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International News on May 20, 2011

NASA sets launch date for final space shuttle flight
NASA's final space shuttle flight is being targeted to be launched on July 8 at about 11:40 a.m. EDT from the agency's Kennedy Space Center in Florida. ANI

Ex-IMF chief Strauss-Kahn set to receive 318,000 dollars 'golden parachute'
Former International Monetary Fund chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn, who is accused of a sex attack on a New York City hotel maid and is currently awaiting release from jail after having been granted bail on Thursday, will reportedly get an exit package which includes an annual pension of over 318,000 dollars. ANI

TEPCO chief resigns over Fukushima nuclear crisis
Tokyo Electric Power Corporation (TEPCO) President Masataka Shimizu has resigned from his post to take responsibility for the handling of the nuclear crisis at earthquake-cum-tsunami hit Fukushima Daiichi power plant. ANI

'No US drone attack support has ever been asked for Pak Army operations'
Pakistan's Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR) has denied reports that Army Chief General Ashfaq Kayani had requested the United States in January 2008 for greater drone back-up for its own military operations. ANI

'Women entering workforce expect low paycheques than men'
A new study involving a University of Guelph researcher has indicated that women have lower career expectations than men, anticipating smaller paycheques and longer waits for promotions. ANI

Exercise 'will help curb smoking cravings in women, but is short-lived'
A new study has indicated that exercise can help women fight cigarette cravings, but the effect is too ephemeral. ANI

China should continue developing nuke power at suitable plant site: Expert
China should continue developing nuclear power in the future, but should choose suitable power plant carefully, an expert has said. ANI

China's problematic 'Three Gorges Dam' project needs urgent resolution
Chinese government has warned its 'Three Gorges Dam' project is undergoing problems. ANI

Italian diver sets record with 13 underwater loops powered by two dolphins
Simone Arrigoni of Italy has set an apnea diving record by completing 13 underwater loops, pushed by two dolphins named Paco and Marco, at a marine centre in Torvaianica, Italy. ANI

Google boss warns govts against facial recognition technology
Google's executive chairman Eric Schmidt has warned governments against facial recognition technology, saying it is 'too creepy' even for the search engine. ANI

Zardari decides to avoid clash with judiciary in light of approaching elections
Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari has reportedly decided to avert any clash with the judiciary over the Lahore High Court verdict barring him from using the Presidency for political activities. ANI

PML-N decides to target both Pak Govt, Army over Osama fiasco
The Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) has decided to ratchet up the pressure on the federal government as well as the military establishment post Osama debacle. ANI

Netanyahu says he will take on Obama on Palestine state creation issue
Israel's Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has said that US President Barack Obama's endorsement for the creation of a Palestine state at the expense of Israel, is an attempt to sweep history under the carpet. ANI

Pak's secret deal with IMF will fool masses by camouflaging controversial tax
The Pakistan government has reached a secret understanding with the International Monetary Fund, under which the Reformed General Sales Tax will be imposed in the next fiscal budget, but will not be named as RGST or VAT because the government may not be able to get the relevant financial legislation passed through the National Assembly. ANI

Sarah Palin's son Track marries high-school sweetheart
Sarah Palin's eldest son Track has married his high-school sweetheart Britta Hanson in a small ceremony in Alaska. ANI

Hindu statesman Zed to participate in Hartford Seminary's Religious Leadership seminar
Esteemed Hindu statesman Rajan Zed will partake in the "Religious Leadership in an Interfaith World" seminar of prestigious Hartford Seminary from June six to 10. ANI

Popular American soap 'Dallas' helped to overthrow Romanian dictator Ceausescu'
A star of the popular American soap "Dallas", has said that the serial helped to topple Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu in 1989. ANI

57 percent Americans think Obama will be re-elected: Poll
Despite having a common opinion that the United States is in worse shape than it was four years ago, 57 percent of Americans widely believe that President Barack Obama will be re-elected in 2012. ANI

German insurance firm 'uses prostitutes to reward 100 best reps'
It has emerged that a German insurance company had organized an orgy with 20 high-class prostitutes in a renowned Hungarian spa to reward its best salesmen. ANI

