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International News on May 22, 2011

Japan, China, South Korea agree pact over nuclear emergencies
The leaders of Japan, China and South Korea have agreed to set up an early warning system to alert each other of emergencies at nuclear facilities. ANI

William and Kate did not take their wedding seriously, says Brit actor
A leading actor in Britain has accused Prince William and Kate of being too relaxed on the day of their wedding, thereby undermining the grandeur of the event. ANI

Films directed by Afro-Americans have more Afro-American characters
A new study has suggested that Hollywood movies directed by African-American directors have more African-American characters with speaking roles than movies not directed by African-Americans. ANI

Lapdancing bar to treat ladies with women-only nights!
Treat for ladies is on cards as a lapdancing bar will be running women-only nights at in Euston from June 5. ANI

Twitter users yet again bring injunctions under scanner
The controversy of injunction for celebrities got yet another hike when thousands of people posted messages on Twitter claiming to identify an EPL footballer who is taking legal actions against the site. ANI

Scot scrabble clubs closing as game resurges on Internet
With several Scrabble clubs of Scotland closing down, the end for diehard fans of one of the world's most popular board games seems obvious. ANI

Muslim radio to remain on airwaves after green signal from Oz Authority
A Muslim group, accused of having radical links would continue broadcasting 2MFM's community radio, following a "widely condemned" green signal by the Australian Communications and Media Authority. ANI

Strauss-Kahn's bail 'one of the largest in New York history'
Former International Monetary Fund (IMF) Dominique Strauss-Kahn's bail obtained by depositing six million dollars is 'one of the largest in the New York history', experts have said. ANI

Pak FIA chief served contempt of court notice in Benazir murder case
An Anti-terrorism Court (ATC) in Rawalpindi has issued a contempt of court notice to Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) Director General Muhammad Iqbal for replacing an investigator tasked with probing the Benazir Bhutto assassination case. ANI

Shahbaz vows American aid will be accepted over his dead body
Pakistan Muslim League-N (PML-N) leader and Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has said that he will prefer death to foreign (US) aid. ANI

Anglo-Australian prefer private schools to keep their children away from Asians
Anglo-Australian parents are enrolling their children in private schools because less migrant students, including Asians, study there, a new report by the University of Technology Sydney, has said. ANI

Wills-Kat's honeymoon gift - world's most erotic fruit that looks like a butt!
It has emerged that Prince William and his new wife Kate were presented with the world's most erotic fruit as they ended their luxury 10-day Indian Ocean honeymoon on Friday. ANI

Wills-Kat return from 'memorable' honeymoon in Seychelles
Royal newlyweds the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have returned to the UK from a sun-kissed honeymoon in the Seychelles. ANI

Pakistan "in process of re-engaging" with US post-Osama operation
Pakistan is "in the process of re-engaging" with the United States in the wake of escalated bilateral tensions over a series of clashes. ANI

Quake reconstruction may cost Japan 184 billion dollars: Kaoru Yosano
Japanese Economics Minister Kaoru Yosano has said the government needs to spend 10 to 15 trillion yen (184 billion dollars) for reconstruction from an earthquake that hit the country in March. ANI

Brit scientist invents revolutionary spectacles for developing world
British atomic physicist Joshua Silver, shortlisted for a 2011 European inventor award, is reportedly liaising with the World Bank on a revolutionary project to distribute spectacles to 200 million children in developing countries. ANI

US to repeat covert unilateral raid inside Pakistan if required: Obama
US President Barack Obama has made it clear that Washington will again launch a unilateral military operation inside Pakistan if it finds another key terrorist hiding in the country. ANI

Survivors recount horrific moments of landslide in Malaysia
Survivors in Malaysia have recounted the horrific moments of a landslide that struck an orphanage in Hulu Langat outside Kuala Lumpur, killing 13 people. ANI

China will not swamp US economy: Ex-US envoy
Former US Ambassador to China, Jon Huntsman, has said Americans should not be scared that Beijing's economy would 'swamp us'. ANI

Hindus welcome launch of interfaith Claremont Lincoln University in California
Hindus have welcomed launching of multi-religious Claremont Lincoln University (CLU) in Claremont in southern California (USA), calling it a "step in the right direction". ANI

Hindus reject 'end of the world' theories
Hindus have rejected 'end of the world' proclamations saying that time is considered cyclical in Hinduism and not linear. ANI

Now, secret online dating tips revealed by Harvard math majors
Want to know the secret of successful online dating? Try these tips by Harvard math majors. ANI

The day after Rupture, world asks: Where is Harold Camping?
With Harold Camping's Doomsday prediction found untrue, followers and non-believers alike have turned their attention to the religious leader who started the movement. ANI

Boy rescued eight hours after landslide in Malaysia
A boy was rescued alive eight hours after two landslides struck an orphanage at Hulu Langat outside Kuala Lumpur. ANI

Obama to seek Cameron's help to back Palestinian state with pre-1967 borders
US President Barack Obama would reportedly seek a joint Middle East agreement with British Prime Minister David Cameron and will insist that a Palestinian state should be based on pre-1967 borders, during his visit to London. ANI

