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International News on March 15, 2011

'Ivory wave' replacing banned 'miaow miaow' as new party drug
A drug known as 'ivory wave' seems to be replacing mephedrone or 'miaow miaow' as the next legal high after mephedrone was banned in the UK and made a class B drug in 2010. ANI

Some millionaires do not feel wealthy: Fidelity survey
Four out of ten respondents in a survey conducted by Fidelity Institutional Wealth have said that they do not feel wealthy, even though they reported an average of 3.5 million dollars in investable assets. ANI

Want to sue for libel? Now, prove your reputation was harmed!
Now, celebrities and other individuals should prove that their reputations were harmed to sue for libel. ANI

Racism in Australia gets similar to United States' Deep South: Johnny Lee Clary
A former Ku Klux Klan leader has said that racism in Australia has reached a similar intensity to what he saw in the United States' Deep South. ANI

Tsunami will cost Japan in excess of 100 billion pounds
The tsunami that hit northeast Japan last Friday is expected to be the world's most expensive natural disaster, with predictions that the repair bill will top 100 billion pounds. ANI

Pak Govt. not in "confrontation with any state institution": Gilani
Pakistan Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani has rejected claims that his government is in "confrontation with any state institution", insisting that it is committed to democracy and having a sovereign parliament and a free judiciary. ANI

Prince Charles warns that monoculturalism is killing rural communities
Prince Charles has warned that the British countryside risks being ruined by monoculturalism, and that if society continues to spurn village pubs and traditional crafts, it will end up "pulling threads" from the "delicate tapestry" of rural life. ANI

Oz teens at risk from 'dangerous' online friends
A survey has revealed that almost one in five South Australian teens has gone so far as to meet a stranger they first came into contact with on Facebook. ANI

Kate Middleton's family firm launces Britannia scratch card
Bride-to-be Kate Middleton's family has launched a Britannia scratch card, complete with crowns, and reference to corgis and the Queen, which have been designed to be used to play a game of trivia. ANI

Cover of new book about Sarah Palin revealed
Best-selling author Joe McGinniss has released the cover for his new book on former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. ANI

Wills, Kate asked to save seat for guest from Gibraltar
In what was to settle a diplomatic row between Britain and Gibraltar, Prince William and Kate Middleton were told to find one more seat at their wedding for an extra guest. ANI

Another 115 Pakistanis return from quake, tsunami-hit Japan
Another batch of 115 Pakistanis returned from Japan on Tuesday after the country was struck by a massive earthquake and tsunami. ANI

Over 805 development projects completely halted due to financial cut by Pak Govt
Over 805 projects of the current year's development programme for Pakistan have come to a complete halt due to a 40 per cent financial cut imposed by the federal government. ANI

181,000 migrants 'may have overstayed visas': UK Border Agency
Nearly 181,000 migrants may have been staying in UK, beyond the date of their visas, the UK Border Agency has said. ANI

Gilani warned for 'making mockery of new province issue'
Bahawalpur Muttahida Mahaz chief Muhammad Ali Durrani has come down hard on Pakistan Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani for "making a mockery of the issue of Saraiki province". ANI

'Humiliated' Deedar Shah says he has "no urge to become Pak NAB chief again"
The Pakistan Government may be willing to reappoint Justice (retired) Deedar Hussain Shah as National Accountability Bureau (NAB) Chairman, but the retired judge says that he is not interested. ANI

US feared UK backed "sharia banks" could become centre of terrorist funding: Wikileaks
Thousands of secret US diplomatic cables released by the whistleblower website 'Wikileaks' have revealed that Britain's support for "sharia banking" had raised concerns in America that London would become the centre of terrorist funding. ANI

'Tamed' NAB not pursuing corruption cases against Zardari as well as Sharifs
Pakistan's National Accountability Bureau (NAB), which appears friendly to President Asif Ali Zardari and his coterie, is extraordinarily soft on the Sharif brothers and other opposition leaders, too. ANI

Rudd says he is more likely to become Broncos' captain than be PM again
Australian Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd has said that he is more likely to become Broncos' captain than to hold his previous post again. ANI