Atheists 'have better sex lives than religious people who're troubled by guilt '
US researchers have found that atheists have far better sex lives than religious people who are troubled by feelings of guilt during intercourse and for weeks afterwards. ANI

Not only Zardari, but Kayani also covertly supported US drone attacks: WikiLeaks
The US drone campaign on Pakistani soil has more than just tacit acceptance of Pakistan's top military brass, which in fact requested America in January 2008 for greater drone back-up for its own military operations, a diplomatic cable unveiled by the whistle-blower website WikiLeaks has revealed. ANI

Michelle Obama joins 2012 US presidential campaign
US First Lady Michelle Obama has started her campaign for the 2012 presidential elections, highlighting the accomplishments of the administration, while saying that she was not too keen about Barack Obama running for president. ANI

Pakistan to revisit ties with US, war on terror strategy: Gilani
Pakistan has decided to revisit its strategy in the ongoing war against terrorism and its relations with the United States, Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani has said. ANI

'Obama is black mascot of Wall Street,' says varsity professor
A leading African-American intellectual has reversed his support for Barack Obama, calling the U.S. president Wall Street's black mascot. ANI

Clinton told Pak to disrupt further LeT plans to attack India post 26/11: WikiLeaks
Months after the 2008 Mumbai terror siege, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton warned Pakistan about more Lashkar e-Tayyiba strikes in India, and underscored the critical importance of Pakistani cooperation in preventing further LeT attacks on Indian soil, a diplomatic cable unveiled by the whistle-blower website WikiLeaks has revealed. ANI

Australia's 2010 counter terrorism paper reveals major security gaps
The study of the Australian government's 2010 White Paper on counter terrorism has revealed gaps in national security. ANI

Pakistan to regulate movements of foreigners in country
Pakistan will regulate the movements of foreign diplomats as well as visitors in the country, according to Interior Ministry sources. ANI

American radical cleric al-Awlaki gave lecture at Pentagon months after 9/11 attacks
Yemen-based American radical cleric Anwar al-Awlaki was a guest speaker at the Pentagon just months after the September 11 terror attacks, new documents have revealed. ANI

Botox mum claims daughter's injection was fabricated to make quick bucks
The woman who allegedly injected her 8-year-old pageant princess daughter with 'Botox' has denied all charges by claiming that the story was made up to make quick bucks. ANI

Average couple 'argues 2,455 times a year'
A new survey has discovered that the average couple bickers 2,455 times a year - equal to almost seven times a day. ANI

Lankan students unions oppose military training scheme
Student unions in Sri Lanka have raised their voice against a new scheme that makes it compulsory for university entrants to undergo three weeks of training in military camps. ANI

Osama's death could distance Taliban from al-Qaeda: Experts
U.S. military officials believe Osama bin Laden's death has brought a felling of relief among many Taliban commanders privately, which could allow the terror group to distance itself from al-Qaeda. ANI

Radioactive substance found in breast milk of five Japanese women
Small amounts of radioactive substances have reportedly been detected in the breast milk of five women in Japan. ANI

Dalai Lama's retirement will have limited effect: China
China has said the Dalai Lama's retirement would have only limited effect and ruled out talks with the Dalai Lama's government in exile. ANI

Mugabe says he hasn't collapsed, vows to live to 100
Zimbabwe's ageing leader, Robert Mugabe, has shrugged off rumours of ill health, and boasted that he hopes to "get to 100".wo days after he reportedly collapsed at his Harare mansion, Mugabe, 87, struck a defiant tone when he said he was a fitness fanatic who exercised daily. ANI

Hubbies 'relax best when their wives are doing the chores'
Many women will get furious if they come to know when their spouses feel most happiness. ANI

Pak Army leaders "facing seething anger in barracks across country" post bin Laden raid
Although Pakistan Army members have spoken little publicly about the May 2 US raid inside Pakistani territory, a "raucous and broad internal debate" is taking place within the military, according to officers. ANI

US troop morale drooping, stress levels on the rise: Report
A survey carried out by the US military has found that troops doing duty in the war zones of Iraq and Afghanistan have stress levels that are on the rise and also a low level of morale. ANI

