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International News on March 23, 2011

NFL upsets could trigger domestic violence: Study
A new study by NIH researchers has found that incidents of domestic violence go up if a favoured NFL team loses. ANI

More than half of UK men do most of the cooking at home
A new poll has revealed that more than half of men in the UK do most of the cooking at home, inspired by celebrity male chefs like Gordon Ramsay. ANI

Woman claims to have 18 sex videos of Malaysian politician
A Malaysian businesswoman, Umi Hafilda Ali, has claimed that there are eighteen videos showing country's opposition politician having sex with different partners, including prostitutes and men. ANI

Kiwi man swears by bird poop after winning 100K dlrs
A man in New Zealand has sworn that bird poop does bring good luck, after he won 100,000 dollars on an Instant Kiwi ticket after one pooped on his head. ANI

Brit lesbian couple to open first gay-only fertility centre
A lesbian couple in UK are set to open Britain's first gay-only fertility centre, which costs just 9.99 pounds a month. ANI

Unstable Gaddafi heading towards new, potentially dangerous depression
A former CIA analyst and a Libyan diplomat, believe that Libyan leader Colonel Muammar Gaddafi's suspicion over his own security and devastating allied bombing may be driven into a new, potentially dangerous depression. ANI

American broadcasters outraged over BBC World Service Trust's bid for US funding
Some of America's rival broadcasters have expressed outrage at the fact that the BBC World Service Trust has applied for the US government funding to help combat censorship in countries like China and Iran. ANI

US woman charged with assault for hitting lesbian partner's male lover
A woman in US has been charged with assault for hitting her lesbian partner's male lover with a bat after she caught them in bed together. ANI

Ivanka Trump's 'schizophrenic stalker extradited to New York'
The suspected schizophrenic, off-the-rails stalker of celebrity heiress Ivanka Trump has been extradited to New York for his arraignment. ANI

Sarah Palin branded a 'dumb twat'
Bill Maher reportedly insulted Sarah Palin during his HBO show last week by using a vulgar term. ANI

Beauty queen shoots, kills intruder at her Florida home
A Florida beauty queen is said to have shot and killed an intruder with her pink .38-caliber handgun during a home invasion. ANI

3-year-old boy in China weighs nine stone
A three-year-old boy in China, who weighs nine stone, is giving a tough time to his parents. ANI

Zardari omits critical US drone attack issue from presidential address
Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari touched all issues relating to governance, economic and foreign policies during his address to the joint sitting of parliament, but did not mention drone attacks at all during his 23-minute speech. ANI

US teacher accused of having sex with teen student
A math instructor in a Seattle suburb has been accused of having a sexual relationship with a teenage boy from her class. ANI

Pak Supreme Court declares Deedar Shah ever-ineligible for NAB post
In what may come as a setback for the Pakistan Government, the Supreme Court has declared Justice (retired) Deedar Hussain Shah ever-ineligible for the post of National Accountability Bureau (NAB) chairman in its detailed verdict. ANI

Brit siblings have tattoos using ink mixed with grandfather's ashes
Two grieving siblings have paid a lasting tribute to their late grandfather by mixing his ashes with ink and etching them onto their skin. ANI

US woman, 92, shoots neighbour's house after he refused to kiss her
A woman in Florida, US has been charged for shooting her neighbour's house after he refused to give her a kiss. ANI

Anwar sodomy case: High Court allows three items as DNA evidence
The Malaysian High Court has now allowed three items to be submitted as DNA evidence in the Anwar Ibrahim sodomy trial. ANI

Brit Tory couple outraged at suspension over posting pictures with golliwog dolls on Facebook
A Tory couple, who were considered prospective councillors, have resigned from the Conservative Party after being suspended for posting pictures of themselves holding golliwog dolls on Facebook. ANI

Jihad against India only solution to Kashmir issue: Nazria Pakistan Trust
The Nation's editor-in-chief and Nazria Pakistan Trust (NPT) Chairman Majid Nizami has reiterated that Pakistan must wage jihad against India to 'free' Kashmir. ANI

China concerned with civilian casualties in Libya: Foreign Ministry
China has expressed concern over the multinational military strikes in Libya that have killed and injured civilians. ANI

Nearly seven in ten Americans support air strikes against Gaddafi forces
Nearly seven in ten Americans support the use of international military air strikes in Libya to protect civilians from the forces of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, a new CBS News poll has found. ANI

Malay healer turns woman, her daughters into sex slaves
A man in Malaysia, who claimed to be a traditional healer, raped three women and their mother and then turned them into his sex slaves after putting them in a trance. ANI

Obama extends "warmest greetings" to Pakistan on National Day
US President Barack Obama has extended his "warmest greetings" on the Pakistan Day to President Asif Ali Zardari and the countrymen. ANI

