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International News on June 7, 2011

Asia, Europe have common stake in ensuring that terrorists do not find safe havens: Krishna
Asserting that ASEM Foreign Ministers' had useful discussions on non-traditional security threats such as terrorism, piracy, maritime security, External Affairs Minister S.M. Krishna said here today that both Asia and Europe have a common stake in ensuring that terrorists do not find safe havens and sanctuaries. ANI

Duke, Duchess of Cambridge denied Princess Margaret's former home
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have been denied Apartment 1A at Kensington Palace, which had been Princess Margaret's former home. ANI

It's official! Women carry everything but kitchen sink in handbag
A survey has found that women do really carry almost everything but the kitchen sink in their handbags. ANI

Hindu statesman Zed partakes in Hartford Seminary's Religious Leadership seminar
More than 30 religious leaders in interfaith dialogue are participating in an innovative weeklong seminar titled 'Religious Leadership in an Interfaith World' offered by Hartford Seminary (Connecticut, USA) that began on June 6. ANI

New York Congressman's sexting partners reveal lurid details of exchanges
A single mother from Texas, Meagan Broussard, has revealed the details of her month-long Internet affair with New York Democratic party Congressman Anthony Weiner. ANI

American girls hunt UK's most eligible bachelor - Prince Harry
A number of American girls, dubbed "Harry Hunters", have taken to hunting the most eligible bachelor in UK - Prince Harry. ANI

'Turkey Subway sandwich' diet helps 41-year-old Brit shed five stones
A 41-year-old British businessman has revealed that he shed five stone in less than nine months by switching from burgers and fries to Subway sandwiches. ANI

Wanted: Royal servants for domestic chores at Wills-Kat's new residence
Prince William and Kate, after all the pomp of their wedding, are now hiring servants for their new pad at Kensington Palace to take care of their day-to-day needs. ANI

Oz Defence Ministry's 'UFO sighting' files go missing!
The Australian Defence Ministry has reportedly lost a large number of files containing details of the Royal Australian Air Force's investigation into an unknown number of UFO sightings reported all over the country. ANI

I'll finally get the Republican US presidential nomination, says Romney
Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney says that the Republican presidential nomination for the 2012 election will come down to two people, and he thinks he'll be the one who ultimately wins the nod. ANI

Raped Oz woman to sue Australian government over imprisonment in UAE on adultery charges
A Brisbane woman imprisoned on adultery charges in the United Arab Emirates will sue the Australian government for not nforming her that a rape claim could land her in jail, after the risbane Supreme Court accepted her petition. ANI

UK Twitter users warned about legal action for breaching privacy injunctions
England's Attorney General Dominic Grieve has warned Twitter users that they will face legal action for contempt of court if they breach privacy injunctions. ANI

Perak mufti 'backs Obedient Wives Club's sex lessons' for satisfying hubbies
Perak mufti Tan Sri Harussani Zakaria has voiced his support to the Obedient Wives Club that offers sex lessons to help wives "serve their husbands better than a first-class prostitute". ANI

UK teachers 'expect less from black pupils than white counterparts': Study
UK's black middle-class school students and their parents are treated as less intelligent and knowledgeable than their white counterparts, a new study has revealed. ANI

Pak, China agree to strengthen intelligence cooperation
Pakistan has assured China of providing full intelligence cooperation on the activities of the banned terrorist organisation, the East Turkestan Islamic Movement (ETIM). ANI

Rich kids 'have superior vocabularies than their poorer peers by age of 5'
A Scottish Government research has revealed that rich children have far superior vocabularies and problem-solving skills than their poorer peers by the age of five. ANI

Tight-fitting sports hijab 'ResportOn' attracts non-Muslim women and men
The ResportOn, a sleek sports hijab that covers hair, is not just for Muslim women, but is also attracting orders from non-Muslim women and men. ANI

China repeatedly blocked imposing UN sanctions on India-centric Pak militants: Cables
For the past many years, China has continued to place a 'technical hold' in the United Nations against the imposition of sanctions on some alleged Pakistani militants on the ground that India has failed to provide sufficient information to merit such an action. ANI

