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International News on October 14, 2011

Ansari urges Turkey to invest in India's infrastructural growth
With India's trade relation with Turkey already surpassing the target of US$ 5 billion ahead of current times, Vice President Mohammad Hamid Ansar has urged businessmen here to invest in India's infrastructural growth. ANI

Centenarian Punjabi-Brit to set record by racing in Toronto Marathon
A 100-year-old Indian-origin Brit wants to set a record at Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon by being the only person past the century mark to compete in the race. ANI

New York artist 'allowed to paint nude models after dusk'
The New York City authorities have reached an agreement with a body artist, allowing him to paint nude models only after dusk. ANI

China registered 12 percent increase in millionaires' numbers in 2012: Report
China registered a 12-percent year-on-year increase in its number of millionaires last year, boosted by economic growth and equity market gains, a Capgemini report has said. ANI

Margaret Thatcher 'would not let herself be bullied' by Argentina's military junta
A new book on Falklands War has revealed that the Argentina's military junta went ahead with invading the Falklands despite warnings of how tough Margaret Thatcher was. ANI

Couple performs live sex for p*rn website to support their little daughter
A couple struggling with financial problems performs live sex sessions streamed to a pornography website to pay the bills and support their 20-month-old daughter. ANI

Christopher Columbus blamed for Europe's cool climate
A new study has claimed that by sailing to the new world, Christopher Columbus and the other explorers may have set off a chain of events that cooled Europe's climate for centuries. ANI

True repentance helps re-establish trust
A new study has claimed that true repentance is a critical element to re-establish trust. ANI

Meet the American surfer who accidentally rode a great white shark!
A man in the US has claimed that he was knocked off his board by a great white shark due to which he ended up standing on the predator for several seconds. ANI

Abramovich, Berezovsky's girlfriends add touch of glamour to courtroom
Dasha Zhukova, companion of Chelsea boss Roman Abramovich, and Yelena Gorbunova, the partner of exiled Russian oligarch Boris Berezovsky, were spotted adding a touch of glamour to the courtroom as they arrived at the High Court in London to stand by their men. ANI

Meet a 26-yr-old Vietnamese woman who aged 50 years in 'a few days'
The story of a Vietnamese woman who aged 50 years in a matter of days has sparked an Internet debate, arguing if such rapid ageing is possible. ANI

UK newspaper watchdog to probe Wall Street Journal 'circulation scam'
The British newspaper circulation watchdog is all set to launch an investigation into Rupert Murdoch's Wall Street Journal Europe, following the resignation of its publisher amid allegations that it artificially boosted its sales figures. ANI

Great Wall of China 'crumbling due to illegal mining'
Parts of China's famous Great Wall are reportedly being damaged due to illegal mining for minerals. ANI

China to set up national system to check bribery convictions
China will set up a national system to keep track of bribery convictions, a senior official of the Supreme People's Procuratorate has said. ANI

Hindus seek UNESCO, ASEAN, Indonesia Govt help to restore quake damaged Bali Hindu temples
The Hindus are asking UNESCO, ASEAN and Indonesian Government to help restore the ancient Hindu temples damaged by October 13 earthquake in the Indonesian resort island of Bali. ANI

Pakistan maintains top spot for journalist killings in 2011
Pakistan has maintained the top spot for journalist deaths in 2011 as it continues to witness a deadly trend of fatal violence against media persons, according to a new report. ANI

Taliban don't need to join Afghan peace talks, knowing US' time is up: Pak daily
The Taliban factions, including the Haqqani network, do not need to take part in Afghan reconciliation talks because they know that the United States' "time is up", with its troops scheduled to pull out from Afghanistan in 2014, an editorial in a Pakistani newspaper has said ANI

First self-portrait of Michelangelo is a unique marble relief!
Italian art historians have announced that a unique marble relief might be the first known self-portrait of Michelangelo. ANI