Germany's 'Josef Fritzl' jailed for 14-and-a-half years
A German man has been jailed for 14-and-a-half years after he fathered eight children with his stepdaughter and sexually abused his daughter and stepson. ANI

US begins probe into Raymond Davis shooting incident
The US Department of Justice has started an investigation into the January 27 shootout, in which CIA contractor Raymond Davis had killed two youths in Pakistan. ANI

Obama not pushing for Yemen president to go because of Al Qaeda threat: Experts
US President Barack Obama has refrained from joining Yemeni protesters and one-time government loyalists in calls for President Ali Abdullah Saleh to step down due to the presence if the AQAP or the Al Qaeda on the Arabian Peninsula, that has directly targeted American soil. ANI

Only 4 in 10 approve building of new US nuke power plants
in the wake of the nuclear crisis in Japan, the support for building nuclear power plants in the United States dropping slightly lower than it was immediately after the accident at the Three Mile Island plant in 1979, according to a CBS News poll. ANI

'International coalition forces' strikes fail to halt Gaddafi forces from attacking civilians'
A top U.S. commander might have claimed that four days of air strike by international coalition soldiers have weakened forces of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi and largely destroyed his long-range air defense systems, but there were no signs that the combat operations have stopped regime forces from killing civilians. ANI

Libyan govt. says it can never kill civilians
A Libyan government spokesman has held international coalition attacks on Libya for the death of 48 civilians on the first night of military action, insisting that the forces of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, who is "loved by millions", would never kill the citizens of their own country. ANI

Gaddafi's stored œ4bn of gold in Tripoli could pay mercenaries for years: Banking experts
The International Monetary Fund has claimed that Colonel Muammar Gaddafi has stored 150 tons of gold worth four billion pounds at the Libyan central bank under the dictator's direct control, enough to pay mercenaries for years. ANI

Radioactive iodine exceeding limit for infants found in Tokyo water
The Tokyo metropolitan government has cautioned that infants should not be provided with tap water for drinking purposes because radioactive iodine exceeding the set limit for them has been detected in water at a purification plant in the Kanamachi district of Katsushika Ward. ANI

Britain, France and US agree on NATO role in military operations in Libya
US, Britain and France have agreed to hand over control of military operations in Libya to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. ANI

Japan confirms receipt of Indian relief supplies for tsunami victims
The Japanese Foreign Ministry has confirmed receipt of relief supplies from India. ANI

Women in news media in India are under-represented: Study
A new study has found that women in India working for news media are under-represented. ANI

Capitalism may have killed life on Mars, says Hugo Chavez
Capitalism may be the reason behind lack of life on the planet Mars, according to Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. ANI

Gaddafi may be considering exile despite claims of winning war: Clinton
Libyan leader Colonel Muammar Gaddafi has spoken out for the first time in a week to assure his loyalists that the regime would defeat the international coalition who are carrying out attacks on his military forces, but US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is of the opinion that the dictator might be secretly considering seeking exile. ANI

'Freedom of information' crusader Jemima Khan wins privacy order
It has emerged that 'freedom of information' crusader Jemima Khan, a firm supporter of WikiLeaks' founder Julian Assange, has won a court injunction to prevent her private details going public. ANI

Six policemen wounded in militant attack on police van in Hangu
At least six police officials, including a Station House Officer (SHO), were wounded in a militant attack on a police van in Hangu district of Pakistan's Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province on Wednesday. ANI

Brit MP's fear Libya war could last for 30 years
Amid concerns of Tory MPs that the Libya war could last for 30 years, British Armed Forces Minister Nick Harvey has said that it is very uncertain how long the combat is going to stretch in the oil rich country. ANI

Christian women in US town invited to pole dance for Jesus
Christian women in a small town in Texas, America, are being invited to take up a new exercise class, Pole Fitness for Jesus, that encourages them to spin without sin for the Lord. ANI

Qatar Keralites to release film on elderly
The expatriate Keralite community in Qatar will release a short film on elderly people for the Qatari audience. ANI

Female RAF pilot flying combat jets over Libya against Gaddafi's forces
A female Royal Air Force (RAF) pilot is contributing to put up a fight against the regime of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, with reports saying that only one female of ten Typhoon pilots deployed to enforce the no-fly zone is flying combat jets over Libya. ANI

Ongoing joint military operation in Libya can last long: Obama
US President Barack Obama has said that the ongoing joint military operation in Libya could continue for a long period of time, insisting that America would continue to protect civilians against the Gaddafi regime but "will not lead." ANI

Over-limit radioactive materials found in 11 types of vegetable in Japan's Fukushima Prefecture
The Japanese Health Ministry has said that 11 types of vegetable grown in Fukushima Prefecture, including broccoli and cabbage, have been found contaminated with radioactive materials extensively exceeding legal limits set under the food sanitation law. ANI