CIA, ISI working to mend strained ties post-Osama operation
The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) are trying to patch up their tattered relationship following a series of clashes. ANI

Brit Home Secretary opposes court's move to shelter 'convicted terrorist'
British Home Secretary Theresa May has ordered that a Muslim convicted terrorist should stay out of Britain over fears that his presence would not be 'conducive to the public good' after the Court of Appeal sheltered him in the country. ANI

Benazir urged US for "security detail" two months before murder
Former Pakistan Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto had requested the United States to "provide her with a security detail" just two months before her assassination, but the US Embassy in Islamabad 'strongly recommended' against doing so. ANI

Clinton asks Saleh to step down to address 'legitimate will of Yemeni people'
US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has urged Yemen's President Ali Abdullah Saleh to step down to address the 'legitimate will of the people.' ANI

Arnie's love child scandal makes Wills-Kat US visit 'difficult'
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's royal visit to the US has been left in jeopardy after their Hollywood host Arnold Schwarzenegger's love-child scandal has come to limelight. ANI

Britain backs French Finance Minister Lagarde as new IMF head
Britain has backed French Finance Minister Christine Lagarde as the new head of the International Monetary Fund (IMF). ANI

Saudi police arrests woman for driving
A Saudi woman has been arrested by the police after she launched a campaign against the driving ban for women in the ultra-conservative kingdom and posted a videotape of herself behind the wheel on Facebook and YouTube to encourage others to copy her. ANI

Now, new lacy knickers to banish visible panty lines!
Marks and Spencer have come up with a novel way to overcome the dreaded visible panty line, with specially designed knickers to be worn under clingy summer dresses and tight trousers. ANI

Focusing on happiness can make you less happy
A new research has shown that pursuing happiness may be a reasonable aim, but making happiness a personal goal can backfire. ANI

CIA agents monitoring UK streets after 'Osama's link to Manchester terror plot' disclosure
Over 25 CIA agents are reportedly manning the streets of Britain to keep an eye on any possible terror activity after it was reported that Osama bin Laden had masterminded a terror plot in Manchester. ANI

Strauss-Kahn's neighbour terms him as an 'OK guy'
Former International Monetary Fund (IMF) chief Dominique Strauss- Kahn's neighbour and an infamous computer hacker, Andrew Aurenheimer has described him as an 'OK guy'. ANI

Why Alpha men keep on having affairs?
Why are today's men having an affair at the back of their wives, fiancee or girlfriends? ANI

Wills-Kat marriage certificate 'will not be made public'
It has emerged that the marriage certificate of the Duke and the Duchess of Cambridge will be kept secret. ANI

Pak Army denies US troops' ground presence in Waziristan
The Pakistan Army has "categorically denied" the presence of US troops in North and South Waziristan, as reported in diplomatic cables recently unveiled by whistle-blower website WikiLeaks. ANI

Former Godfather's Pizza CEO Herman Cain announces GOP presidential bid
Former CEO of Godfather's Pizza Herman Cain has announced his bid for the GOP US presidential nomination while addressing a rally at Centennial Olympic Park in Atlanta. ANI

Here's what ex-IMF chief will go through in stint under house arrest
A New York court's order to keep former International Monetary Fund (IMF) Dominique Strauss-Kahn under 'house arrest' might have come as a relief to him, but he will under strict confinement and would be bound by an electronic bracelet around his ankle. ANI

Kuwait slaps blanket ban on Pakistanis from entering country over security issues
Kuwait has imposed a blanket ban on nationals from Syria, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan from entering the country, local media have reported. ANI

Iceland's most active Grimsvotn volcano erupting
Iceland's Meteorological Office has confirmed that an eruption had begun at the country's most active Grimsvotn volcano, accompanied by a series of small earthquakes. ANI

How extremists recruit hapless kids in Pak for jihadi indoctrination revealed
A leaked US diplomatic cable, dated November 13, 2008, has outlined the process of recruitment for militancy in Pakistan's Punjab province. ANI

900-year-old Quran manuscript 'written on Papyrus' found in Pakistan
A Pakistani archaeologist has found a 900-year-old manuscript of the Quran. ANI

Women beware! Your sexy high heel shoes can cause foot problems
A study has revealed that wearing high heel shoes with small toe box can lead to various foot problems. ANI

India, Pakistan to meet again for "amicable settlement" of Sir Creek issue
The two-day talks between India and Pakistan on Sir Creek have failed to produce anything substantive, though both nations have agreed to find an "amicable settlement" of the dispute. ANI

Kasab's nationality was disclosed only after consultation with ISI chief: Ex-Pak NSA
Pakistan's former National Security Adviser Major General (retired) Mahmud Ali Durrani has revealed that he had taken the decision to reveal the nationality of 26/11 terrorist Ajmal Kasab only after consultations with all important officials, including Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) chief Lieutenant General Ahmad Shuja Pasha. ANI

Young girls' clothing too sexual for their age: Study
According to a new study, a major proportion of young/teenage girls' clothing is overtly 'sexy' or sexualising. ANI

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