Israel PM rejects Obama's '1967 border' solution to Palestine-Israel conflict
Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has rejected U.S. President Barack Obama's recommendation that a future Palestine state be based on 1967 borders. ANI

CIA chief cautions employees against 'Osama raid disclosers'
Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Director Leon Panetta has cautioned his agency's employees against "unauthorized" disclosures about the US Special Forces' raid on Osama bin Laden's Abbottabad compound in Pakistan amid warnings from the Pentagon that such revelations could put future operations at risk. ANI

TEPCO chief may resign over Fukushima nuke crisis
Tokyo Electric Power Corporation (TEPCO) President Masataka Shimizu is reportedly resigning from his post to take responsibility for the handling of the nuclear crisis at earthquake-cum-tsunami hit Fukushima Daiichi power plant. ANI

Over 5 in 10 French think ex-IMF chief Strauss-Kahn was set up
A French poll has found more than half of people believe that former International Monetary Fund (IMF) president Dominique Strauss-Kahn was set up in connection with a sexual assault plot. ANI

Has Mona Lisa's skull been discovered from Italian convent crypt?
Archeologists are one step closer to solve the secret behind the famously enigmatic smile of the Mona Lisa - they say they have discovered the skull of the woman who posed for Leonardo"s da Vinci"s masterpiece in a convent burial ground in Italy. ANI

Grossman repairs some dents in US-Pak ties in meetings with Zardari, Kayani, Pasha
The US Special Envoy for Afghanistan and Pakistan, Marc Grossman, has been able to cement the progress made by US Senator John Kerry in his ice-breaking talks with the Pakistani leadership earlier this week. ANI

Archeologists discover Mona Lisa's skull in Italian convent crypt
Archeologists are one step closer to solve the secret behind the famously enigmatic smile of the Mona Lisa - they have discovered the skull of the woman who posed for Leonardo's da Vinci's masterpiece in a convent burial ground in Italy. ANI

Clinton confirms US will repeat unilateral attacks in Pak if it doesn't act on terror
The United States has made it clear to people around the world that if it locates an al-Qaida leadership operative in any country, then that nation must get him, otherwise America will, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has said. ANI

Even Clinton now believes 'somebody in Pak knew' about bin Laden's presence there
US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has said that although it has not been proven that anybody at the top of the Pakistan government knew about the presence of Al-Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden in Abbottabad, but it "seems likely that somebody did know." ANI

Wipro Technologies Launches System Integration Partnership with Wyde for Global Insurance Industry
Wipro Technologies, the Global Information Technology, Consulting and Outsourcing business of Wipro Limited (NYSE: WIT) will offer system integration services to Wyde Corporation’s insurance clients and prospects worldwide under a strategic partnership. Wyde is a leading international provider of core insurance software solutions Business Wire India

ARC Energy Strongly Denies All GT Solar Hong Kong and GT Solar Crystal Systems LLC Litigation Claims
Advanced RenewableEnergy Company, LLC (ARC Energy) has issued the following statement, which can be attributed to Daniel Lyman, secretary and general counsel: Business Wire India

Bentley Issues 2011 Be Inspired Awards Call for Entries
Bentley Systems, Incorporated, the leading company dedicated to providing comprehensive software solutions for sustaining infrastructure, has announced that it is accepting entries for the 2011 Be Inspired Awards competition Business Wire India

ZTE Ranked No. 1 for Most International Patents Application in 1Q 2011
ZTE Corporation (“ZTE”) (H share stock code: 0763.HK / A share stock code: 000063.SZ), a publicly-listed global provider of telecommunications equipment and network solutions, announced it has gained the No. 1 ranking by lodging the most international patent applications in the first quarter of 2011, according to WIPO. Business Wire India

GT Solar Announces ASF100 Advanced Sapphire Growth System
GT Solar International, Inc. (NASDAQ: SOLR), a global provider of polysilicon production technology, and sapphire and silicon crystalline growth systems and materials for the solar, LED and other specialty markets, has announced the ASF™100 advanced sapphire growth system Business Wire India

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