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Muslim Brotherhood officially enters Egyptian politics

June 9, 2011 - Cairo

Egypt's interim government this week officially recognized the radical Muslim Brotherhood's new political party, the Freedom and Justice Party, clearing it to participate in September Parliamentary Elections.

According to the Christian Science Monitor (CSM), the party has pledged to contest about half the seats, leading to predictions that the Brotherhood will be a dominant force in the new political landscape.

But it may be less formidable than it appears. The organization's response to the new freedom in Egypt is exposing cracks in its facade.

In particular, it has alienated some young members who participated in the uprising to overthrow former President Hosni Mubarak, only to turn around and discover their own leaders wielding heavy-handed tactics.

While Brotherhood leaders say the Freedom and Justice Party is independent of the Brotherhood, they have appointed prominent members of their organization to lead the party and forbidden Brotherhood members from joining any other parties.

They have also opposed the presidential run of a popular Brotherhood reformist, questioning members who have publicly supported him.


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