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International News on June 29, 2011

Germany tries to overturn diplomatic immunity in landmark case against Saudi Arabian diplomat
A German human rights group has accused a Saudi diplomat in Berlin of treating the Indonesian maid he employed as a slave and lawyers believe the case will be a catalyst to be able to bring prosecutions against foreign embassy staff worldwide. ANI

any NY inmates to have same 'conjugal rights' as heterosexual cellmates
After the historic legalization of gay marriage in New York last week, the state Department of Correctional Services is now rewriting its rules for inmates' conjugal visits to cover it to same-sex couples. ANI

Texas driver too drunk to realise he hit a man!
A Texas man was so drunk while driving his car that he did not realise that he had hit a man even after the victim fell into the passenger side of his car. ANI

'Dangerous' migrant criminals can't be deported from UK for human rights issues: Euro judges
European judges have ruled that 'undesirable' and 'dangerous' immigrants who have committed serious crimes in Britain cannot be deported if they face 'ill-treatment' at home because it is against their human rights. ANI

Speculation grows over Palin's 2012 US Presidential election plans
Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has ignited a storm of speculation about her political plans for 2012, whether she will run for president or not. ANI

Kate's gold bracelet is actually a gift from loving step mom-in-law Camilla
The eye-catching gold bracelet that Kate was seen flaunting in public twice this week, was gifted to her by none other than her new stepmother-in-law Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, it has been revealed. ANI

Ex-Afghan warlords that toppled Taliban in 2001 form alliance against Karzai
A group of former warlords in Afghanistan, who helped the US topple the Taliban regime in 2001, have launched a political alliance against President Hamid Karzai's rule. ANI

Chinese military develops online game for training
China's People's Liberation Army (PLA) has developed its first online military game in order to improve combat skills and technological awareness. ANI

Vatican launches new website that integrates its news spread across social networks
The Vatican has formally unveiled its new Internet portal that will integrate information from the Vatican's various media into one website. ANI

Cooking can help you get laid, says new book
The best, and perhaps the only way for men to get a woman who is clearly out of their league is to cook for her, according to Spencer Walker, author of 'Cook To Bang: The Lay Cook's Guide to Getting Laid'. ANI

China to create 45 mln jobs for urban, 40 mln for rural residents over next 5 yrs
China's Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security has said that the country intends to create 45 million new jobs for urban residents and 40 million jobs for rural laborers over the next five years. ANI

China's top media watchdog warns against 'blacklisting journalists'
China's top press watchdog has warned that no organization or individual has the right to 'blacklist journalists' from reporting on them and urged government departments to make their administrative affairs more open to the public. ANI

How teen daughters 'play an active role' in dictating family spending
Researchers have confirmed that daughters aged 16 and more and living with their parents influence how the family spends its money. ANI

Wars steadily increase for over a century, fed by more borders and cheaper weapons: Study
The frequency of wars has steadily increased for more than a century fed by economic prosperity and a growing number of borders, researchers have claimed. ANI

American singer tells Michele Bachmann to stop using his song at campaign rallies
American singer-songwriter Tom Petty has asked Republican candidate for the 2012 US presidential election Michele Bachmann to stop using his song "American Girl" at her campaign rallies. ANI

Pak naval base attackers 'received help from inside' PNS Mehran: Navy officials
The Pakistan Navy has briefed the National Assembly's Standing Committee on Defence on the PNS Mehran attack probe. ANI

UAE Foreign Minister calls for joint action with India to deal with rising challenges
The time has come for India and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to look beyond trade and work together on sustainable development, food and water security and renewable energy, UAE Foreign Minister Sheikh Abdullah Bin Zayed Al Nahyan has said. ANI

Pakistan unaware of Mullah Omar's whereabouts: Defence Minister
Pakistan is not aware of where Taliban's spiritual leader Mullah Mohammad Omar is currently hiding, Defence Minister Ahmad Mukhtar has said. ANI

US official calls for continuance of commando force in Iraq post troop withdrawal
US Navy Vice Admiral William McRaven, who serves as the commander of the Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC), reckons that a small commando force should remain in Iraq after the end of the year, when all American troops are scheduled to leave. ANI

Asian-born Australians may soon outnumber whites: Study
The number of Asians in Australia has almost doubled in a decade, bringing them on the brink of overtaking their European-born counterparts for the first time in the country's history, government statistics have revealed. ANI

Malaysian Muslims warned against drinking imported 'halal' beer
The Government in the Johor state of Malaysia has warned Muslims against consuming an imported beer that has been branded 'halal' or fit for Muslim consumption, as it 'contains more than permissible level of alcohol'. ANI

Pak Brigadier arrested over Hizbut Tahrir links likely to be released soon
Brigadier Ali Khan, who is in Pakistani custody over his alleged links to banned extremist organisation Hizb ut-Tahrir (HuT), is likely to be released soon, his family and officials have said. ANI

Pak scribe murder probe commission seeks public help for clues
The judicial commission formed to probe slain Pakistani journalist Syed Saleem Shehzad's murder has called upon the public to provide any relevant information or material they may have, that could help with the investigation. ANI

