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Married UK House of Lords leader's affair with single mum exposed

January 24, 2011 - London

The leader of the House of Lords, Lord Strathclyde, who is married and has three children, has according to claims by a single mother been having an affair with her for almost eight years.

Lord Strathclyde, 50, a close confidant of David Cameron, is said to have pursued his casual affair with Birgit Cunningham after she asked him for help in her battle with the Child Support Agency.

He is said to have seduced her above a chip shop, had s*x with her in his marital home amid his children's toys, and within the last fortnight stuffed 40 pounds in her handbag before sharing a bottle of wine and a packet of smoked salmon preparatory to a n*ked romp in her flat.

Cunningham, 48, an ex-girlfriend of actor Kevin Costner who descended into poverty and alcoholism, decided to come forward and reveal the affair after feeling that he had taken advantage of her weakness.

"I'm not proud of sleeping with a married man, but I feel Lord Strathclyde took advantage of me when I was at my most vulnerable and I feel betrayed," the Daily Mail quoted her as saying.

"I'm fed up of this Government's hypocrisy and how they preach to us about family values.

"They make speeches about it yet, at the same time, a senior Cabinet Minister and friend of David Cameron is sneaking away from his wife to have s*x with me. I just feel angry and used," she stated.

She sold her story to the Sunday Mirror for a fee believed to be in the tens of thousands.

According to the newspaper, when Lord Strathclyde realised his adultery was about to be exposed he made an emotional phone call to his lover saying, "I'm truly sorry, I'm sorry".


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