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International News on October 15, 2011

Vet facing £75k fine for putting up 1,000 posters to find lost dogs
The owner of two missing dogs has been slapped with a fine of 75,000 pounds for putting up 1000 posters in a desperate bid to find her dogs. ANI

Queen Elizabeth to become great-grandmother for second time
Britain's Queen Elizabeth will become a great grandmother for the second time when her grandson Peter Phillips and his wife Autumn welcome their second child in March 2012. ANI

Vet facing £75k fine for putting up 1,000 posters to find lost dogs
The owner of two missing dogs has been slapped with a fine of 75,000 pounds for putting up 1000 posters in a desperate bid to find her dogs. ANI

'Coco Chanel would have hated my work', says Karl Lagerfeld
Karl Lagerfeld has revealed that he thinks Coco Chanel would have hated the work he does as a creative director of Chanel. ANI

Reality shows turn women into 'mean girls', says new study
A new study has claimed that reality TV shows turn women into "mean girls". ANI

Obama personally reads 'ten letters' a day sent by Americans
US President Barack Obama personally reads ten selected letters each day, sent to him by citizens. ANI

Bush wanted Clint Eastwood as 'running mate' during 1988 presidential campaign
Former US President George W Bush wanted actor Clint Eastwood as a running mate during his 1988 presidential campaign, released tapes have shown. ANI

American gym teacher arrested for lesbian affair with 14-year-old student
A Texas physical education teacher is facing jail over her alleged sexual affair with a 14-year-old girl she coached. ANI

Kiwis among most sociable people in world
It has been revealed that New Zealanders are among the most sociable people in the world. ANI

Explicit video of couple having sex while skydiving sparks investigations
An explicit video of a couple having sex while skydiving has sparked a series of investigations by US aviation authorities. ANI

166 people, including 68 women, committed suicide in Pakistan in one month: HRCP
A total of 283 suicide and attempt to suicide cases were reported in Pakistan in the time span of one month, a Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) report has said. ANI

Pak, US 'share objective' in Afghanistan but have difficulties at 'operational level': Khar
Pakistan and the United States have a shared objective of bringing peace and stability in Afghanistan, but have difficulties at the operational level, Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar has said. ANI

Cameron invites p*rn baron Desmond to be his guest at Chequers
British Prime Minister David Cameron is entertaining Richard Desmond, the p*rn baron, at Chequers this weekend, according to reports. ANI

Anwar Al-Awlaki's son killed in drone attack in Yemen: Report
The son of slain al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) leader Anwar Al-Awlaki was among those killed in a trio of drone attacks in southern Yemen on Friday night, a US news channel has reported, attributing to a security official. ANI

Incestuous brother-sister walk free after court trial
An incestuous brother-sister pair, who were caught having sex in a railway station lift, have been let free as legal officials say it was not in the public interest to jail them. ANI

Brit man's beheading video 'found' in Muslim terror suspect's home
A Birmingham Muslim bookseller accused of "priming people for terrorism" had video footage of British hostage Ken Bigley being beheaded in his compound, a jury was told. ANI

Indian-origin Sri Lankan tour guide judged world's best by UK magazine
A Sri Lankan tour guide of Indian-origin has been selected as the world's best guide by the British travel magazine Wanderlust. ANI

IAEA asks Japan to take realistic approach to treat contamination near nuke accident plant
The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has released a report, urging Japan to take a more focused and realistic approach in dealing with radioactive contamination in areas around the earthquake-cum-tsunami hit Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant, amid signs that the Japanese government is becoming overwhelmed by public demands for decontamination. ANI

Pippa Middleton gets on with Geri Halliwell 'like a house on fire'
Pippa Middleton is said to have become good friends with Geri Halliwell after they hit it off at a charity boxing event. ANI

Prince William and Kate help raise $1 million for children's charity
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and Kate Middleton raised 1 million dollars at an annual dinner fund raiser for a children's charity. ANI

Van Gogh died from shooting accident, not suicide, claims new book
Although art historians say that Vincent van Gogh committed suicide, a new book claims that the painter died in a shooting accident. ANI

Claims of 'sex slavery' in Oz brothels under garb of student visas being probed
The Australian immigration ministry has called for investigations into claims that migration agents are helping to bring women to the country on student visas who end up working in conditions of sexual slavery or at illegal brothels. ANI

Gucci outlet in China accused of 'torturing' employees
Employees at a luxury goods manufacturer Gucci outlet in China were subjected to "torture" and "cruel behaviour" during working hours, it has emerged. ANI

