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International News on March 11, 2011

Massive tsunami claims over 100 lives in Japan
The devastating tsunami following an 8.9 earthquake magnitude off the northeastern coast in Japan has reportedly killed over hundreds of people and injured many others. ANI

Russia held back by corruption: US Vice President
US Vice President Joe Biden, has said Russia is being held back by corruption and the Kremlin's reluctance to embrace democracy, adding that attempts to modernize Russia's economy without political reform were likely to fail. ANI

Obama seeks pragmatic approach towards Middle East crisis
US President Barack Obama has called for a pragmatic approach towards dealing with the current unrest in the Middle East. ANI

Massive tsunami kills 23 in Japan
The devastating tsunami following a 8.9 earthquake magnitude off the northeastern coast in Japan has reportedly killed 23 people and injuring many others. ANI

All Christchurch quake-hit homes to be assessed
All 180,000 Christchurch houses will be assessed for damage over the next eight weeks in a speeded-up Earthquake Commission (EQC) process. ANI

KeSha still looking for Oz hubby
Ke$ha is still on the lookout for an Australian husband. ANI

US great-great-grandmother named world's oldest living person at 114
A great-great-grandmother from USA has made it to the record books. ANI

Virgin Atlantic beauty therapists get 300K pounds payout after developing RSI
Two former beauty therapists, who sued Virgin Atlantic after they developed repetitive strain injuries from giving massages to businessmen, have won 300,000 pounds in compensation. ANI

Burberry trench coat worn by Kate Middleton causes fashion frenzy
It seems Kate Middleton is fast becoming a trendsetter in the UK. ANI

Gaddafi forces enter Ras Lanuf
Forces loyal to Libyan dictator Colonel Muammar Gaddafi have entered the oil port of Ras Lanuf and are fighting for control of the town. ANI

Number of cancer survivors rising in US: reports
The number of cancer survivors in the United States has risen from 9.8 million in 2001 to 11.7 million in 2007, according to a report released by the US Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the US National Cancer Institute (NCI). ANI

Hindus greet Baha'is and others on Naw-Ruz
Hindus have sent early greetings to Baha'i and other communities world over for upcoming Naw-Ruz, which falls on March 21. ANI

Welsh sisters have to avoid excitement as it could kill them
Two girls in Wales, who suffer from an ultra-rare heart abnormality, have to avoid ever being shocked or excited, as it could kill them. ANI

Pak Govt to reappoint Deedar Hussain as NAB Chairman
The Pakistan Government has decided to reappoint Justice (retired) Deedar Hussain Shah as National Accountability Bureau (NAB) Chairman after the Supreme Court ordered him to relinquish the charge on Thursday. ANI

Pak arrests 26 Indian fishermen for violating maritime boundary
The Maritime Security Agency (MSA) of Pakistan has detained 26 Indian fishermen for operating inside Pakistani territorial waters. ANI

Pak Govt again refuses to sack Waseem Ahmed as FIA chief
The Pakistan Government has again excused itself from immediately removing Waseem Ahmed as Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) Director General as per directives of the Supreme Court. ANI

Virginia court convicted Somali pirates accused of killing four Americans
A federal judge in Norfolk, Virginia, has convicted 14 accused pirates for murdering four Americans aboard their 58-foot yacht last month. ANI

Pak's internal challenges have become "regional challenges": Mike Mullen
Pakistan's tribal region is the epicentre of terror for the world, and the country's internal challenges have become "regional challenges", US Joint Chiefs of the Staff Chairman Admiral Mike Mullen has said. ANI

2m men in Britain 'suffering from low libido'
A new research has found that around two million men in Britain are suffering from low testosterone levels. ANI

Six out of 10 Brit women use bribery to get partners to do their bit
A survey has found that six out of ten women in Britain would use bribery to get their boyfriends and partners to do their bit around the house. ANI

Prince William, Kate Middleton join Tetley Tea Folk
Prince William and Kate Middleton have joined the Tetley Tea Folks. ANI

Anti-Taliban militia in northwest Pak ends cooperation with government
The head of a pro-government militia fighting the Taliban in northwest Pakistan has declared to end all cooperation with the government, accusing it of failing to provide enough support. ANI

Japanese PM admits to receiving foreign donations
Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan has admitted that his political fund management body had accepted donations from a foreigner, a South Korean resident, in Japan. ANI

Disaster management operations on: Japan PM
Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan on Friday said that the country's disaster management operations have been activated to counter the after effects of earthquake-cum-tsunami measuring 8.9 in the Richter Scale. ANI

Tsunami damages northern Japan, 10 nations on alert
North east Japan was hit by a massive earthquake on Friday, which rocked buildings in Tokyo and triggered a tsunami that dashed ships onto Japan's northeast coast and sweeping cars through the streets of coastal towns. ANI

Fanatics tell Brit Muslim girl in Miss Universe competition to 'rot in hell'
A girl, who hopes to become the first Muslim to represent UK at the Miss Universe competition, has revealed that religious zealots, who are against her competing, have told her to "rot in hell". ANI

Squatters enjoying luxury London home of Gadaffi's son
Squatters are reportedly enjoying the Jacuzzi and other comforts available in the 12 million pounds London home of Colonel Muammar Gadaffi's son, Saif al-Islam. ANI

Indonesia says no corruption claims against President Yudhoyono
Indonasia has rejected leaked US diplomatic cables accusing President Susilo Bambong Yudhoyono of bribery, intimidation and using his position for self-enrichment. ANI

British PM's wife hires personal trainer to the stars
British PM David Cameron's wife Samantha has hired a personal trainer to the stars. ANI