Japan ill equipped for post-quake health crisis
Japan is unprepared and ill equipped to face the post earthquake-cum-tsunami health crisis, says medical journal The Lancet. ANI

Brain problems killed Knut the polar bear, says Berlin zoo
Berlin Zoo officials have claimed that Knut the polar bear died of unspecified brain problems. ANI

Raunchy pics of Berlusconi's 'bunga bunga' parties discovered
A series of provocative pictures reveal what goes on behind closed doors at Silvio Berlusconi's infamous 'bunga bunga' parties. he images were found on laptops and cameras seized from dozens of female party guests as part of an investigation into claims that the Italian Prime Minister paid for sex with underage girls, reports the Daily Mail. ANI

Several strong quakes rocks northeastern Japan
Several strong earthquakes shook northeastern parts of Japan on Wednesday morning, days after a devastaing 8.9 magnitude earthquake-cum-tsunami rocked the country on March 11, the Japan Meteorological Agency has said. ANI

Eight persons killed in 'ethnic' Karachi violence
At least eight people were killed in separate armed attacks in several parts of Karachi on Tuesday in the fresh wave of killings in the Pakistani metropolis, apparently on ethnic grounds. ANI

Pakistan takes up Florida Quran desecration with UN
Pakistan has taken up the "despicable act" of desecration of the Holy Quran in Florida with the United Nations, and urged it to take urgent steps to promote inter-faith harmony in the wake of increasing acts of Islamophobia. ANI

“Medical Tourism doesn’t Put Patient at Risk, Poor Planning does” says Dr Prem - Author of Medical Tourism Guidebook
Recently media has been ablaze of reported stories regarding medical tourism of botch surgeries, lack of legal recourse for patients and post-operative complications. All these stories have led several patients to believe that medical tourism is unsafe and leads to risk Business Wire India

AFP Journalists Released
Two Agence France-Presse journalists and a Getty Images photographer arrested in Libya on Saturday have been released in Tripoli. Business Wire India

VTI Starts Volume Production of the CMR3000 3-axis Gyro Sensor
Consumer electronics is the fastest growing MEMS market. According to iSuppli’s market forecasts, the market size for 3-axis gyroscopes will be more than 200 million pieces this year. Growth is particularly fast thanks to the success of gaming, smart phones, tablet PCs and many new emerging applications. Business Wire India

Qik Launches New iPhone Video Apps
Today Qik, mobile video software recently acquired by Skype, launched a new iPhone app called Qik Video Connect. The new app enables individuals to stay connected with friends and family through video calling, video messaging, and video sharing. Business Wire India

Cinterion Launches New Generation of MC55i M2M Module with Lower Power Consumption
Cinterion, the global leader in cellular machine-to-machine (M2M) communication modules and a Gemalto (Euronext NL0000400653 GTO) company, is launching the MC55i-W wireless M2M module Business Wire India

CADopia Announces Availability of AutoCAD DWG Compatible CADopia 11 with Multi-Language Support
CADopia Inc., a leading developer and distributor of CAD software announced today that CADopia 11 software is shipping now with multi-language support. Customers may purchase the software for immediate download and shipment at the CADopia Web Store and at other authorized resellers. Business Wire India

AFP : Two Journalists Arrested by the Libyan Army
AFP has learned the arrest of two of its journalists in Libya as well as a photographer for its partner Getty Images. Business Wire India

Journalists Detained in Libya: AFP Chairman Emmanuel Hoog Writes to Colonel Kadhafi
Business Wire India

BGC Partners Will Donate US$100,000 to New Zealand Earthquake Appeal
BGC Partners, Inc. (NASDAQ: BGCP), a leading global intermediary to the wholesale financial markets, has announced that the Company will donate US$100,000 to the New Zealand Government’s Christchurch Earthquake Appeal. Business Wire India

SoftLayer® Named a Top 10 Cloud IaaS Provider in the Australian Market
SoftLayer Technologies®, the innovative on-demand data center services provider, has announced that the research firm Longhaus has named SoftLayer the strongest offshore (no Australian data center) trusted infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) provider for Australian enterprises. Business Wire India

Hilton Worldwide Turns Out the Lights for Earth Hour 2011
Hilton Worldwide and its portfolio of 10 distinct hotel brands has announced its participation to celebrate Earth Hour 2011 from 8:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. local time on Saturday, March 26, 2011 Business Wire India

Kuala Lumpur Ready to Host Broadband World Forum Asia 2011
One of the most popular telecoms events in Asia — Broadband World Forum Asia — is returning to the industry calendar this year with a new country venue and a packed agenda of leading international speakers. Business Wire India

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