'Elite' Rangers behind shocking public extrajudicial killing indicted by Pak ATC
A Pakistani anti-terrorism court (ATC) has indicted the six Rangers personnel involved in the extrajudicial killing of an unarmed youngster in Karachi, in a rare action against the country's powerful security establishment. ANI

TEPCO faces fury at shareholders meet over nuclear fiasco
Tokyo Electric Power Company has faced criticism at its shareholders meeting over its handling of the continuing crisis at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in Japan. ANI

Now, find out more about stuff you love with Google's
Google has launched a new website, that presents the results of searches across 20 different Google products on one page. ANI

Pak Govt banks on IMF for funds despite slippages
The Pakistan Government has decided to bank on domestic borrowing to finance the 1.08-trillion-rupee budget deficit after its hopes of receiving 1.2 billion dollars through international bonds and Coalition Support Fund (CSF) disbursements failed to materialise, a senior official has said. ANI

Veena Malik set to sizzle in Bollywood item number
Pakistani artiste Veena Malik, who became a household name in India following her stint on the fourth season of reality TV show Bigg Boss, will now sizzle in a Bollywood item number. ANI

Obama defeating Palin in opinion poll in Alaska ahead of 2012 presidential elections
A new statewide survey in Alaska has revealed that US President Barack Obama is beating Sarah Palin in her home state ahead of the 2012 polls. ANI

Pak SC wants parity in compensation between civilians, soldiers killed in terror strikes
Pakistan's Supreme Court has called for the removal of the huge discrepancy between the amount of compensation for the heirs of common citizens having fallen victim to a bomb blast, target killing or sectarian violence, and those of deceased security personnel. ANI

Now, Bristol Palin takes another pot shot at Meghan McCain
Seems like Sarah Palin's daughter Bristol is not satisfied with criticising Meghan McCain in her new memoir. ANI

Drone attacks show US has no intention of waiting for Pak to act against militants
The latest US drone attack in Pakistan's Waziristan region has sent a "we told you" message to the Pakistan leadership, that if it does not take on the Taliban and other extremists cross the Afghan border to attack US and allied troops, America will. ANI

'I'm surprised judge didn't suggest stoning in public square' as Ponzi punishment: Madoff
Bernie Madoff, who was sentenced for 150 years in prison for running a multi-billion dollar Ponzi scheme two years ago, has said that he was surprised that the federal judge "didn't suggest stoning in a public place" as punishment. ANI

Space debris sends ISS astronauts scrambling for cover in escape pods
Astronauts on the International Space Station took refuge in emergency escape pods Tuesday morning, during a close call with potentially dangerous space debris. ANI

UK government leads world in web snooping, reveals Google
Authorities in Britain are more likely to request details about internet users than in any other country, Google has revealed. ANI

Iran warns of "serious action" if upcoming BBC docu offends "Muslims' sanctity"
Iran's minister of cultural and Islamic guidance, Mohammad Hosseini, has warned to take "serious action" action if the upcoming programme on BBC2, showing a history of the prophet Muhammad, offends "Muslims' sanctity". ANI

Prince Harry dating Jenson Button's ex Florence Brudenell-Bruce
Prince Harry has been revealed to be dating Formula One driver Jenson Button's ex-girlfriend Florence Brudenell-Bruce. ANI

UK's Southampton Varsity conducts new research on food choices of allergy sufferers
New research, published by the Food Standards Agency, provides insights into how people with life-threatening nut allergies use food labels when choosing what food to eat and buy. The research will be used to help produce clearer allergy information for consumers. ANI

Sri Lanka police investigate attack on teenage girls for watching pornography
Sri Lankan police are reportedly investigating an assault on two girls for allegedly watching pornography in eastern Sri Lanka last week. ANI

China's pledge for 'democracy' contradicted by documents ordering government to tighten its rule
A pledge by Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao to bring 'full' democracy to China has been contradicted by the recently leaked Communist party documents that ordered the party to tighten its control on the country. ANI

Christian's Mickey, Minnie Mouse 'beard and veil' cartoons spark outrage among Egyptian Muslims
A cartoon of Mickey Mouse with a beard and Minnie Mouse wearing the niqab face veil posted online by an Egyptian Christian businessman has outraged hardline Muslims. ANI

Google Plus takes aim at Facebook in social network battle
Search giant Google has launched its new social networking website in its latest attempt to challenge Facebook. ANI

Sydney now declares arrival of British settlers in 1788 'an invasion'
Councilors in Sydney have voted to officially declare the arrival of British settlers in 1788 as an "invasion," following strong pressure from the Aboriginal community. ANI

Giant asteroid Vesta 'may shed light on how Earth was formed'
Scientists may now be able to find clues onto the formation of Earth. ANI

Radio has biggest mood-enhancing effect on people in Britain
A survey has found that even with all the new technologies and the latest gadgets, people in Britain are happiest when they are listening to the radio. ANI

UK woman with 229 offences jailed but cops refuse to issue photograph
A woman in UK, who committed 229 offences, has been sentenced to jail, but Staffordshire Police have refused to issue a photograph of her. ANI

