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International News on June 9, 2011

'Sexting' Congressman Weiner's X-rated pics leak on Internet
A photo of what is believed to be Anthony Weiner's full frontal view has hit the internet two days after the congressman admitted to talking dirty to half a dozen women and sending some of them lewd pictures of himself. ANI

Weiner sent underwear-inspired jokes to p*rn star
Disgraced Congressman Anthony Weiner reportedly sent underwear-inspired jokes that poked fun at himself to p*rn star Ginger Lee just days before he admitted he was exchanging steamy online messages with several women. ANI

Voters in both 'red' and 'blue' states have common view on issues
A new study has found that voters in the United States whether they are from red states or blue states- states whose residents predominantly vote for the Republican Party or Democratic Party presidential candidates, respectively - share common ground on political issues. ANI

Kate, Wills to attend first official public engagement as couple
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will make their first official public appearance, as a married couple, at a lavish 10,000-pounds-a-head fundraising dinner. ANI

Bizarre article on official website breaks 'taboo' by anticipating impact of Iranian bomb
Any mention of an Iranian nuclear weapon is taboo in the country, which claims its nuclear programme is entirely for peaceful purposes, but a bizarre article on a Revolutionary Guard website has broken the major taboo by anticipating the impact of an Iranian bomb. ANI

Marriage is not only about sex, says Malaysian Dy Minister
The Deputy minister of Malaysia has slammed men who treat their wives as objects for sexual satisfaction without thinking of the importance of a good family life. ANI

Brit beauty salon offers make-overs and facials for girls aged
A beauty parlour in Britain is offering make-overs, spray tans and facials for children as young as one. ANI

Miss USA's all-night bender lands her in trouble
Miss USA Rima Fakih has been asked to talk to Miss USA 2006 Tara Conner after her behaviour was questioned by Miss Universe Organization (MUO). ANI

'Syrian' lesbian bloggers's existence questioned as Brit woman claims her identity was used
The reported kidnap of an American lesbian blogger in Syria has come into question after a woman in Britain claimed that photos being used to call for her release are actually hers. ANI

Computer technician arrested for secretly taking photographs of n*ked women
Fullerton police has claimed to have arrested the computer technician Trevor Harwell, who allegedly installed a "spy-cam" on women's laptops that allowed him to secretly take their photographs while they were n*ked. ANI

India to launch new initiative to prevent spread of HIV infection
Union Health Minister Ghulam Nabi Azad has said Government will soon launch a new initiative to deliver male and female contraceptives at the household level to prevent spread of HIV infection and help in population stabilization efforts. ANI

Yemeni President Saleh 'out of intensive care' following "successful" surgery
Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh has been brought out of the intensive care unit after going through a "successful" surgery in Riyadh for his bomb blast wounds. ANI

Minority Ahmadiyya community being openly targeted in Pakistani city
Pamphlets inciting people to publicly attack members of the Ahmadiyya community, a religious minority group in Pakistan, are being openly and widely circulated in Punjab's textile industry hub, Faisalabad. ANI

Surgery-addicted Human Barbie gifts 7-yr-old daughter boob job voucher
A surgery-addicted mother dubbed The Human Barbie is back in the limelight after she gave her 7-year-old daughter a boob job voucher as a birthday present. ANI

China rejects 'independent candidate' for county, township elections
China has rejected the concept of "independent candidate", for county and township elections. ANI

South African youth equate hiding HIV positive status from sexual partner as murder
A Praekelt Foundation survey has revealed that 81 percent of South African youth equate not telling your sexual partner that you are HIV positive with murder. ANI

Palin scolds media for 'scuttlebutt', posts own 'One Nation' tour video
White House hopeful Sarah Palin posted a statement alluding to the media's focus on her unconventional interpretation of patriot Paul Revere's midnight ride and also posted her own clip of highlights from her 'One Nation' tour. ANI

Islamabad to seek details of US' 'Pak nuke facilities sabotage' plot from Iran
Pakistan will contact Iran to get details about the US plan to sabotage its nuclear facilities following Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's statement on the matter, it has been learnt. ANI