Iran to recruit hacker warriors for its Cyber Army to combat enemy counterparts
Iran is planning to recruit hackers to combat enemies after suffering last year's coordinated and sophisticated cyberattacks that reportedly crippled its Natanz nuclear enrichment facility. ANI

Gillard says her response to being called 'Ju-Liar' unsuitable for airwaves
Julia Gillard has admitted her response to broadcaster Alan Jones's description of her as Ju-Liar wouldn't be suitable for the airwaves. ANI

Grameen Bank case: Bangladesh Supreme Court to hear Yunus appeal
The Bangladesh Supreme Court is likely to hear an appeal of Nobel Laureate Muhammad Yunus against a High Court decision to uphold his removal as the chairperson of microlender Grameen Bank. ANI

Miracle as 4-month-old baby in tsunami hit Japan is reunited with father
A four-month-old baby in tsunami hit Japan has miraculously survived after she was snatched from her parents' arms by deadly waves that had crashed into the family home. ANI

Brit man, who changed gender, wins modelling contract
A man in Britain, who was a 16st bodybuilding father, transformed himself into a glamorous woman after struggling with his gender for years, and won himself a modelling contract because of it. ANI

Oz girl cancels Facebook birthday bash after 180K people accept invite!
A 15-year-old girl from Sydney was forced to cancel her "small house birthday party" she organized on Facebook after almost 180,000 people accepted the invitation. ANI

Indian-origin gov Nikki Haley makes up with 'Army Wives' a year on
Indian-American and South Carolina Governor ikki Haley made a cameo on the Lifetime show 'Army Wives', despite voting against taxpayer-funded incentives for the film industry last year. ANI

Top ISI official faces grilling over providing content for BB murder press conference
Major General Nusrat Naeem, former director general of the Counter Intelligence wing of the ISI, is likely to face interrogation following the revelation that he had provided material for the infamous press conference that was held a day after the assassination of former Pakistan prime minister Benazir Bhutto. ANI

Adverts will target individuals to prevent channel hopping
Television viewers in the UK face watching "personalised advertisements" under a new scheme that is will target people depending on their consumer habits, it has emerged. ANI

62 percent of Americans oppose military strikes against Gaddafi's forces until no-fly zone fails
Sixty-two percent of Americans want the United States and allies to conduct military strikes against Libyan leader Colonel Muammar Gadhafi's forces only when the proposed no-fly zone fails, a CNN/Opinion Research Corporation poll has revealed. ANI

Gilani approves one-year extension to Pasha as ISI chief
Pakistan Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani has approved an extension to Lieutenant General Ahmad Shuja Pasha as director general of Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence for a period of one year. ANI

Indian origin dentist in UK had sex with patient then trapped her in room
An Indian origin dentist is said to have had sex with a patient of his and then forced her stay in a dark room in his house for five hours. ANI

Obama's Irish ancestry revealed in online database
A number of public figures whose Irish ancestry have been revealed in an online database include Chancellor George Osborne, United States President Barack Obama and Oscar Wilde. ANI

Aid to 'intolerant' Pak proof of UK's "anti-Christian" policy: Church leader
A Roman Catholic Church leader in Scotland has accused the David Cameron led coalition Government of pursuing an "anti-Christian" foreign policy by increasing overseas aid to Pakistan. ANI

Indian embassy in UAE raises minimum wages for workers
India's Ambassador to the United Arab Emirates, M.K.Lokesh, has revealed that the mission has increased the minimum wage for 36 categories of skilled and unskilled Indian workers who want to work in the UAE between 40 to 50 per cent from Tuesday. ANI

Europe can't handle migrants exodus: Marine Le Pen
Marine Le Pen, the daughter of France's longtime far-right leader who now heads his National Front party, has said Europe cannot handle migrants, and therefore, should take steps to prevent their entry into the region. ANI

Assange charges Gillard of 'treason'
Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has chargedAustralian Prime Minister Julia Gillard of 'treason' raising doubts that her government was exchanging intelligence on Australian citizens with foreign governments. ANI

