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Like Prince William, Kate Middleton too opts for low-key hen night

March 29, 2011 - London

It has emerged that Kate Middleton has followed the example of her fiance, Prince William, by opting for a quiet evening for her hen night.

Middleton, who secretly celebrated her final weeks as a single woman with a handful of her closest friends several days ago, stayed well away from the public eye by shunning the traditional night on the town, reports The Telegraph.

Organised by her younger sister Pippa, who will be maid of honour at the Royal Wedding, the private party was understood to have taken place at the home of a friend.

The hen night was understood to have happened several days before Prince William's stag party, which was held on Saturday.

"She has already had her hen night, but it was certainly very low-key. There isn't such a tradition attached to hen nights as there is to stag parties. It was done privately. Not all of Kate's friends were there, and she will be catching up with other friends over the coming weeks," said a source close to royal bride-to-be.

It is believed that friends, including Olivia Bleasdale, who shared a flat with her and the Prince at St Andrews University, and Astrid Harbord, who was once romantically linked to Prince Harry, have joined Middleton.

Alicia Fox-Pitt, a schoolfriend from Marlborough and a fellow member of the Sisterhood dragon boat crew; Rose Astor, the wife of Prince William's close friend Hugh van Cutsem; and Alice Hadden-Paton, who is married to van Cutsem's younger brother, Nicholas, were also among close friends who could have expected an invitation.

Prince Harry's former girlfriend Chelsy Davy, who became close to Middleton, was understood not to have been among the guests.

Exactly what they got up to was likely to remain a closely guarded secret, but Middleton had never been known to take things to excess.


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