Pope Benedict XVI posts 1st official tweet
By typing the message himself on an iPad, Pope Benedict XVI posted his first official tweet on Tuesday. ANI

Pak demands 'practicable evidence' from India against 26/11 mastermind Hafiz Saeed
Pakistan has demanded actionable evidence from India against Jamaat-ud-Dawa (JuD) chief Hafiz Muhammad Saeed. ANI

Osama was buying, selling gold jewellery in Pak lair, perhaps to raise money: Report
The Osama bin Laden household in Pakistan's Abbottabad town used to buy and sell gold jewellery, perhaps as a way to raise money, it has emerged. ANI

Osama planned attacks on symbolic dates, including September 11, 2011
Al-Qaeda planned terrorist attacks on symbolic dates on the calendar, including major holidays and the tenth anniversary of the World Trade Center attacks next September 11, it has emerged. ANI

China orders released artist Ai Weiwei to pay 1.9 million dollars in tax, penalties
Chinese authorities have reportedly ordered artist Ai Weiwei to pay more than 12 million Yuan (1.9 million dollars) in unpaid taxes and fines. ANI

Arrest warrant issued for ex-Afghan bank chief on 'corruption charges'
Afghan officials have issued an arrest warrant against the former governor of the central bank, Abdul Qadeer Fitrat, on corruption charges. ANI

French FM Christine Lagarde becomes first woman to hold IMF chief post
French Finance Minister Christine Lagarde has been named as the new International Monetary Fund (IMF) Chief following the downfall of Dominique Strauss-Kahn for allegedly raping a hotel maid in New York. ANI

At end, Osama was like 'cranky old uncle that people weren't listening to': Officials
Osama bin Laden was out of touch with the younger generation of al Qaeda commanders, who often did not listen to his advice during the years he was in hiding in northern Pakistan, according to US and Pakistani officials. ANI

Senior US officials doubt Pakistan's 'willingness' to crack down on terror outfits
The Marine general chosen by US President Barack Obama to lead the Afghanistan war has raised doubts about Pakistan's willingness to go after the Haqqani network and other militants who cross the Afghan border to attack US and allied troops. ANI

Uma Thurman's actor brother is yoga teacher and healer now
Dechen Thurman, a Hollywood actor and the younger brother of Oscar-nominated Uma Thurman ('Pulp Fiction'), is a yoga teacher and healer now. ANI

Pakistan calls for end to "blame game" at Afghan-Pak-US talks
Pakistan has called for an end to the "blame game" and stressed the need "to take ownership for our own affairs" as the United States, Afghanistan and Pakistan met in Kabul to review the security situation in the region amid Taliban insurgency and increased tensions over cross border shelling. ANI

China warns US to stay out of South China Sea dispute
China has rejected a US Senate resolution criticizing its actions in the South China Sea and calling for multilateral negotiations, saying that the disputes are solely between countries in the region and that Washington was an outside player with no role to play. ANI

KCI Awarded the Maximum Regional Contracts for NPWT in Germany
Kinetic Concepts, Inc. (NYSE: KCI) today announced that its Germany entity, KCI Medizinprodukte GmbH, has won the maximum of three out of four regional contracts granted by Germany’s largest state health insurer – that in total cover the southeast, southwest and west regions of Germany Business Wire India

Premiere Props to Auction Items from Michael Jackson, Ringo Starr, Britney Spears, Justin Bieber, Jimi Hendrix, ""The Terminator,"" ""Star Wars,"" ""Star Trek,"" and ""The Ten Commandments"" on Saturday, July 30 & 31
Premiere Props announced today that they will be auctioning iconic Hollywood memorabilia on Saturday, July 30 and Sunday, July 31 at their headquarters in El Segundo, CA. There will be a preview from 9-11am PT with the live auction beginning at 11am PT. Business Wire India

ICON Aircraft Closes $25 Million Round of Investment Capital
ICON Aircraft announced that it closed a $25 million round of equity funding in June. The round will fund the company through the completion of its ongoing engineering development program, manufacturing setup, and the beginning of production of its A5 amphibious sport plane. Icon THE AIRCRAFT Business Wire India

Authentify Announces Early Availability Program for Its New 2CHKT Service, an Innovative Weapon against Financial Cybercrime
Authentify, Inc. yesterday began offering early, limited availability of its Authentify 2CHK™ service. 2CHK (spoken as “2 check”) is an always-on transaction authentication service Business Wire India

ISACA Invites Public Comment on COBIT 5 Exposure Draft
ISACA, a global nonprofit professional association, has invited public comment on the exposure drafts of COBIT 5: The Framework and COBIT 5: Process Reference Guide. Both documents are now available at and the exposure period will remain open through 31 July. Business Wire India

NIKE, Inc. Raises FY15 Revenue Target to $28-30 Billion
NIKE, Inc. (NYSE:NKE) has provided an overview of its fiscal 2011 results and reviewed progress on key strategic initiatives to achieve sustainable, profitable long-term growth across its global portfolio of brands. During an investor meeting at its world headquarters in Beaverton, Ore Business Wire India

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