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International News on June 3, 2011

If you love your bluebells, kill your dog: Germaine Greer
Outspoken Australian feminist Germaine Greer has urged the Brits to kill their dogs after she blamed them for ruining a protected perennial flower, the 'English bluebell'. ANI

Princess Eugenie motivates young scoliosis patient with own tale
Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson's eldest daughter Princess Eugenie has revealed that she underwent an 8 hours intense surgery when she was 12 years of age. ANI

Oz fashion experts upset as teens flaunt more skin than ever
Fashion and etiquette experts have issued a plea to teenage girls to cover up as their hemlines are getting shorter and skin is being flaunted more than ever. ANI

Mozart's earliest scores discovered biting dust at charity shop
A sheet music of six short sonatas for piano and violin that was composed by famous Australian composer Mozart has been discovered from a bundle of a charity shop. ANI

Ibrahim demands 'biased' Malaysian HC judge to recuse himself from sodomy trial
Former Malaysian Deputy Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim has filed an application demanding High Court judge Justice Mohd Zabidin Mohd Diah to recuse himself from hearing his ongoing sodomy trial because he is allegedly 'biased'. ANI

People with risky choices respond differently when relying on past experiences
A study has found that people confronted with risky choices respond differently when they rely on past experiences, rather than when they just focus on the odds of winning or losing. ANI

Obama is my biggest competition: Bachmann
US lawmaker Michele Bachmann has declared President Barack Obama her biggest competition if she decides to make a bid for the White House next year. ANI

China not trying to challenge US military, but 'strengthening its influence in Asia': Gates
US Defence Secretary Robert Gates has said he doubts that China was building its military to challenge his country, but that it wanted to extend its influence in Asia. ANI

Killed Afghan defence ministry suicide attacker 'lived in London for six years'
A suicide bomber who entered the Afghan defence ministry in an attempt to assassinate Abdul Rahim Wardak and killed three soldiers, had spent six years living in London, Afghan intelligence officials have claimed. ANI

India could outrank China, Japan in banking by 2035: Report
India is expected to rank third in terms of domestic banking by 2035, overtaking China and Japan, a PricewaterhouseCoopers report has said. ANI

Computers will turn humans into 'pets, the dogs of the house': Apple co-founder
The human race is destined to become little more than house pets in future, according to Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak. ANI

Australians sick and tired of the war against terror: Poll
Australians are sick of the decade-long war on terrorism and many believe that it will never end, according to a new poll. ANI

Yemen's chaos is good news for Al Qaeda
The escalating violence in Yemen is hampering critical U.S. counter-terrorism operations and could give Al Qaeda's most active affiliate increased opportunities for recruitment and plotting, current and former U.S. officials warn. ANI

US commander voices concern on Afghan draw down
Lieutenant General David Rodriguez, commander of the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force and deputy commander of U. S. Forces in Afghanistan, has voiced concern about the impending draw down of U.S. forces there, saying if the Afghan forces cannot take over the security responsibilities, Taliban could again gain foothold in many parts of the country. ANI

You can't be too over-dressed or too sexy on school run: Claudia Schiffer
German model Claudia Schiffer has revealed that she does not like to be too over-dressed or too sexy on the school run. ANI

Facebook founder Zuckerberg files lawsuit against 'fake' contract in New York
Social network Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg says emails and a signed document that form the basis of a New York man's lawsuit claiming part ownership of the social networking phenomenon are fakes. ANI

"HRW allegations against ISI in complete consonance with contents of Shahzad's email"
The president of the All Pakistan Newspapers Society (APNS) has strongly refuted the Inter-Services Intelligence's charges that the Human Rights Watch (HRW) allegations about the ISI's involvement in the murder of Pakistani journalist Salim Shahzad were "baseless". ANI

US, UK push for lifting UN sanctions against Taliban leaders strongest hint of peace deal
The United States and the United Kingdom are pressing for United Nations sanctions against 18 former senior Taliban figures to be lifted. ANI

World's oldest champagne likely to fetch $140m a bottle at auction
The world's oldest champagne that was lying at the bottom of the sea for 170 years is expected to fetch as much as 140 million dollars a bottle at an auction in Finland. ANI