NHS staff urged to spot 'patients at risk of turning into Islamic extremists'
British Doctors, nurses and other health workers are being encouraged to join the fight against terrorism by identifying patients at risk of being drawn into violent extremism. ANI

UN member-states in favour of Security Council expansion, says Krishna
Asserting that the Security Council reform has been on the UN's agenda for nearly two decades, External Affairs Minister S.M. Krishna said here today that an overwhelming majority of UN member-states have repeatedly expressed themselves in favour of expansion of the Security Council in both its permanent and non-permanent categories and an improvement in its working methods. ANI

Cameron Government to admit to failed anti-terror campaigns
The British Government has revealed that it will admit in a new prevent (terrorism) strategy that millions of pounds have been "wasted" on overseas anti-extremism projects that have failed to help stem terrorism activity in the country. ANI

1949 instructional film up on Internet to teach 'dating dos and don'ts'
A 12-minute film made by Coronet Films in 1949 on the rules of dating titled 'Dating: Dos and Don'ts' was recently rediscovered and has been released online. ANI

King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia bans men from selling lingerie
King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia has become something of a hero to women in his home country after he banned men from working in lingerie shops. ANI

Stricter marriage visa rules urged for migrant spouses
Expressing its alarm over a statistic that says that one in three foreign spouses are either of Indian or Pakistani origin, Migration Watch UK has called for the introduction of stricter rules for those who want to marry a foreign partner to ensure confidence in the immigration system. ANI

Pak in danger of "losing control of part of its nuclear arsenal" to terrorists: Report
Pakistan is in danger of "losing control of part of its nuclear arsenal" to terrorists, according to a new report published by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI). ANI

Wish to be healthy? Be well mannered!
A new research has found that people with good manners at work and at home are more than twice as likely to be in good health. ANI

Ex-Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum enters GOP race to replace Obama
Former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum has formally launched his campaign for the 2012 Republican presidential run. ANI

Slain Pak journalist's mobile phone record 'mysteriously wiped clean'
The mobile phone record of slain Pakistani journalist Syed Saleem Shahzad has been mysteriously erased. ANI

Katie Couric to host, produce daytime talk show on ABC News
It has officially been declared that Katie Couric will host and producer a daytime, syndicated talk show on ABC News, scheduled to start from September 2012. ANI

Prince Harry to teach sister-in-law Kate how to fly
The Duchess of Cambridge will train for a fixed wing licence in Anglesey, where her husband William is an RAF helicopter pilot. ANI

Bahrain Shiite medics claim they were tortured into signing false confessions
Shiite medics on trial in Bahrain on charges of involvement in anti-government protests said that they were physically and mentally tortured into signing false confessions. ANI

It's time for "surgical operation" in Pakistan to recover "stolen public money": Shahbaz
There is an urgent need for checking corruption, nepotism and the plunder of natural resources in Pakistan, which are hindering the process of development and prosperity of the country, Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has said. ANI

Debt boosts self-esteem in young adults
A new study has found that many young adults get a self-esteem boost from their credit card and education debts, instead of feeling stressed by it. ANI

'Female suicide bombing' - a political and military tactic, not religious act
A new study has revealed that the concept of female suicide bombing adopted by Islamic extremists is a political and military tactic, not a religious act. ANI

Pak court issues notice to Dr AQ Khan over plea to restrict nuke scientist's movement
The Islamabad High Court (IHC) has issued notice to disgraced Pakistani nuclear scientist Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan over a plea seeking restrictions on free movement of the scientist. ANI

Palin fans tried to rewrite 'Paul Revere history' on Wikipedia
Supporters of White House hopeful Sarah Palin have attempted to edit the Wikipedia page on patriot Paul Revere after she made glaring historical errors during her tour to Boston last week. ANI

Killing of Osama will not bring an end to terrorist activities: Oz experts
The death of Al-Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden will not stop the growth of global terrorism, according to Australia's top national security officials. ANI

Iran just eight weeks away from producing nuclear weapon: Expert
Iran is only a matter of weeks away from being able to create a nuclear weapon, an expert has said. ANI