US State Department has "very real concerns" about Syria's nuke program
The US State Department has said that the international community has "very real concerns" about Syria's nuclear program, amid efforts by the US and its allies to formally report to the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) about Syria's failure to cooperate with the International Atomic Energy Agency. ANI

Chirac describes Sarkozy as 'impetuous, disloyal, un-French'
Former French President Jacques Chirac, in second volume of his memoirs, has described President Nicolas Sarkozy as 'impetuous, disloyal, ungrateful, provocative' and - worst of all - 'unFrench' in his political attitudes. ANI

Home Secretary May announces plans for setting up a 'British FBI'
Home Secretary Theresa May has announced plans to establish a British FBI-style agency will have powers over the country's police to tackle organised crime, border control, cyber crime and online paedophiles. ANI

Karzai to force Pakistan to end doublespeak on Afghan peace talks with Taliban
Afghan President Hamid Karzai will seek public assurances from Pakistani leaders during his forthcoming visit to Islamabad that they will protect any Taliban officials who want to enter peace talks, and arrest all others, according to Afghan officials. ANI

'Learning lessons from tsunami hit Fukushima nuke plant crisis may take 10 years'
French nuclear safety agency (ASN) Chairman Andre-Claude Lacoste has said that learning all the lessons from the accident at Japan's Fukushima nuclear power station caused by an earthquake-cum-tsunami on March 11 could take a decade. ANI

Younger siblings likelier to go to school if older sisters are educated
A researcher has revealed that the schooling of older siblings, especially older sisters, has a positive effect on the schooling of their younger counterparts. ANI

Obama regrets not spending more time with daughters
US President Barack Obama has admitted that he regretted not being able to spend more time with his growing daughters, despite pledging to learn from his father who left him when he was two years old. ANI

Musharraf draws five-point agenda for checking extremism within Pakistan
Former Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf has come up with a five-point agenda for checking extremism within the country. ANI

World Bank predicts slowing down of economic growth of developing countries to 6.3 percent
The World Bank has predicted that economic growth in developing countries will slow to around 6.3 percent each year from 2011 to 2013, from 7.3 percent in 2010. ANI

'Do-it-yourself' Jihad author wins conviction appeal
A Sydney man who was sentenced to nine years in jail for producing a 'do-it-yourself'Jihad handbook has won an appeal against his conviction. ANI

Air NZ says 'bird strike' may have led its jet to make emergency landing
Air New Zealand has said that a 'bird strike' might have caused engine problems on board one of its jets today, leading it to make an emergency landing at Auckland Airport. ANI

Serbian-American author Tea Obreht bags Orange Prize for Fiction
Tea Obreht has been awarded the 2011 Orange Prize for Fiction for her debut novel 'The Tiger's Wife'. ANI

Woman with 3,200 body piercings in one sitting aims for new world record
A Las Vegas performer got her body pierced 3,200 times in a single session in a bid to break the world record for the most body piercings in a single sitting. ANI

Most Republicans don't want Palin to run for president: Poll
A CBS News poll has found most Republicans do not want former Alaska governor Sarah Palin to enter the 2012 presidential race. ANI

Muslim Brotherhood officially enters Egyptian politics
Egypt's interim government this week officially recognized the radical Muslim Brotherhood's new political party, the Freedom and Justice Party, clearing it to participate in September parliamentary elections. ANI

India has "ulterior motive of creating an anti-Pakistan Afghanistan": Musharraf
Former military ruler Pervez Musharraf has accused India of trying to create an anti-Pak Afghanistan, and also of playing a "malicious role" in "maligning Pakistan's military and intelligence". ANI

Pak spy agencies must be purged of 'anti-war on terror' elements: Musharraf
Pakistan needs to "explain clearly why it is not acting against the Haqqani group" or when it will launch a military operation in North Waziristan, in order to mend ties with the United States, former military ruler Pervez Musharraf has said. ANI

NATO oil tanker destroyed in explosion in northwestern Pakistan
A NATO oil tanker has been destroyed following an explosion in Pakistan's Khyber tribal region. ANI

