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Mother of victim in Dubai school bus molestation accused of blackmail

March 24, 2011 - Dubai

The mother of the chid, who was molested on a Dubai school bus by three Indian men, has been accused of blackmail by a lawyer for the school.

Defence lawyer Sameer Jaafar hired by Dubai Modern High School to defend the three men, accused the mother of the four-year-old of blackmailing the school to get a job.

Jaafar told the court that the girl's mother contacted the Gems-run school this month seeking a job for herself and asking for her daughter to rejoin classes.

The lawyer said the sexual assault allegations made by the Indian mother were a cover-up to land a job in the school.

"It's strange that a mother who claims her daughter was sexually assaulted wants her to go back to the same school. It's clearly a blackmailing situation," Gulf News quoted Jaafar as saying in the court.

He added that the confessions mentioned in case records were coerced by Dubai Police and therefore should not be considered definite proof.

Jaafar questioned why the parents waited so long before filing their report.

"The complaint was filed on January 9, 2011 - almost two months after the alleged incident, 59 days to be specific. In the meantime, the mother asked the school for a job," he said.

According to XPRESS, the girl's parents have rubbished the blackmail charges, dismissing them as a figment of imagination.

The mother said she sent a text message to the Dubai Modern School Principal Darryl Bloud asking if she could "send her daughter back to school from 4th April" as she had been out of school for five months.

She said following a favourable response from the principal, she sent him another SMS "thanking him for the assurance" and asking if she could also join the school as an assistant teacher so that she could be with her daughter while she was in school.

"I was worried about her safety and, since besides a Masters I also have a degree of Bachelor of Education, I thought I may as well join the school and be around my daughter," she said.

"What's wrong in that? My SMS as you can see is very categorical. It says: 'Though I know dat even if im not there she would be taken gud care in Modern'," she read out the SMS she had written.

The child's father said when Principal Darryl Bloud sent them an email acknowledging their SMS he instantly sensed foul play and therefore did not reply to it.

"I was right. Because now their lawyer is using these exchanges against us. The insinuation that I am doing all this to get a job for my wife is ludicrous," he said.

"I have nothing against the school but I am appalled that we are being accused of blackmail.

"I make a handsome salary. We have been in Dubai for four years and are pretty well off. The reason she enquired for a job was solely because she wanted to be close to our child," he added.

The trial continues and the next hearing is on April 6.


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