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International News on June 28, 2011

1 in 20 Oz workers report to work in inebriated state!
According to a recent survey, nearly one in 20 Australian workers reported using alcohol and more than one in 50 admitted to taking drugs during or just before work. ANI

'World's most indestructible vehicle' comes with a 300K pounds price tag
British television series, Top Gear, has introduced the "world's most unstoppable and indestructible vehicle" ever, which comes at a price of 300,000 pounds. ANI

'Bond girl' actress Yeoh playing Suu Kyi in upcoming movie 'deported from Burma'
Burma has deported Michelle Yeoh, the Malaysian-born Hollywood actress who stars as pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi in an upcoming film, for unconfirmed reasons. ANI

Aussie tribunal questions sacking over online chat at workplace
Fair Work Australia, dealing with internet and social media use at the workplace, has questioned the sacking over excessive use of an email chat service at the workplace. ANI

Wildlife surviving in Afghanistan by braving years of conflict: WCS Study
A new survey conducted by scientists of Wildlife Conservation Society scientists and supported by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) has revealed that large mammals, including Asiatic black bears, gray wolves, markhor goats, and leopard cats are surviving in parts of Afghanistan despite braving years of conflict. ANI

NY ban on cutting cheese outdoors leaves shoppers fuming
A new rule that prohibits slicing cheese in the open air at local greenmarkets has left shoppers fuming in New York. ANI

After PoK victory, Zardari works out 2013 poll strategy.
After winning Pakistan-occupied Kashmir elections, Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari has devised a comprehensive political and media strategy to win the general elections in 2013. ANI

Venezuelan President Chavez's brother sounds ominous note about possible military coup
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez's brother has warned that the ruling party could plot a military coup to retain its hold on the country.ith Chavez admitted in a hospital in Havana, Cuba, and not communicating with the Venezuelan public since June 10, his brother, Adan Chavez, has warned of a potential power struggle within the Chavista ranks. ANI

New York's ban on smoking in public places an 'absolute joke': Critics
Critics have branded New York's ban on smoking in public places, covering 1,700 parks and 14 miles of coastline, as 'absolute joke', with just one ticket being issued in the first month of the law coming into force. ANI

Make Prince Harry our king: Canadian monarchists
Canadian monarchists have demanded that Prince Harry should be made their king. ANI

China ticks off Britain saying it will 'have democracy in its own time'
Chinese premier Wen Jiabao has warned Britain against 'pointing fingers' on human rights and said that China will move towards democracy in its own time. ANI

Bristol Palin says she didn't accuse ex of date rape in new memoir
Bristol Palin's new memoir, in which she claims that her virginity was 'stolen' on a camping trip while she was drunk, led many to think that she may have been a victim of date rape. ANI

Margaret Thatcher's 'iconic' Asprey handbag fetches 'only' 25K Pounds
An Asprey handbag that former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher once owned could fetch only 25,000 pounds at a charity auction. ANI

Pak's 'bin Laden raid' probe commission to hold maiden session on July 5
The first meeting of the Pakistani judicial commission formed to probe into the May 2 US raid on Osama bin Laden's lair in Abbottabad has been called on July 5. ANI

Rushdie joins art luminaries in blasting 'bureaucratic, intrusive' UK immigration rules
Author Salman Rushdie, Hanif Kureishi and over 100 other luminaries from the arts world, have criticized Britain's points-based immigration system for non-EU artists, calling it "needlessly bureaucratic and intrusive". ANI

Russian double agent who betrayed 'sexy spy' Chapman gets 25-yr jail term
A Moscow district military court has handed down a 25 year sentence in absentia to Alexander Poteyev, the Russian double agent who fled to the US after betraying the espionage ring which included Anna Chapman. ANI

US spends 20 billion dollars a year on air conditioning its Iraq, Afghanistan bases
The US military spends nearly 20 billion dollars a year just for air-conditioning its bases in Iraq and Afghanistan, a retired senior officer has claimed. ANI

US gambler splashes out record £120K on single bottle of champagne!
A professional gambler and businessman from the U.S. has reportedly splashed out a record 120,000 pounds on a 30-litre bottle of champagne at a London club. ANI

Australian man kills his ex-wife over property dispute, entombs her in wall
An Australian man strangled his ex-wife, cut her into seven pieces with a saw, and then entombed her in a cavity he created in his hallway cupboard, because he was disgruntled over their property settlement, a Brisbane court has been told. ANI

Indian-origin 'Hare Krishna' devout pleads guilty to child sex attacks
A devout Hindu in Australia, who is accused of assaulting three girls whom he had met through religious groups, has pleaded guilty to three counts of indecent assault on child under 16 and one count of possessing child pornography. ANI