US wants 'joint bases' in Afghanistan: Gates
US Defense Secretary Robert Gates has said the country should maintain a long-term military presence in Afghanistan especially as a "tenant" on bases jointly occupied with Afghan forces, rather than on permanent US bases, after its combat mission ends. ANI

Claws are out! Catfight between Palin and Bachmann begins
An ugly cat fight between Sarah Palin and her potential rival Michele Bachmann for the Republican presidential nomination has started after Palin's top aide hit back at Bachmann's strategist for calling her a 'not serious' candidate. ANI

Fury over UK Labour MP's 'most immigrants are fruit pickers, potato diggers' comments
Labour MP Glenda Jackson has been criticised for suggesting that migrants were mostly engaged in 'picking strawberries' and 'digging up potatoes'. ANI

Qatar to free 32 Bahrain-based Indian fishermen caught for illegal fishing
Bahrain-based Indian fishermen arrested in the Qatari waters for illegal fishing have been released 'without any charges' by the prosecution and would be freed soon, an Indian embassy official has said. ANI

Hindus greet Christians on Pentecost
Hindus have sent early greetings to Christian communities worldwide for the upcoming Pentecost, which falls on June 12. ANI

NY Metropolitan Museum of Art to exhibit Hindu goddesses
The prestigious Metropolitan Museum of Art (MET) of New York is organizing an exhibition from June 29 to November 27 on 'Mother India: The Goddess in Indian Painting'. ANI

Kate Middleton, Tony Blair named as victims of phone hacking scandal
The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, has been named as the highest-profile victim of the celebrity phone-hacking scandal. ANI

Parents furious after UK school bans them from sports day over safety row
For the first time in its 130-year history, a school in Britain plans to ban parents from attending its sports day, amid concerns around its pupils being around strangers. ANI

Americans regret lack of relationships, education most
A study has revealed that the lack of romantic relationships and higher education are regretted the most by Americans. ANI

MF Husain passes away
Maqbool Fida Husain, one of India's best-known artists, died in Royal Brompton Hospital here early this morning. He was 95. ANI

Palin's Chief of Staff blasts Rollins for criticizing Palin
Sarah Palin's Chief of Staff Michael Glassner has blasted Michele Bachmann's strategist Ed Rollins for criticizing Palin and saying that Bachmann would benefit by comparison to her in the 2012 US presidential election. ANI

Facebook apologises for launching 'facial recognition technology' without notifying users
Facebook has apologised for launching its facial recognition technology without giving any prior notice to its users. ANI

Musharraf blames US' pro-India nuclear policy for anti-Americanism in Pakistan
The United States' "nuclear policy of appeasement and strategic co-operation with India" is partly responsible for an acute trust deficit between the US and Pakistan, former military ruler Pervez Musharraf has said. ANI

Sarah Palin leads GOP field, Romney best against Obama: Poll
A new Reuters/Ipsos poll has revealed that Republicans want Sarah Palin to be their presidential nominee for their party, but they also want Mitt Romney to compete against Barack Obama in the 2012 US presidential elections. ANI

34 Nepal police officers to face court in UN embezzlement scam
At least 34 Nepal police officers have been ordered to appear before a court over embezzlement charges during the procurement of obsolete and sub-standard armoured vehicles for Nepali United Nations (UN) peacekeepers in Sudan's Darfur region. ANI

Future US security aid to Pak depends on concrete counter-terrorism steps: Panetta
Any decisions on future US security aid to Islamabad will be based on Pakistan's response to the counter-terrorism steps proposed by the United States, Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Director Leon Panetta has said. ANI

US congressman Weiner's wife reportedly pregnant
US Democratic party Congressman Anthony Weiner and his wife, Huma Abedin, are reportedly expecting their first child. ANI

Nuke fuel has melted through base of tsunami hit Fukushima plant
Nuclear fuel in three of the reactors at the earthquake-cum-tsunami hit Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant has melted through the base of the pressure vessels and is getting accumulated in the outer containment vessels, a Japanese government report has claimed. ANI

