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Liberals, pro-democracy activists vie for Egyptian minds, votes

July 24, 2011 - Los Angeles

Los Angeles, (July 2011) Egypt's liberals and pro-democracy activists are having trouble moving on from revolution to politics.

According to a article in the World Policy Journal, they are now trying to vie for Egyptian minds and votes through whatever mediums available and possible, including social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

In this in-depth look at the Egyptian political landscape, the article's author, Jenna Krasjeki, examines various groups vying for influence and public support in the run-up to elections this fall.

One common characteristic that Krasjeski notes is the lack of organization in the groups of young, liberal Egyptians who helped serve as catalysts to the protests in Tahrir Square.

One challenge the youth activists face is the need to expand their grassroots support beyond the educated middle class in Cairo.

While many of them were successful while concentrating their activities in Cairo and using social media, such as Facebook, to help spur street demonstrations, those tools are proving less effective in wide swathes of rural Egypt, where access to the Internet is limited.

In the meantime, other groups, such as the Muslim Brotherhood and the remnants of Mubarak's National Democratic Party, are using their political experience and organizational abilities to sway Egyptian voters.


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