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I LOVE BUSAN, A Good City to Live!

June 9, 2011 - SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA

Busan offers comfort for foreigners with global education infrastructure such as Busan International Foreign School, Busan Global Vilalge, and English FM radio channel (90.5MHZ) for nurturing globally competitive talents and global leaders.

- Busan International Foreign School: K12 program, Busan Foreign School: K12 program

- Overseas Chinese schools: kindergarten, elementary, middle, high school; Overseas Japanese schools: elementary, middle, high school

- Busan Branch of Friedrish-Alexander Universitat’s Postgraduate School and research institute

- German Fraunhofer IFAM Institute, British Rolls-Royce University Technology Center



Busan offers diverse and prestigious cultural events, comfortable shopping and exciting culture in all four seasons.

- Busan International Film Festival, most prestigious film festival in Asia, Fireworks Festival, Busan Marine Festival, rock festival, G-star

- 7 world’s largest department stores including Shinsegae, Lotte, and Hyundai


Busan with beautiful coastal views offers a high-quality marine resort environment including a world-class tour theme park, and a mixture of marine leisure, medical services and work.

- 7 beaches including Haeundae Korea’s most popular costal leisure spot, and Gwanganli

- 4,200 medical clinics including 25 university general hospitals and Dongnam Institute of Radiological & Medical Sciences

- Five-star hotels including Paradise, Westin Chosun, and Lotte Hotel with 3,252 rooms in total for VIP foreign guests


Gateway cities in Asia where sea, land, and sky unite, and capital, technology, information, and people freely flow.

- Busan New Port, world's fifth largest container port

- International Passenger Terminal, and the starting point and final destination Trans-Siberian Railway and Trans Manchurian Railway

- Endpoint of global marine cables that connect Korea, Japan, China, US, and Europe



Industrial complex

Location Size

Pre-sale price (per
pyong, unit: Won)

International Industrial Logistics City
(Phase 1)


4,920,000 m2

Mium Industrial Complex Gang-seo-gu

3,600,000 m2

Myungji International New City Gang-seo-gu

3,600,000 m2

Myongdong Industrial Complex Gang-seo-gu

490,000 m2


Songjung Industrial Complex and
International Business Complex


760,000 m2

Ori Industrial Complex Gi-jang-gun

660,000 m2


Dongnam Institute of Radiological &
Medical Sciences


1,320,000 m2


CONTACTS : BEXCO Exhibition Cho Sang Yeon, +82-51-740-5457

Source: Business Wire India


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