Pakistan becomes first Islamic country to map genome of first Muslim man
Scientists at the Karachi University have mapped the genome of the first Pakistani man with the help of the Beijing Genomics Institute. ANI

Pakistan: The battle against despondency
How the story changes in one year! Last summer, when Ms Nirupama Rao was in Islamabad for the foreign secretary-level talks with her counterpart Salman Bashir, the Pakistani capital was bustling with activity. ANI

'Open-minded' family in Pakistan being harassed on charges of running brothel
An 'open-minded' Pakistani family is apparently being harassed by its neighbours in Badli Sharif on charges of running a brothel, just because the girls of that family "do not cover their heads and are all working and going to college." ANI

No future for Libya with Gaddafi in power: Cameron
British Prime Minister David Cameron has said he cannot see 'a future for Libya with Colonel Muammar Gaddafi still in place.' ANI

Gillard 'most unpopular' modern Oz PM, next to Paul Keating
A new poll has shown that Julia Gillard is the 'most unpopular' modern Australian Prime Minister, after Paul Keating. ANI

Egypt's military rulers admit conducting "virginity tests" on female protestors
Egypt's military rulers have admitted that "virginity tests" were carried out on female protesters to avoid allegations that the army had raped them. ANI

China has 714,000 3G towers for 73.76 million subscribers
China had set up 714,000 3G mobile phone towers across the country till the end of May this year, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) has said. ANI

US concerned over lack of UK help in addressing embassy staff abuse
The US State Department has expressed concern over the lack of support from Britain in addressing the issue of abuse of domestic staff working in foreign embassies in London. ANI

Need to explore innovative approaches to sustain high growth with stability: Mukherjee
Union Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee has said that there is need to explore innovative approaches to sustain high growth with stability. ANI

Burney, Pak sailor rescued from Somali pirates' captivity praise 'helpful' India
Pakistani human rights activist Ansar Burney has lauded the Indians for taking care of the five Pakistani sailors who had been stranded in India for almost four months after being rescued from the captivity of the Somali pirates. ANI

Pakistan must prove it wants end to Afghanistan war: Grossman
Pakistan must prove that it wants an end to the war in Afghanistan by preventing militants from hiding out on its soil and attacking on the Afghan side of the border, the US Special Representative to Afghanistan and Pakistan, Marc Grossman, has said. ANI

India, Pakistan to open up new trade point at Wagah border
India and Pakistan have agreed to open up a new trade point at the Wagah border to boost trade ties between the two neighbouring countries. ANI

Malaysia Airlines to ban babies from travelling in first class
Malaysia Airlines has decided to ban babies from travelling first class on its new Airbus A380 and Boeing 747-400 fleet. ANI

Former US medical student turns fear into art by posing nude
A former medical student from US, who poses in the nude to overcome her fears, has gained worldwide reputation as a provocative artist. ANI

Berlusconi's 'bunga bunga' parties turned his home into a 'bordello'
Controversial Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi's home was used as a brothel, Milan prosecutors said on Monday. ANI

Caffeine eye lotions claim to lift puffy eyes, hide dark circles, crows' feet
Caffeine-based eye lotions applied by roller-ball are the latest weapons in the battle against wrinkles. ANI

Parent-adolescent phone conversations reflect quality of relationship
A new study has revealed that the nature of cell phone communications between a parent and adolescent child can reveal the quality of their relationship.he effects much depend on who initiates the call and the purpose and tone of the conversation, according to the study. ANI

The lightest ever T-shirt bra 'as comfy as second skin'
British retailer Debenhams has launched the lightest ever T-shirt bra.eighing less than two ounces, the 18 pounds T-shirt bra has a moulded cup that is glued together rather than stitched. ANI

Pakistan to build more nuclear plants to meet energy needs: Gilani
Pakistan will build more nuclear power plants to meet its growing energy needs, Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani has said. ANI

'Levels of radiation found in Fukushima residents' urine pose pretty small additional risk'
A British researcher has said that although concerns have been raised after it was revealed that over three millisieverts of radiation has been measured in the urine of 15 residents living near the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant, this by itself 'shouldn't pose too much of a hazard'. ANI

'Charging Gaddafi with war crimes may prolong his rule over Libya'
The decision of the International Criminal Court (ICC) to charge Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi with crimes against humanity has made many Human rights groups happy, but some experts fear that the move could rather lead him to stay in power in Tripoli longer than expected. ANI

Hit these topless 'sexpresso' bars for a steamy coffee soiree!
A recent boom in topless coffee bars in one of Washington's Counties has evoked concern from the local government, which is mulling banning under 18 people from using the stands. ANI