Now, hackers attack Nintendo's US-based servers
Nintendo's US-based servers were attacked by hackers several weeks ago, but no company or customer information was compromised in the raid, the Japanese video game company has said. ANI

Pak journalists walking razor's edge between militants, intelligence agencies
Pakistani journalists often walk a razor's edge as they report on the country's cauldron of Islamic militant groups, its shadowy government intelligence agencies and, at times, the link between the two. ANI

UK running out of oil and gas, WikiLeaks reveals
The United Kingdom could be forced to rely on overseas countries for more than two thirds of its oil and gas supplies due to a "severe" decline in energy production in the North Sea, US diplomatic cables obtained by WikiLeaks have revealed. ANI

Fox News makes blunder, mixes up Palin with comedian Tina Fey
The US television station Fox News made an embarrassing blunder by accidentally displaying a picture of a comedian during a story about the former Alaska governor Sarah Palin. ANI

Malik lied about Afghan anti-Pak terror camps to "please ISI": Afghan minister
Afghan Interior Minister had told US Deputy Ambassador in Kabul in 2009 that his Pakistani counterpart Rehman Malik's public claims about Afghanistan's admission to hosting anti-Pakistan terrorist training camps were an "outright lie" and an 'attempt to please the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI)'. ANI

Karzai to visit Pakistan on June 10: Sources
Afghan President Hamid Karzai will visit Pakistan next week to take Islamabad on board over reconciliation talks with the Afghan Taliban and the United States' troops withdrawal plan, according to sources. ANI

Six in ten American voters think Palin not qualified to run for US president
A new survey has found that six in ten American voters believe that former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is not qualified to run for US president in the 2012 election. ANI

Over four in ten Americans say Afghan war worth fighting: Poll
Over four in ten Americans say the war in Afghanistan is worth fighting. ANI

Japanese astronaut to grow cucumbers in space
A Japanese astronaut plans to harvest cucumbers on board the International Space Station. ANI

Upset Hindus urge Random House to remove disparaging remarks about Ganesha
Hindus have urged the Random House Group Limited of London to remove the words disparaging to Lord Ganesha from its recent publication 'Leela's Book'. ANI

E coli mystery intensifies, Germany says bean sprouts are not to be blamed
German scientists suffered a big setback in their hunt for the source of an E.coli outbreak in Europe when tests on bean sprouts proved negative. ANI

Heavy flying Great Indian bustard facing extinction threat
Great Indian Bustard, one of the world's heaviest flying birds is on the verge of extinction, conservationists have warned. ANI

Man who stole rare 'Harry Potter' book gets 6 weeks' jail
A man who allegedly stole a rare Harry Potter book has been sentenced to six weeks' imprisonment. ANI

Relaxing video games can make people happier and more kind
A new study has shown that though violent video games often lead to more aggression and anger in players, relaxing video games can have just the opposite impact - it can make people happier and kinder. ANI

Pak hasn't signed any accord to hand over Gwadar Port to China: Gilani
Pakistan has not signed any agreement for handing over its Gwadar Port to China, Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani has said. ANI

New York Congressman admits to sending lewd Twitter photos to women
New York Democratic party Congressman Anthony Weiner has admitted to sending lewd photographs to many women through the social networking site Twitter. ANI

Yemen's president to return 'within days', says his deputy
Wounded Yemen president Ali Abdullah Saleh will return to his country "within days", his deputy said on Monday, triggering fears of a bloody showdown. ANI

Oz teen faces murder sentence over Indian student Nitin Garg's fatal stabbing
A 15-year-old Australian boy is set to be sentenced for murder over Indian accountancy graduate Nitin Garg's fatal stabbing in Melbourne last year. ANI

'Political press tart' reveals sex sprees with Republican hierarchy
With less than 18 months left for the November 2012 presidential elections in the US, Republicans have been left stunned with the release of a book by a former political press officer revealing her sexual escapades with the Republican hierarchy. ANI

Obama's economic council head to leave, plans return to academia
Austan Goolsbee, one of President Obama's closest economic advisers, announced Monday night he would resign, ANI

