and his wife Kim Yoon-ok last week. ANI

Bill Clinton partying like a 'rockstar' at his belated b'day celebrations
Former US President Bill Clinton, who turned 65 in August, is belatedly celebrating his birthday with a three-day Hollywood party to benefit his charitable foundation that he set up 10 years ago. ANI

Ansari says his visit would result in engagement with Turkey in several spheres
Vice President Mohammad Hamid Ansari has said that his visit to Turkey would result in serious engagement between the two countries, particularly in foreign policy and bilateral economic cooperation. ANI

Saudi Arabia urged to sever diplomatic ties with Iran
Saudi Arabian political analysts have claimed that it is time to sever the country's diplomatic ties with Iran. ANI

India convinces G20 nations to exchange information on tax evasion
Union Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee on Sunday said that he has successfully convinced the G20 countries to be more open about sharing bank and tax information, a step that can help India get information about the black money that was stashed in banks in foreign countries. ANI

Oz woman to receive world's 1st womb transplant from mum to give birth
An Australian woman, who first expressed a desire to be a mother when she was just three years old, is all set to become the world's first woman with a transplanted womb to fulfil her dream to be a mother. ANI

U.S. allegations of plot to kill Saudi envoy 'meaningless': Iran supreme leader
Iran's supreme leader has denounced United States' allegations that Iran had plotted to assassinate the Saudi ambassador to Washington, suggesting they were a pretext for further building an international consensus against his country, state media reported. ANI

Malaysian PM celebrates Deepavali in 'Little India'
: Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak celebrated the Malaysia Deepavali Carnival at Jalan Tengku Kelana in Klang, also known as 'Little India'. ANI

PML-N calls on Pak Govt to recognise NTC as Libya's new regime
The Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) has asked the federal government to recognise the National Transitional Council (NTC) as the ruling authority in Libya. ANI

Obama administration officials deny 'US to keep troops in Iraq past deadline' reports
Obama administration officials have denied speculations that the U.S. would be abandoning plans to keep troops in Iraq after a year-end withdrawal deadline, insisting that discussions with Iraqi leaders are "ongoing." ANI

Australian woman, womb transplant, mother
An Australian woman, who first expressed a desire to be a mother when she was just three years old, is all set to become the world's first woman with a transplanted womb to fulfil her dream to be a mother. ANI

Karachi University teachers protest against Rehman Malik's honorary doctorate degree
Over 217 faculty members of the University of Karachi have signed a petition by the KU Teachers Guild (KUTG) in protest against the awarding of an honorary doctorate to Pakistan Interior Minister Rehman Malik. ANI

Steve Jobs' ill biological mother unaware of his tragic death
Steve Jobs' death may have grabbed the world's attention because of the headlines that hit global newspapers, but one of the very few people who is unaware of the tragic news is his own ill biological mother. ANI

US to deploy deadlier 'Hellfire Romeo' precision-strike missiles in war against terrorism
The United States will soon be deploying a deadlier version of a precision-strike missile that has been a star of the war on al Qaeda and its allies, according to media reports. ANI

Hindus welcome Pope's upcoming religious peace summit in Assisi
The Hindus have welcomed "Pilgrims of truth, pilgrims of peace" initiative of His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI. ANI

Clinton to visit Pakistan next week
US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will visit Pakistan next week as part of a tour of Muslim countries deeply engaged by Washington, according to a news report attributed to diplomatic sources. ANI

Aid to Pak flood victims may come to halt in November due to funding constraints: UN
The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (Ocha) has warned that assistance to over 8.9 million people affected by floods in Sindh and Balochistan may come to a halt in November after depletion of relief supplies by the end of this month. ANI

Over 2,300 people killed in 300 US drone strikes in Pakistan: Report
The United States' 'covert' drone war in Pakistan has reached a grim milestone with the 300th attack on alleged militants in South Waziristan Agency on Friday night, according to a research by a London-based not-for-profit organisation. ANI

Survival tips for those who think their boss is a psychopath
Those who heard about a recent study that claimed one in 25 company bosses are psychopaths and believe that their boss is one of them needn't cringe any more. Turns out, there is still hope. ANI

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