Brain dead for four months, woman gives birth to boy in S. Arabia
In a rare case, a 38-year-old mother who has been brain dead for four months has given birth to a baby boy in Saudi Arabia's eastern Al Khobar province. ANI

Letter threatens suicide bombing on Pak court premises between June 27-30
An anonymous letter has issued a threat to blow up Lahore's Aiwan-e-Adl courts in a suicide bomb attack within three days. ANI

Ex Illinois governor Blagojevich found guilty of trying to 'sell' Obama's senate seat
Former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich has been found guilty of trying to sell a US Senate seat once held by President Barack Obama. ANI

White House mum on Dalai Lama meeting ahead of scheduled visit next week
The Dalai Lama is scheduled to lead a high-level Buddhist teaching tour to the US next week, but the White House has remained silent regarding the spiritual leader's visit. ANI

Now, backless, strapless adhesive bra for busty b**bs!
A new backless, strapless adhesive bra for bigger busts has hit the market. ANI

TEPCO pumping decontaminated water into Fukushima plant to cool damaged reactors
Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) has reportedly begun pumping decontaminated water into the earthquake-cum-tsunami hit Fukushima nuclear plant to cool the damaged reactors. ANI

US Supreme Court repeals California ban on violent video games access to minors
The United States (US) Supreme Court has struck down a Californian law banning the sale or renting of violent video games to minors. ANI

Firefighters are not as 'macho' as they are painted out to be
The media often associates the firefighting profession with macho men in heroic roles. ANI

Drunken Ohio woman charged with 'spraying deputies with breast milk'
An Ohio charter schoolteacher was arrested on the grounds of spraying deputies with her breast milk after getting drunk at a wedding. ANI

German vampire killer drank blood, ate flesh of teens before killing them
A German vampire killer, who drank the blood and ate the flesh of two teenagers before killing them, has been sentenced to life imprisonment. ANI

'Mitigative counter-striking' best defense against cyber attacks
A University of Illinois expert has claimed that the best way to defend ourselves from threats of cybercrime, cyberterrorism and cyberwarfare is "mitigative counter-striking". ANI

Militants "often sexually, physically abuse" kidnapped children in Pakistan: US report
Militants in Pakistan "often sexually and physically abuse" the children they kidnap or fraudulently take away for spying or suicide bombing purposes, a US State Department report has said. ANI

Afghan central bank governor resigns citing death threats
Afghanistan's central bank governor Abdul Qadeer Fitrat has resigned, saying he feels his life is in danger in the wake of investigations related to a corruption scandal. ANI

15000 'fragrant dog dishes' being dished out at Chinese canine culinary festival!
Over 15,000 dogs are being served to celebrate canine culinary culture at the food festival in Yulin in eastern China, which kicked off during the weekend. ANI

Bangladesh court sentences 2009 mutineers in mass trial
A Bangladesh court has imprisoned over 650 border guards for their role in a 2009 mutiny in which more than 70 people, many of them officers, were killed in the uprising over pay and conditions. ANI

Wounded Yemeni President in "good health and at the presence of strong intellect": Advisor
Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh, who is being treated in Saudi Arabia for wounds he sustained after his Presidential Palace was attacked earlier this month, is in "good health and at the presence of strong intellect," his political advisor has said. ANI

USA's 1st Punjabi charter school to open in California
The first Punjabi charter school of the United States of America will open in West Sacramento (California) in this August, according to reports. ANI

Following in Palin's footsteps, White House hopeful Bachmann goofs up on John Wayne birth
It seems that female candidates nursing presidential ambitions and a desire to occupy the White House some time during their lives, have a penchant to goof up during critical moments in their campaigns. If it was former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin during the 2008 presidential campaign, now, it is the turn of Minnesotan Republican candidate Michele Bachmann. ANI

'Irked' US holds back 'war on terror' funds for Pakistan
The United States has delayed the release of 'war on terror' funds for Pakistan amid reports that Washington has threatened to cut off civil and military aid to Islamabad. ANI

Qatar set to open first 'women's only' cinema in Middle East
The first women's only cinema is set to open in the Qatari capital Doha later this week, the first of its kind in the Middle East. ANI

Google chief warns of repressive governments intensifying web crackdowns
The use of the web by Arab democracy movements could lead to some states cracking down harder on internet freedoms, search giant Google's chairman has said. ANI

Pak-Afghan-ISAF forum reviews current security situation along Af-Pak border
A tripartite commission comprising Afghan and Pakistani military representatives and coalition forces in Afghanistan has reviewed the current security situation along the Pak-Afghan border. ANI

Two drone attacks kill 27 in South Waziristan
A total of 27 suspected militants have been killed in two US drone attacks in Pakistan's South Waziristan region. ANI