Two Indian firms among international finalists for 2011 global green energy awards
Two Indian and one Pakistan firms are the finalists from the Asian region for the world's leading green energy prize-The Ashden Awards for Sustainable Energy 2011. ANI

Poor people have less healthy lives than rich by age 20
A new study has revealed that people who are less educated and have a lower income have a lower health-related quality of life over their whole lifespan than their wealthier and better-educated counterparts, and the gap is already fixed at age 20. ANI

Maid's lawyer makes TV appeal for 'victims' to come forward if abused by Strauss-Kahn
The lawyer representing the maid who accused former IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn of attempted rape has appeared on French television to appeal to other women with claims against him to come forward. ANI

Illegal Indian immigrant jailed for life for battering a man to death in UK
An illegal Indian immigrant to the UK who was found guilty of battering a homeless man to death, has been locked up for at least 24-years. ANI

Gaddafi gives Viagra to troops for mass rape to terrorise rebels
Libyan leader Colonel Muammar Gaddafi gave Viagra to his troops and ordered mass rapes to terrorise rebels, the International Criminal Court's top prosecutor has claimed. ANI

Deadly militant attack on Pak security checkpoint kills 8 soldiers
Eight Pakistani soldiers have been killed in a deadly militant attack on a security checkpoint in northwestern Pakistan near the Afghan border on Thursday. ANI

'Pak Govt has surrendered foreign policy, national security to Army to avoid coup'
Pakistan's civilian leadership has surrendered foreign policy and national security to the Army to avoid a military coup, according to analysts. ANI

Pak Army expels two-thirds of US military personnel from country
The Pakistan Army has sent home two-thirds of the US military personnel that were present in the country, in the latest setback in the deeply troubled relationship between the United States and Pakistan's military. ANI

Visa Acquires Fundamo, Signs New Agreement With Monitise
Visa Inc. (NYSE:V), a global leader in payments, today announced that it is acquiring Fundamo, a leading platform provider of mobile financial services for mobile network operators and financial institutions in developing economies. It also announced a new, long-term commercial agreement with Monitise plc (LSE:MONI Business Wire India

Merck Serono: Patient Enrollment Completed for Cilengitide's Pivotal Phase III Trial CENTRIC
Merck Serono, a division of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany, announced today that patient enrollment in the global pivotal Phase III clinical study CENTRICa has been completed Business Wire India

I LOVE BUSAN, A Good City to Live!
Busan offers comfort for foreigners with global education infrastructure such as Busan International Foreign School, Busan Global Vilalge, and English FM radio channel (90.5MHZ) for nurturing globally competitive talents and global leaders. Business Wire India

2011 Trade show RailLog - Korea Railways & Logistics Fair Opens June 15 at Busan BEXCO
2011 Trade show RailLog - Korea Railways & Logistics Fair will be held from June 15-18 at BEXCO in Busan, South Korea, which is the very starting point and final destination of the Trans-Siberian Railway network. Business Wire India

Successful World IPv6 Day Demonstrates Global Readiness for IPv6
Top websites and Internet service providers around the world, including Facebook, Google (NASDAQ: GOOG), Yahoo (NASDAQ:YHOO), Akamai (NASDAQ: AKAM), and Limelight Networks (NASDAQ: LLNW), joined together with more than 1000 other participating websites in World IPv6 Day for a successful global-scale trial of the new Internet Protocol, IPv6 Business Wire India

DTS Delivers First Integration of DTS Neo:XT Technology to Connected Consumers with Onkyo AV Receivers
DTS, Inc. (Nasdaq: DTSI), a leader in high-definition audio, has announced the industry’s first integration of DTS Neo:X™ technology into Onkyo’s newly released, TX-NR1009 home theater receiver Business Wire India

Cleantech Group Launches i3 Platform, a Breakthrough Research Tool For Clean Technology Market Intelligence
Cleantech Group™, a leading global research firm on cleantech innovation, announced the general availability of its i3 Platform, a new industry standard for the delivery of strategic market insight and intelligence Business Wire India

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