Wives meet only 10pc of husbands' desires, claims Islamic sex guide
An Islamic sex guide that claimed women only gave their husbands 10 percent of what men desired of their wives' bodies has stirred a controversy in Malaysia. ANI

Family calls prosecutors 'racist vultures' as U.S. convicts three Muslims of terrorism
A federal jury has convicted three Muslim men from North Carolina of plotting to attack unspecified targets overseas, and also the Marine Corps base in Quantico, Virginia. ANI

Sharif brothers most popular politicians in Pakistan, Gilani in 'negative domain': Survey
Sharif brothers have emerged as the most popular political leaders in Pakistan in a survey. ANI

India, Myanmar to enhance cooperation to tackle terrorism
Emphasising the need to strengthen institutional mechanisms for sharing of intelligence to combat the menace of insurgency, India and Myanmar on Friday agreed to enhance effective cooperation between the security forces of the two countries. ANI

Pak daily accuses India of flooding Pakistan with liquor, heroin-chemicals
Indian smugglers, in connivance with India's Border Security Force (BSF), are flooding Pakistan's Punjab province with liquor and heroin-chemicals, a Pakistani newspaper has claimed. ANI

JUI-F opposing US plan to open consulate in Quetta: Balochistan minister
The Jamiat Ulma-e-Islam (JUI-F) has been opposing the United States' plan to open its consulate in Balochistan's capital, senior provincial minister Maulana Abdul Wasay has said. ANI

US eyeing Pakistan's atomic programme: Fazl
Jamiat Ulma-e-Islam (JUI-F) chief Maulana Fazlur Rehman has said that the United States is eyeing Pakistan's atomic programme. ANI

Meet a tech-savvy baby who tries to flip magazine pages like iPad!
Here's an evidence to show the effect technology is having on today's children. ANI

Gloomy economy 'prompting men to seek more sex partners'
A social psychology professor at the University of Kansas has claimed that grim economic times could cause men to seek more sexual partners, giving them more chances to reproduce. ANI

'Thousands of children' sexually exploited by gangs in UK
Thousands of children in England are being abused and sexually exploited by gangs, the Deputy Children's Commissioner has said, as she launches an inquiry. ANI

Obama campaign raises $70m in third quarter
US President Barack Obama's campaign team has reportedly raised 70 million dollars in the third quarter. ANI

'Lipstick-laden' Blair shares post-coital fag with Thatcher in TV comedy!
Former Prime Ministers of Britain, Tony Blair and Margaret Thatcher have been portrayed as having an affair in a new comedy show. ANI

U.S. considering shifting more forces to protect Kabul from Pak insurgents
The U.S.-led military coalition is considering shifting more forces to eastern Afghanistan to better protect Kabul from Pakistan-based insurgents, the coalition's new commander has said. ANI

Women gang arrested for drugging and raping men to steal semen
A gang of women has been arrested in Zimbabwe for drugging, kidnapping and raping male hitchhikers to steal their semen. ANI

Woman sues sex toy makers for vibrator 'malfunction'
In a peculiar case of a sex toy going wrong, a woman from Northern California has filed a suit against sex toy makers, Pipedream Products after a vibrator caused heavy bleeding and left her unconscious ANI

George Bush won't be caught dead 'Dancing With the Stars'!
Former US president George W. Bush has revealed that he would never participate in the televised dance competition 'Dancing With the Stars.' ANI

New potential Iceland volcanic eruption could dwarf 2010 Eyjafjallajokul disaster
Seismologists have warned that an eruption could be on the cards at the Katla volcano in Iceland and it could even be more powerful than the eruption of Eyjafjallajokul. ANI

Women's groups slam 'Obedient Wives Club' for 'explicit sex book'
Women's groups have slammed Malaysia's Obedient Wives Club for its "explicit sex book", which called on a Muslim husband to have joint sex with all his spouses. ANI