Pak Senate for action against guilty cops in Sri Lankan cricket team attack case
The Pakistan Senate Standing Committee on Sports has directed the establishment division to take action against the police officials found guilty of not providing security cover to the Sri Lankan cricket team ambushed by terrorists in Lahore in 2009, if Punjab was reluctant to initiate the process. ANI

Six militants killed in clash with security forces in northwest Pakistan
At least six militants were killed in a clash with security forces in northwestern Pakistan's Hangu district on Tuesday. ANI

Brit ITV drama's executive producer suspended over racism in role selection
Brian True-May, ITV drama Midsomer Murders' executive producer in Britain, has been suspended over his claims that he deliberately avoided using black or Asian people in the series because "it wouldn't be an English village with them". ANI

Sex toy causes bomb scare in Russian post office
Anti-terrorist bomb squad experts who arrived at a local post office in the northwest of Russia to check a report of a suspicious parcel, found a vibrator instead of a bomb. ANI

'Oz teen accused of killing Indian-origin student waited till victim was 'alone' at home'
Australian Police have claimed that the teenager accused of murdering Indian-origin student, Tosha Thakkar, had waited to carry out the act till she was alone at home. ANI

US-Saudi ties at crossroads over Mid East turmoil
American officials are getting increasingly concerned about the level of stability in Saudi Arabia, suggesting that country too faces the prospect of unrest, succession politics and resistance to reform. ANI

Sindh Assembly wants Pak Govt to recommend Bhatti's name for Nobel Prize
The Sindh Assembly has unanimously passed a resolution urging the Pakistan Government to recommend the name of assassinated Minorities Affairs Minister Shahbaz Bhatti for the Nobel Prize. ANI

Sex selection to lead to 20pc more men than women by 2030 in India
A new study has warned that in the next two decades, large parts of India will have an excess of young men by up to 20 percent because of sex selection. ANI

Obama must ensure his prez campaign does not derail: Experts
Experts are warning President Barack Obama that he runs the risk of hurting his public image in the run-up to next year's presidential elections by continuing to react to crises around the world with the same restraint and cool that characterized his slow-and-steady campaign for presidency between 2006 and 2008. ANI

British sniper kills two Taliban with one bullet, reveals new book
A stunning feature of a British sniper killing two Taliban with a bullet has been revealed in a new book called Dead Men Risen: The Welsh Guards and the Real Story of Britain's War in Afghanistan. ANI

China overtakes UK in art, antique market business
China has overtaken Britain as the global art and antique market leader, says a report commissioned by the European Fine Art Foundation. ANI

Japanese PM urges residents near exploded Fukushima reactor to stay 'indoors'
Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan has urged citizens residing within 30 kilometres of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station to stay indoors after an explosion took place in one of its most seriously troubled reactors, insisting that they might otherwise face the risk of suffering from radiation sickness. ANI

ISI-CIA negotiations for patch-up likely to yield breakthrough
Pakistan's premier spy agency Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) and US' Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) are close to resolving their issues, with their behind-the-scene negotiations reportedly making progress. ANI

Snake dies of silicone poisoning after biting model's 'enhanced' breast
A snake attacked an Israeli model during a sexy photoshoot by biting into her surgically enhanced breast and later died from silicone poisoning. ANI

Explosion at Japan's Fukushima reactor damages its crucial steel containment structure
One of the most seriously troubled reactors at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station in Japan suffered a setback on Tuesday morning after an explosion took place in its vicinity, damaging its crucial steel containment structure. ANI

Sex book with 200 blank pages outsells Harry Potter, The Da Vinci Code!
It might be no surprise that a book on sex is a best seller and has outsold both Harry Potter and The Da Vinci Code within weeks of its release on ANI

US consulate officials briefly detained in Peshawar over 'suspicious activities'
Four US nationals were detained by police for their "suspicious activities" near the Peshawar Airport, and later released after the verification of their credentials. ANI

Pak Foreign Ministry has no records on Davis' diplomatic immunity status: DAG
Pakistan's Foreign Ministry has informed the Lahore High Court that double murder-accused US official Raymond Davis came to Pakistan on an official business visa issued on the request made by American authorities, but stopped short of unequivocally stating whether the CIA contractor enjoys diplomatic status. ANI

