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Obama personally reads 'ten letters' a day sent by Americans

October 15, 2011 - Washington

US President Barack Obama personally reads ten selected letters each day, sent to him by citizens.

These letters range from scathing to inspirational, Politico reports.

"This is such a small window that he has to real people and real issues," a Politico reporter said, explaining that most Americans who meet the president don't let their guard down.He has such trouble creating authentic interaction with people. ... These letters, what they really give him is the unfiltered chance to read people's diary entries," he added.

He also said that Obama often responds to those letters, which are often written by troubled citizens of his country.

"Obama's aides worry that these letters can be really defeating for him," he said.

"Sometimes, all he can do is write back a response on an embossed White House notecard or occasionally make a phone call," he said, adding that Obama, on occasion, has even opened his checkbook. "He has written a check and sent it in the mail to someone. I wouldn't say it happens often, but it's happened. It's probably not something I should advertise."


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