Nearly half abuse claims against teachers 'unfounded'
Nearly half of allegations made against teachers are malicious, unsubstantiated or unfounded, new research has suggested. ANI

BBC reporter sentenced in Tajikistan for links with banned Islamic group freed
A court in Tajikistan sentenced a BBC reporter to three years in jail for spreading banned Islamic propaganda, but was later set free under an amnesty law. ANI

'Pak would prefer more war, division in Afghanistan to united 'pro-India' neighbour'
Several commentators in Pakistan suggest that the country would prefer more war and division in Afghanistan to having a united 'pro-India' neighbour, according to a news report. ANI

India secures top rank in positive employer-employee relationships survey
A new survey has found that the "positive relationship" between the staff and management has increased in countries like India and China, whereas Australia dropped four places to take the 13th spot on the list. ANI

Toronto police warns girls wearing skirts to school could attract pervert
Toronto police officers have warned school girls not to wear their uniform on the subway as it could attract a pervert looking out for skirt-wearing prep school girls. ANI

US must freeze aid until Pakistan helps shut down Haqqani terror network: Think tank
An influential American think tank has urged the Obama administration to freeze aid to Pakistan until it takes actions against perpetrators of the US embassy attack and helps shut down the Haqqani insurgent network. ANI

Iran denies having had 'direct contact' with US over alleged plot to kill Saudi envoy
Iran has denied that the United States had any "direct talks" with Tehran over the alleged involvement of the regime in a plot to assassinate the Saudi ambassador to Washington. ANI

Pakistan blocks fuel supplies for NATO forces in Afghanistan
Pakistan has stopped all supplies of motor spirit (petrol) and high-speed diesel to the US Defence Energy Supply Company, which is catering to the energy requirements of NATO forces in Afghanistan, according to a news report. ANI

Taiwan's ex-leader jailed for 18 years over bribery charges
Taiwan's former leader Chen Shui-bian has been given an 18-year prison term for taking bribes in bank mergers. ANI

Syria heading towards full-blown civil war: UN official
A senior United Nations official has warned that Syria is heading towards a full-blown civil war. ANI

Haqqani bigwig killing in Pak, US 'signal' of zero tolerance against save havens
The United States has initiated a new, more aggressive approach towards the Haqqani insurgent network it asserts is supported by the Pakistan government, senior Obama administration officials said. ANI

Steve Jobs` wrong choice of cancer treatment `led to unnecessarily early death`: Expert
Apple's visionary leader Steve Jobs ruined his health by shunning conventional medicine in favour of alternative remedies, a leading cancer doctor has claimed. ANI

School bans cheerleaders' 'feel for lumps, save your bumps' breast cancer T's
An Arizona high school has banned its cheerleaders from wearing breast cancer awareness t-shirts, which had a slogan on them that read 'Feel for lumps, save your bumps'. ANI

US judge says Al-Qaeda owes $9bln to insurance companies for 9/11 attacks
A New York magistrate judge has concluded that Al-Qaeda should pay nine billion dollars to insurance companies for the damage they caused in the September 11 terror attacks. ANI

Strauss-Kahn admits 'grabbing' French writer but releasing her when she resisted
Former International Monetary Fund chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn has admitted that he tried to grab the young French journalist, who has accused him of attempting to rape her, but released her when she resisted. ANI

Sarkozy orders round of drinks on himself and leaves without paying!
French president Nicolas Sarkozy reportedly bought some drinks for his friends in a rural bar and left without paying. ANI

Now, Strauss-Kahn implicated in 'underage prostitution' racket
Soon after being cleared of the charges of attempting to rape a young French journalist in Paris, former IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn has now been implicated in an investigation into underage prostitution. ANI

UK Defence Secretary Liam Fox quits over 'close links' with advisor
British Defence Secretary Liam Fox has resigned in the wake of intense pressure over his links with his close friend, and self-styled adviser Adam Werritty. ANI

ISI agents promoting terror in India, Afghanistan should be put on 'wanted lists': Riedel
The United States should move to a policy of containment for Pakistan, holding its army and intelligence branches accountable, and taking appropriate action against any Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) official found to be aiding terrorism, a former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) officer has said. ANI

Balochistan minister escapes bomb attack by Baloch Liberation Front
Balochistan minister Sardar Sanaullah Zehri has escaped an attempt on his life near Surab in Kalat district. ANI

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