4901 Pak nationals back from strife-torn Libya so far: Foreign Office
4901 Pakistani nationals have returned from strife-torn Libya to the country, the Foreign Office has said. ANI

Top ISI official provided content for Benazir murder press conference
The material for the press conference that was held a day after the assassination of former Pakistan prime minister Benazir Bhutto was provided by a high ranking Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) official, it has been learnt. ANI

Japan nuke plant hit by third blast in four days
The earthquake-damaged Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant in northeast Japan experienced its third explosion in four days early on Tuesday. ANI

Star Alliance Appoints WNS as Preferred Vendor for Sales Audit and Revenue Protection Services
WNS (Holdings) Limited (NYSE: WNS), a leading provider of global Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services, today announced that it has been appointed as a preferred vendor with Star Alliance to perform audit and revenue protection services for its member airlines Business Wire India

BMW Group Aims to further Increase Earnings in 2011
The BMW Group can look ahead with confidence at the current financial year thanks to its attractive range of models. “We intend to further improve our Group earnings in the current year”, stated Norbert Reithofer, Chairman of the Board of Management of BMW AG on Tuesday in Munich. “We aim to achieve an EBIT margin of over 8% in our Automobiles segment Business Wire India

NetOne Deploys Gemalto's End-to-End Mobile Money Solution in Zimbabwe
Gemalto (Euronext NL0000400653 GTO), the world leader in digital security, announces that NetOne, a leading network operator in Zimbabwe, is deploying Gemalto’s LinqUs solution for Mobile Money Transfer, which comprises of the server, user application, as well as system integration services Business Wire India

U Mobile and ZTE Announce Strategic Partnership To Build a 100 Mbps Wireless Network in Malaysia
ZTE Corporation (“ZTE”) (H share stock code: 0763.HK / A share stock code: 000063.SZ), a leading global provider of telecommunications equipment and network solutions, has entered a strategic partnership with Malaysia’s 3G mobile service operator U Mobile Sdn Bhd to deploy a 100 Mbps wireless network across key cities in Malaysia. Business Wire India

KaMin LLC Announces Price Increase for Containerized Export Kaolin Clays
KaMin LLC has announced that it will increase prices for kaolin clay products for export container customers effective May 1, 2011, or as contracts allow. This increase will apply to all paper and industrial accounts on which KaMin pays the freight for shipment in containers Business Wire India

KBR to Provide Aniline Technology License to Inner Mongolia Connell Chemical Industry Co., LTD
KBR (NYSE: KBR) announced that it has been awarded a contract by Inner Mongolia Connell Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. (Connell) to provide licensing, basic engineering and related training and field services for its grassroots aniline plant in TongLiao, Inner Mongolia Province, China. Business Wire India

JPMorgan Chase Commits $5 Million in Aid to Victims of Japan Earthquake
JPMorgan Chase has announced that it would commit $5 (USD) million to near-term relief and recovery efforts in Japan in the aftermath of its worst earthquake on record Business Wire India

Smartmatic Makes Large Investments in New Research and Development Centers
Panama and Taiwan will soon become research and development centers for technological solutions, which we regard as of utmost importance for our company’s business Business Wire India

Registration Now Open for SmartGeometry 2011 Conference Taking Place April 1-2 in Copenhagen
Bentley Systems, Incorporated, the leading company dedicated to providing comprehensive software solutions for sustaining infrastructure, has announced that registration is now open for the SmartGeometry 2011 Conference Business Wire India

Molex People Safe and Operations Undamaged by Japanese Earthquake
Molex Incorporated (NASDAQ: MOLX) (NASDAQ: MOLXA), a global electronic components company, has reported its employees in Japan were safe and that none of its three facilities were damaged in the massive earthquake that struck Japan on March 11, 2011 Business Wire India

Itron Aligns Organization with Core Markets to Drive Growth and Performance
Itron Inc. (NASDAQ:ITRI) has announced a reorganization to deliver simple, focused operations for greater growth and efficiency. The new structure better enables Itron to meet its near- and long-term goals by strategically aligning global operations with the markets it serves Business Wire India

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