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Obama's die hard fans mocked in e-book

November 23, 2011 - Washington

Supporters of Barack Obama have been mocked in a new e-book, saying they are so obsessed with the US President that they can't even find the smallest fault in him.

Frank Fleming's e-book is titled "Obama: The Greatest President in the History of Everything," but he didn't actually mean it.

The book is Fleming's spoof on what he sees as the cult of devoted supporters of Obama who find not even the smallest fault with the president on anything.

"I'm poking fun at a lot of people who get a little too enthusiastic about him. They seem so enamoured with the 'Obama glow'," Fleming told Politico.

Fleming wrote in the book's opening pages: "Many believe that Barack [middle name omitted because it's racist to draw attention to] Obama is just a regular person who puts his pants on one leg at a time like the rest of us, but this is fallacy."

"In fact, were you to witness the miraculous way in which Obama puts on his pants, your brain would hemorrhage trying to comprehend it, and you'd die. For Obama is truly something beyond mortal man. He exudes a calm serenity that made him the first person ever to win a Nobel Peace Prize just for existing," he said.

At the end of the book, Fleming discusses Obama's legacy.

"Experts project that in the year 1000 A.O. (that's "After Obama" in the new calendar system), when the future that we will win becomes the present that was won, people will be enjoying their higher-speed rail and many, many windmills, and then they'll look up at the moon and see Obama's smiling face chiseled into it and be filled with hope," he wrote.

"Because though unemployment may still be a bit high and the whole deficit thing isn't quite settled - and may be going a little the other way - they know Obama is still continuing to work on it, because he continues to be president, his brain kept alive in a robotic unicorn body. No, he hasn't solved everything yet, but everyone knows it isn't his fault, because he inherited those problems from Bush all those years ago," he added.


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