Obama says 'irrefutable proof' of Iran's role in Saudi envoy's assassination plot
US President Barack Obama has said that there was irrefutable proof that Iran had conspired to assassinate the Saudi ambassador to Washington. ANI

Oz Jewish community wants radical Islamic group Hizb ut-Tahrir banned
Victoria's Jewish community has demanded a radical Islamic group to be banned, claiming it poses a security risk. izb ut-Tahrir, which is banned in several countries, is due to hold a conference against the Afghanistan war in Melbourne tonight. The group's Australian branch has also recently criticised a new counter-terrorism website launched by the government. ANI

Hacker stole Scarlett Johansson's nude photos out of 'pure curiosity'
35-year-old hacker, Christopher Caney, who was accused and arrested for hacking email accounts of almost 50 celebrities, which included nude photos of Scarlett Johnson, has confessed that he did so because he was "addicted to celebrities." ANI

Call to install portable lavatories on Mount Everest to save environment
Environmental activists have suggested to the Nepal government that installing portable lavatories on Mount Everest would help in keeping it cleaner. ANI

China attacks Brit art magazine for honouring 'dissident' Ai Weiwei
The Chinese Government has condemned British contemporary art magazine 'Art Review' for naming the dissident artist, Ai Weiwei, as the most powerful figure in the art world, calling it 'politically biased'. ANI

Pak military refuses to launch North Waziristan offensive against terror safe havens
The Pakistan military has asked NATO/ISAF forces in Afghanistan to act against cross-border attacks on Pakistani soil from Afghan areas, while it has refused to launch North Waziristan offensive, citing operational constraints, according to a news report. ANI

'Guilty' Strauss-Kahn escapes attempted rape charges in France
Former International Monetary Fund (IMF) chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn has been cleared of all attempted rape charges against him - but Paris prosecutors said he had "sexually assaulted" his alleged victim. ANI

'Miffed' Pak tells US it wants 'clearly defined, mutually agreed terms of engagement'
Fed up with the mixed signals coming from the United States, Pakistan has said that the time for these "verbal assaults" is over, and that "clearly defined, well documented and mutually agreed terms of engagement" should now define ties between both nations, according to a news report. ANI

US to hold Pakistan accountable on 'range of issues': Clinton
The United States is pushing Pakistan on a 'range of issues', on which it will be held accountable, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has said. ANI

Pakistan-based terrorists pose threat to US: Panetta
US Secretary for Defense Leon Panetta has said that terrorists in Pakistan, Yemen, and Somalia pose a threat to the United States. ANI

KDDI Announces Strategic Investment in CDNetworks Co., Ltd.
KDDI (TOKYO:9433) announced an agreement with the shareholders of CDNetworks Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Seoul, CEO: Samuyeol Ko, "CDNetworks"), a global Contents Delivery Network (CDN) service [1] provider, on strategic investment in the company.Based on this agreement, KDDI will purchase 85 Business Wire India

US Business Opportunities for Indian Tech Companies Gets Spotlight at October 21 Seminar in Bangalore
The Fairfax County Economic Development Authority (FCEDA) and its India representative, Innoversant Solutions, will present a business seminar entitled “US Business Opportunities in Technology Sectors: Why Now?” in Bangalore on October 21, 2011, to spotlight opportunities in the United States for Indian technology companies Business Wire India

Teleos Names Asia's Most Admired Knowledge Enterprises
Teleos, in association with The KNOW Network, has announced the Winners of the 2011 Asian Most Admired Knowledge Enterprises (MAKE) study. This year's 20 Asian MAKE Winners are (in alphabetical order): Business Wire India

KXEN Appoints Ricardo Fuchs as Senior Vice President, Asia-Pacific Field Operations
KXEN, the leading provider of predictive analytics for business users, announced that Ricardo Fuchs has joined the company as Senior Vice President, Asia-Pacific Field Operations. His appointment further strengthens KXEN’s management team and is a key element in accelerating the company’s growth worldwide Business Wire India

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