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Malaysian clerk who lost her boyfriend set to lose her b**bs too!

June 8, 2011 - Kuala Lumpur

A Malaysian clerk who was dumped by her boyfriend after a surgery to enlarge her br**ts went wrong is all set to lose her b**bs too.

Tham, 30, from Pahang, said the procedure had left her with severe infections and itchiness on her br**ts.

She said she visited a surgeon here two months ago for the procedure as she had wanted to surprise her boyfriend of five years with larger br**ts.

"My boyfriend always told me that he wished I was thinner and had bigger br**ts," the Staronline quoted her as saying.

However, he left her soon after the surgery.

"He was angry because I had spent so much money on the surgery," she said, adding that the he was also uncomfortable with the wounds on her body after the procedure.

Tham had borrowed RM13,000 from her father to pay for the procedure.

"The surgeon told me he would remove the fat from my hip and waist, and transfer this to my br**ts.

"A week after the surgery, there was pus oozing out from where he had injected the fat," said Tham.

She added that she had been conscious throughout the painful two-hour ordeal because the surgeon claimed he was not licensed to anesthetise her.

"My breast area also became swollen and turned black," she said.

When Tham went back to the clinic, the surgeon had offered to re-do the entire procedure.

"I decided to consult a skin specialist instead," said Tham who is now undergoing treatment for her injuries.


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