Vietnam jails school principal for having sex with eight girls
A Vietnamese high school principal has been sentenced to nine years in prison for having sex with eight schoolgirls aged between 13- 18 years, in a high-profile sex scandal. ANI

Baby Gaga ice cream made from breast milk back on sale in London
Despite a legal threat from Lady Gaga and an investigation by heath inspectors, the Baby Gaga ice cream - made from human breast milk - is back on sale in London. ANI

Photo of Adolf Hitler's lover Eva Braun dressed as black man emerges
A collection of photographs of Adolf Hitler's lover Eva Braun has surfaced, and in one of them she is featured with black make-up and dressed like a man. ANI

Libyan Govt. warns of more 'action' after taking over crucial towns
The Libyan government has warned that 'it's time for liberation and action,' after its military assault forced the defeat of Libyan rebels in the town of Zawiya and their retreat from Ras Lanuf. ANI

UK's first Muslim Miss Universe entrant told to rot in hell
Great Britain's first Muslim Miss Universe entrant, Shanna Bukhari, has revealed that religious zealots told her to rot in hell when she decided to compete in the event. ANI

Two killed in Karachi during PPP strike
At least two people were killed and several others wounded in gunfire incidents in Karachi as a strike called by the Pakistan People's Party was being observed across Sindh province on Friday. ANI

Shot US Congresswoman Giffords to attend husband's shuttle launch on April 19
Gabrielle Giffords, the US congresswoman who is recovering from serious injuries after being shot in Tucson, would attend next month's launch of her husband's space shuttle Endeavour, her spokeswoman has said. ANI

UNSC calls for comprehensive peace strategy for Somalia
In the face of instability, terrorism and deteriorating humanitarian conditions in Somalia, the UN Security Council has called for a comprehensive peace and security strategy in the region. ANI

Pakistan test fires nuclear-capable ballistic missile
Pakistan test fired a nuclear-capable surface-to-surface ballistic missile on Friday. ANI

China's top lawmaker rules out western- style political reforms
Wu Bangguo, Chairman of China's National People's Congress (NPC) Standing Committee, said that China will never adopt a multiparty system or other Western-style political models that can challenge the Communist party's powerful grip over the country. ANI

Obama was taunted for his 'big ears' as a child
U.S. President Barack Obama has confessed that he was taunted as a kid over his "big ears" and his unusual name. ANI

Barack Obama admits he was a victim of bullying
Barack Obama has confessed that he was bullied as a kid. ANI

Lahore HC dismisses application moved by brother of Davis' victim
The Lahore High Court has dismissed an application moved by Imran Haider, brother of Lahore shootout victim Faizan Haider, to make him a necessary party in the Raymond Davis immunity case. ANI

ISI chief Pasha may get another extension in office
Lieutenant-General Ahmed Shuja Pasha, the director general of Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence, may get another extension in office. ANI

Berlusconi offered me bribe to alter belly dancer's birth certificate: Moroccan official
It has emerged that a Moroccan official was offered bribe to alter the birth certificate of the Moroccan-born erotic dancer at the centre of the sex scandal engulfing Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. ANI

Harvard named world's top university
Harvard has been ranked as the top university in the world, a new research has revealed. ANI

"We will never surrender": Gaddafi's son
Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi's son Saif al-Islam has said the regime would "never surrender" to rebels, who he described as terrorists, and added that NATO and the US would not be allowed to intervene. ANI

US Intel chief says Gaddafi will defeat rebels in Libya
James Clapper, the director of US national intelligence, has claimed that Colonel Muammar Gaddafi will defeat the rebels in Libya. ANI

Dalai Lama to step down as Tibet political leader to avoid Chinese interference
The Dalai Lama is to step down as the political leader of Tibet's government-in-exile to foil Chinese interference in his succession in the years after his death, in an attempt to avoid a political vacuum. ANI

UK schoolgirl has an IQ of 162 - better than Albert Einstein, Bill Gates
A 11-year-old girl from UK, who insists she is just like any other girl her age, is actually very different in one respect. ANI

Kayani lauds Pak Air Force role in counterterrorism operations
Pakistan Army Chief General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani has lauded the role of the country's air force in the war against terrorists, who he said have "disrupted peace and stability in the region and threatened our way of life." ANI

Monica Lewinsky 'still in love with Bill Clinton'
Bill Clinton's former intern Monica Lewinsky is reportedly still in love with him and 'always will be'. ANI

US walking away from Pakistan to have "quite dire consequences": Clinton
US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has warned America against walking away from Pakistan, reminding that the consequences of abandoning the country had always been disastrous. ANI

Pak expresses concern over possible terror attacks on World Cup venues in India
Pakistan has expressed its concern over "news reports in the Indian media about planned terrorist attacks on Cricket World Cup venues in India launched from Pakistani soil". ANI

AFP Journalist Expelled From Iran
Agence France Presse's news editor in Tehran, Jay Deshmukh, was expelled on Friday by the Iranian authorities who have given no official explanation for their decision. Business Wire India

Covidien Receives FDA Approval for South African-Produced Medical Isotope Based on Low-Enriched Uranium
Covidien (NYSE: COV), a leading global provider of healthcare products, has announced that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved the use of molybdenum-99 (Mo-99) derived from low-enriched uranium (LEU) in the production of technetium-99m (Tc-99m) generators Business Wire India

Akihiro Sawa from International Environment and Economy Institute Presents the Papers for the Policies Concerning Climate Change
Akihiro Sawa, a leading researcher on the policies concerning climate change, has just published a paper. In this paper, he evaluates and analyzes discussions held in last year's COP16 and suggests a new framework toward COP17, planned for the end of this year in South Africa, as well as the Japanese stance to be taken. Business Wire India

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