ISI officials 'continue to support LeT, Taliban and extremist groups': 2009 Cable
Pakistani intelligence officers continue to maintain ties with terrorist organisations, including the Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT), according to a diplomatic cable circulated by US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. ANI

Britain calls on Iran to investigate death of dissident's daughter
Britain has asked Iran to investigate the death of Haleh Sahabi, the daughter of veteran Iranian dissident, Ezatollah Sahab who died during a scuffle with security personnel at her father's funeral on Wednesday. ANI

Sr. Nivedita's birth town in N. Ireland celebrates her 100th death anniversary
Various events were held in Northern Ireland to celebrate Sr. Nivedita's (1867-1911) 100th death anniversary falling on October 13 this year, ANI

Jill Abramson to become first female editor of the New York Times
The New York Times will have a woman in charge for the first time in its 160-year history when 57-year-old Managing Editor Jill Abramson will become Executive Editor on September 6. ANI

Pak, US to conduct joint operations, share intelligence in war on terror: FO
Pakistan and the United States will carry out joint operations and share intelligence in the war against terrorism, the Foreign Ministry has confirmed. ANI

Number of internet-connected devices could reach 15 bn by 2015: Cisco
Technology giant Cisco has predicted that the number of internet-connected devices could reach by 15 billion by 2015. ANI

How girl who drowned in Paris became most kissed face in the world
An unknown woman, who drowned in Paris, has become the only person with the most kissed face in the world. ANI

Oz opposition accuses Gillard of overlooking human rights issues in Malaysia deal
Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard overlooked human-rights issues while announcing a deal with Malaysia last month over asylum seekers, Federal Opposition Immigration spokesman Scott Morrison has said. ANI

Indian-origin girl wins 2011 US Spelling Bee with 'cymotrichous'
Most people cannot spell 'cymotrichous' without the help of a dictionary, but an Indian-origin girl has spelled the word correctly and has been crowned the 2011 US National Spelling Bee. ANI

Indo-Pak joint working group discusses concessions for four major visa categories
The Indo-Pak joint working group on visa matters has discussed concessions for four major visa categories during its first meeting. ANI

Cash-starved Pakistan's external debt rises to 59.5 billion dollars
The cash-starved Pakistan government has no other option than to borrow from external as well as internal resources to run its expenditures, the country's latest economic survey report has indicated. ANI

US kidnap victim 'hated every second of every day' of her 18 years in captivity
US kidnap victim Jaycee Lee Dugard has said that her life was stolen when she was abducted by Phillip and Nancy Garrido at the age of 11 in June 1991, and she hated every second of her 18 years in captivity. ANI

Yahoo lists top misspelled searches of 2011
Yahoo has released the top misspelled/misheard searches that users have generated so far in 2011. ANI

Queen's diamond jubilee celebrations to last for 4 days
Another royal celebration after William- Kate wedding is Queen Elizabeth II's 60th anniversary of her coronation next year which will last for four days. ANI

64pc people hold jobs responsible for work-family conflict
A new study has shown that a majority of the people attribute the work-family conflict facing their lives to their jobs. ANI

Michelle Obama unveils new dietary guide 'My Plate', replacing 'My Pyramid'
In an attempt to solve America's obesity problem, Michelle Obama has unveiled the 'My Plate', a replacement to USDA's food pyramid, which has been around in various forms since 1992. ANI

Kim Jong-il's mouthpiece TV claims China, N. Korea 'happiest places on Earth', US 'gloomiest'!
Kim Jong-il's own television station has boasted that North Korea is one of the 'the happiest places on Earth' just next to China, but branded the US as the 'gloomiest place' in the world. ANI

Four people injured in Khyber check post bomb blast
Four people, including three security officials, have been wounded in a bomb blast at a check post in Pakistan's Khyber tribal region. ANI

Chinese hackers had months of access to US officials' Google emails: Expert
Chinese hackers enjoyed months of access to the personal Google emails of senior US officials and human rights activists, according to a US computer security expert. ANI

US giving aid to countries like India that own billions in Treasury securities, warns report
The United States is proving millions of dollars in foreign aid to countries, including India, that it borrows billions from, a Congressional Research Services report has claimed. ANI