E.Germany's secret police used former leader Honecker's Nazi links to make him resign
The Stasi or the state security police of former East Germany is said to have played a significant role in forcing the country's one time revered leader Erich Honecker to resign. ANI

Pakistan has to identify terrorist-supporting "black sheep among ranks": Gilani
Pakistan has to identify those black sheep among its ranks who are supporting terrorist elements, Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani has said. ANI

Indian scammers dupe 80-year-old Australian woman off 57,000-dollar life savings
An 80-year-old Australian woman has lost her life savings after falling victim to an Indian-based fraudsters posing as officers from the Australian Taxation Office. ANI

'Terrorism works' Islamic preacher told students at UK University
An Islamic preacher told his students that it was difficult to argue with the views of Osama bin Laden and said "terrorism works" during a speech at a university in London. ANI

Brit man escapes jail despite putting ham in shoes of Muslim worshippers
A British man who stuffed ham into the shoes of Muslim worshippers at a mosque has escaped a jail term. ANI

Top US-Pak military officials express satisfaction over revival of intelligence ties
Top military officials from Pakistan and the United States have expressed 'satisfaction' over the resumption of intelligence sharing between both nations' premier intelligence agencies to hunt down 'high-value terror targets'. ANI

China rules out building naval base in Pakistan, Sri Lanka
China has dismissed suggestions that it has been carving out "a permanent naval presence" in South Asia. ANI

US says it has "no confirmation" about Ilyas Kashmiri's death in drone attack
The United States has refused to confirm the death of Harkatul Jihad al-Islami (HuJI) chief Ilyas Kashmiri in a recent drone strike in Pakistan's South Waziristan region. ANI

Sherlock Holmes author Conan Doyle's 1st novel to be published
Before he created Sherlock Holmes, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle wrote a novel 'The Narrative of John Smith' that was never published. ANI

Gaga is a very intelligent performer: Ravi Shankar
Indian music maestro Pandit Ravi Shankar has revealed that he has been impressed theatrically by Lady Gaga's music videos and termed her as 'a very intelligent performer'. ANI

Germany named least funny country in world
For a nation that brought us everything from Beethoven to lederhosen, it seems joke is no laughing matter. ANI

Franzen Expands its Range with Integrated Solar Façades Incorporating Odersun Solar Modules
Odersun AG, manufacturer of customer specific solar modules and the FranzenGroup, planner and constructor of façade and solar systems, have announced that they will be cooperating in the sector of integrated building photovoltaics Business Wire India

Allied Irish Banks (AIB) Deploys Gemalto Online Banking Solution
Gemalto (Euronext NL0000400653 GTO), the world leader in digital security, announces Allied Irish Banks, p.l.c. (AIB) is deploying the Ezio solution to provide additional security features to its online banking services Business Wire India

Connectiva Systems Launches Cloud Services for Telecom Analytics Applications
Connectiva Systems, Inc., a leading provider of revenue optimization solutions, today announced it has launched ConnectivaCloudTM, a portfolio of hosted analytics applications for the telecom industry, accessible as a service over the cloud. Business Wire India

Vitesse Gigabit Ethernet IP Cores Enable Proliferation of Ethernet Applications
Business Wire India

Recognia Finds Self-Directed Investors Want More Education from Their Broker
Recognia, the industry leader in providing investment research products for both independent investors and market professionals, announced the results of an international survey completed by self-directed investors to determine the needs, requirements and uses of investor education Business Wire India

Aptina 8MP Complete Camera Solution Provides Winning Performance for Pantech Vega Racer Smartphone
Aptina, a leading innovator of CMOS imaging technology, announced that its CCS8140 imaging solution has been chosen by Pantech for its primary camera in the newly released Vega Racer smartphone Business Wire India is the Latest Rage among the Digital Indians is one of the hottest happenings of the present genre. It’s a very distinguished Indian social networking site dedicated to all the Indians around the globe. comes up as a fantastic destination for a memorable rendezvous among Indians across borders enhancing and strengthening the bond between the fellow countrymen Business Wire India

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