Pak Taliban threatens attacks on '10 targets' in UK, US, France to avenge Osama's death
The Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) has issued chilling threats against ten targets in Britain, America and France to avenge the killing of Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden. ANI

Extraction from pigs' bladder helps re-grow US soldier's leg
An American soldier, who damaged his leg muscle in an explosion in Afghanistan, is seeing his leg re-grow after he was injected with a growth promoting substance extracted from pigs' bladder.arine Isaias Hernandez lost 70 percent of his right thigh muscles when an enemy mortar exploded when he was carrying out repairs to a truck. ANI

LexisNexis: Global Survey Finds Majority of Law Firms Missing Benefits of Client Feedback
A new global study of client feedback initiatives found that the majority (52%) of law firms still do not have a structured client feedback programme, but those that do generally find the feedback to be instructive in improving client relationships. Business Wire India

Styron Announces Filing of Registration Statement as Trinseo for Initial Public Offering of Common Stock
Styron, a leading global materials company established in June 2010, today announced that it filed a registration statement on Form F-1 with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission related to a proposed initial public offering of its common stock. The filing is under the company name Trinseo S.A Business Wire India

Covidien plc to Report Third-Quarter Results on July 26, 2011
Covidien plc (NYSE: COV) will report third-quarter results on July 26, 2011, before trading begins. The Company will hold a conference call for investors at 8:30 a.m. ET. The call can be accessed in the following ways: Business Wire India

Cathay Financial Holdings and Conning Announce Joint Venture
Cathay Financial Holding Co., Ltd Business Wire India

BIOTRONIK Announces Completion of Enrollment in the 4EVER Clinical Study Including Long Lesions in Peripheral Vascular Disease
BIOTRONIK announced today that the full cohort of 120 patients has been successfully enrolled into the physician-initiated 4EVER clinical study. Follow up is scheduled at 1, 6 and 12 months, with immediate and 6 month results potentially available in January 2012. Business Wire India

Sonera and Elisa Jointly Launch Valimo Mobile Signature Solution in Finland
Valimo, the world leader in mobile authentication, announces that Finnish wireless operators Sonera and Elisa have joined forces to launch a mobile authentication and signature service using the Valimo Mobile ID solution Business Wire India

Bloomingdale's, Like No Other Store in the World, Now World-Wide
Yesterday, Bloomingdale’s announced the exciting launch of international shipping capabilities to 91 countries, including locations in Africa, Asia, Australia, the Caribbean, Europe, the Middle East, and South America Business Wire India

Hilton Worldwide Offers More Perks for Meetings in Southeast Asia with Launch of 'SEA MICE & A MILLION' Campaign
Hilton Worldwide has launched a new meetings, incentives, conferences and events (MICE) campaign in Southeast Asia aimed at the corporate meetings, events and incentives markets Business Wire India

ISS Proxy Advisory Services Recommends NYSE Euronext Shareholders Vote ""For"" Combination with Deutsche Boerse AG
Business Wire India

Citi Prime Finance Survey Shows Rapid Shift to Direct Investing in Hedge Funds by Pension and Sovereign Wealth Funds
Institutional fund managers have undertaken a dramatic shift to direct hedge fund investing following the global financial crisis, according to a new survey from Citi Prime Finance Business Wire India

PCN Selected as One of North America's Top 100 Emerging Companies by Red Herring Magazine
PCN has announced its selection as one of North America’s Top 100 Emerging Technology Companies by Red Herring Magazine. The award has long been seen as an important accolade given to private technology companies poised to transform global markets. Business Wire India

PPD Names Edward Ian Vice President of Clinical Development for Asia Pacific
PPD, Inc. (Nasdaq: PPDI) today announced it has appointed Edward Ian as vice president of clinical development for Asia Pacific. Mr. Ian will be based in Singapore and will provide strategic leadership and operational oversight for PPD’s Phase II-IV business in the region. Business Wire India

Delphi Genetics Announces the Launch of Staby Express Strains Genetically Characterized for Bioproduction without Antibiotics
Delphi Genetics SA (“Delphi”) has announced at the BIO convention the launching of StabyExpress strains with a completely sequenced genome. These strains contain different mutations including the genetic locus to use StabyExpress allowing the industrial scale production of high yield recombinant proteins without using antibiotics Business Wire India

Engadget Chinese Launches New Editorial Team, with Richard Lai, Associate Editor at Engadget, Appointed Editor-in-Chief
Engadget Chinese (,, a leading source of technology and consumer electronics news, opinion, and video, today announced a freshly revamped editorial team, including the appointment of Richard Lai, Associate Editor at Engadget, as Editor-in-Chief Business Wire India

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