Twitter, Google move to replicate Facebook's 'Like' button to spot people faster
Twitter and Google have reportedly launched separate buttons to replicate Facebook's 'Like' button, allowing web surfers to endorse search results and advertisements. ANI

Pak's war on terror costs during last ten years amount to over $67bn
The direct and indirect costs of the war on terror incurred by Pakistan during the last ten years amount to 67.93 billion dollars, according to the Pakistan Economic Survey 2010-11. ANI

Japan PM hopes to remain in office until Fukushima nuke crisis ends
Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan, who has miraculously survived a no-confidence motion in the country's parliament, has vowed to stay in office till the radiation leaks at the Fukushima nuclear plant reach "a cold and stable shutdown" status. ANI

Taste world's most expensive kebab by paying 750 pounds!
The world's most expensive kebab, costing a staggering 750pounds, has created uproar amongst foodaholicks in the UK and has been labeled as 'Don of All Doners'. ANI

Various faiths bless high school graduates in Nevada
In a remarkable interfaith gesture, an interfaith baccalaureate service was held for the graduating students of Sparks area high schools in Nevada (USA) on June 1, whose theme was 'Faith-Hope-Love'. ANI

Fake Pak eyewitness seeks pardon for fabricating claims about Karachi naval base attack
The Pakistani man who made sensational claims about Karachi's naval base attack has turned out to be a disparate lover, who had concocted the story to avenge his failure in marrying an army personnel's sister. ANI

Haqqani conveys Pak's reservations over cross-border militant attack to US
Pakistan's Ambassador to the United States, Hussain Haqqani, has conveyed Islamabad's reservations to the United States over the recent cross-border militant attack on a checkpoint in Dir district. ANI

Google hacking allegations very serious: Clinton
US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has said that the Obama administration is looking into Google's allegations that China-based hackers tried to break into hundreds of Google mail accounts, including those of senior US government officials. ANI

Qatar sends gang-rape victim Iman al-Obeidi back to Libya "against her will"
Iman al-Obeidi, a Libyan woman who claims that she was gang-raped for two days by 15 of dictator Muammar al-Gaddafi's henchmen in Tripoli, has been deported from Qatar "against her will" and sent to the rebel-held Benghazi city in Libya, the office of United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) has said. ANI

When Sarah Palin met 'Sarah Palin'
Potential GOP presidential candidate Sarah Palin recently met her professional lookalike Cecilia Thompson in Boston on her One Nation bus tour. ANI

US school yearbook lists Bush, Cheney among 'worst people of all time' alongside Osama, Hitler!
A yearbook printed for students at Russellville Middle School in Arkansas has listed former US President George W. Bush and former Vice President Dick Cheney among the 'worst people of all time', including Nazi leader Adolf Hitler, killed al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden and notorious serial killer Charles Manson. ANI

Longer commuting hours to work may fetch more salary
New figures have revealed that people living far off from their work place are likely to earn more than their peers who live round the corner. ANI

British Royal Academy honours Chinese artist Ai Weiwei
Detained Chinese artist and activist Ai Weiwei has been made an honorary member of Britain's Royal Academy of Art along with Danish painter Per Kirkeby. ANI

Shahzad's murder "blow to Pakistan's fragile democracy": John Kerry
The brutal killing of Pakistani journalist Syed Saleem Shahzad is "a blow to Pakistan's fragile democracy", US Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman John Kerry has said. ANI

US likens LeT to al-Qaida in "strength and organization"
The US Homeland Security chief has likened the Pakistan-based terrorist group Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) to al-Qaida. ANI

Hacker group claims responsibility for breaking into Sony network
The hacker group, Lulz Security, has admitted to breaking into the Sony network and stealing over one million passwords, email addresses and other information. ANI

MI6 replaces 'bomb-making instructions with cupcakes recipe' after hacking al-Qaeda website
British intelligence outfit, MI6, has replaced bomb-making instructions in an al-Qaeda online magazine with a recipe for cupcakes after hacking the website. ANI

Rare Indian artifacts, including Sikh Kashmir manuscript on auction in UK
Rare artefacts from India including an illustrated history of Kashmir are up for sale in an auction at Ludlow, in the English county of Shropshire. ANI

Romney vows to 'heal ailing U.S. economy' while announcing GOP presidential bid
Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney has vowed to 'heal the ailing U.S. economy' while officially announcing that he would be running for the Republican presidential nomination. ANI

Pakistan issues demarche over cross-border militant attack on Dir checkpoint
Pakistan has issued a demarche over the recent cross-border militant attack on a checkpoint in Dir district. ANI

War on drugs can't be won without tougher laws: Experts
International experts have warned that the war on drugs cannot be won and, have called for legalisation to end the criminalisation of substance abusers and "undermine the power of organised crime" through the illicit trade. ANI

'Frankfurter diet' that conned thousands of Brits turns out to be a dud
In a recent incident, thousands of people in Britain have been conned into following a fake diet which promises that dieters will loose 10lb in three days by eating frankfurters and cabbage. ANI

Air Canada flight forced to turn back after passenger noticed fire mid-air
Passengers on a London bound Air Canada flight were terrified after it was forced to turn back overnight in the midst of a lightning storm after a passenger noticed flames shooting from an engine. ANI

Palin, Romney tied in PPP poll of Republicans
Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney are vying for first place among the GOP field, according to a new survey. ANI

"No anticipation that US forces in Pakistan will go down to zero": Pentagon
The United States has said it does not anticipate that its military footprint in Pakistan would be reduced to "zero". ANI

Abandoning Pakistan now will make it "much more dangerous" years later: Mullen
US Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Admiral Mike Mullen has warned that it would be dangerous to abandon Pakistan at the present stage. ANI

US military cutback in Pakistan post-Osama raid "very significant": Mullen
US Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Admiral Mike Mullen has acknowledged "a very significant cutback" in American military footprint in Pakistan, saying that this reduction is "tied to the difficult time" both nations are going through. ANI

Gun oil firm claims Osama was shot dead by 'counter-Islamic' pork-coated bullet
Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden was shot dead with a bullet soaked in pork fat, according to a website that peddles gun oil containing liquefied pig fat. ANI

A yr before assassination, JFK predicted his death would protect his legacy\
A historian, who has examined unreleased interviews with John F Kennedy's wife Jacqueline, claims that the former US President had predicted that his death would protect his legacy. ANI

Possible Worldwide Acquires Brazilian Digital Agency Grïngo
Possible Worldwide, a WPP Digital company, announced today the acquisition of a majority stake in Gringo, one of Brazil’s most innovative digital agencies Business Wire India

Panasonic and UNESCO Sign Strategic Partnership Agreement
Panasonic Corporation (NYSE:PC)(TOKYO:6752)("Panasonic") and the UNESCO World Heritage Centre today announced a strategic partnership agreement to promote sustainable development through World Heritage conservation and environmental education for the next generation. Business Wire India

Groupon Files Registration Statement for Initial Public Offering
Groupon, a local e-commerce marketplace that connects merchants and consumers by offering goods and services at a discount, has announced that it has filed a registration statement on Form S-1 with the Securities and Exchange Commission for a proposed initial public offering of its Class A common stock Business Wire India

Kurion Delivers Equipment and Ion Specific Media to Support Water Cleanup at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant
Kurion, Inc., an innovator in nuclear waste management, has announced that it completed the initial delivery a week and a half ago of several hundred tons of equipment and its Ion Specific Media to support its key role to remove radioactivity from contaminated water at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant Business Wire India

Gatwick Express Offers Free Access to No.1 Traveller Airport Lounges for Online First Class Passengers
Gatwick Express, the non-stop rail-air link between central London and Gatwick Airport, has enhanced its First Class service by offering free access to a No.1 Traveller airport lounge for First Class Return passengers purchasing online. Business Wire India

Graham Sharp Joins Oliver Wyman as Senior Advisor
Oliver Wyman has announced the appointment of Graham Sharp as a senior advisor. Mr Business Wire India

The Estée Lauder Companies Strengthens Commitment to Chinese Consumers Opening Its New Asia Innovation Center - Shanghai
The Estée Lauder Companies Inc. (ELC) has announced the opening of the Estée Lauder Companies Asia Innovation Center, located in Shanghai, China Business Wire India

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