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International News on June 24, 2011

India will share 'Samjhauta Express bombings' report with Pak: Nirupama Rao
Foreign Secretary Nirupama Rao said on Friday that India will share the investigation report of the 2007 Samjhauta Express bombings with Pakistan. ANI

India calls for 'satisfactory closure' of 26/11 trial in Pak
Satisfactory closure of the 26/11 trial will enable India and Pakistan to move on with the process of normalization of ties, Foreign Secretary Nirupama Rao said on Friday. ANI

India, Pak mull confidence building measures on nuclear safety
Amid heightened threat perceptions on the safety of Pakistan's nuclear arsenal and the country's ongoing quest to expand its nuclear programme, India and Pakistan mulled over the confidence building measures on the nuclear security and safety in great detail during the Foreign Secretary level talks concluded in Islamabad today. ANI

India, Pak can resolve Kashmir issue in atmosphere free of terror, violence: Nirupama Rao
Foreign Secretary Nirupama Rao on Friday said that India and Pakistan can resolve the "complex" Kashmir issue with bilateral talks in an atmosphere free of terror and violence. ANI

Peace and reconciliation on Kashmir cannot happen under the shadow of gun: Sources
India and Pakistan made major headway today in reducing the trust deficit with regard to Kashmir. ANI

Indo-Pak FS talks: Atmospherics and chemistry excellent, new ideas exchanged
Following the conclusion of the two-day talks between the foreign secretaries of India and Pakistan - Nirupama Rao and Salman Bashir - Indian Government sources said the atmospherics and chemistry between the two sides during the interaction were excellent, and added that both sides specifically discussed new ideas and ways to implement them. ANI

Progress in Indo-Pak ties not possible under 'the shadow of the gun': Nirupama Rao
Foreign Secretary Nirupama Rao on Friday said that both India and Pakistan were aware of the complexities of the bilateral relationship, but firmly reiterated that progress in ties could not be possible under 'the shadow of the gun'. ANI

India, Pak Foreign Secretaries reiterate intention to carry forward dialogue process
The two-day bilateral talks between the Foreign Secretaries of India and Pakistan-Nirupama Rao and Salman Bashir-in Islamabad were held in a "frank and cordial atmosphere", a statement of the External Affairs Ministry said today. ANI

US aid money not going entirely to Pak armed forces: Qureshi
Former Pakistan foreign minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi on Friday said it was wrong to say that multi-billion dollar aid coming from the United States was primarily being routed to the country's defence forces for counter-terrorism operations. ANI

Indo-Pak FS talks end positively, Rabbani to visit India next month
Talks between the foreign secretaries of India and Pakistan concluded here on Friday. ANI

Political will, visionary political leadership key to Indo-Pak ties progress: Qureshi
Welcoming the latest round of talks between India and Pakistan at the level of foreign secretaries, former Pakistan foreign minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi however said that progress in the bilateral relationship between the two countries could only be made if there was political will and a visionary political leadership to see it through. ANI

Tiny camera reveals 'never-before-seen' inside of 1,500-yr-old Mayan tomb
An apparently intact funeral chamber with offerings and red-painted wall murals has been discovered inside a 1,500-year-old Mayan tomb in southern Mexico - thanks to a small, remote-controlled camera, which was lowered into the tomb. ANI

Daniel Radcliffe apologizes after play got cancelled due to tragedy
'Harry Potter' actor Daniel Radcliffe had apologized to the audience after an act of his play was cancelled following the death of a stagehand. ANI

Portrait of Queen and Prince Philip side by side on 'love seat' unveiled
A new portrait of the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh has been released as part of an exhibition to mark next year's Diamond Jubilee. ANI

China's Communist party has over 80 million members
The number of Communist Party of China (CPC) members has increased to over 80 million, senior party officials said. ANI

Less than 25 percent Americans see economy improving: Poll
Less than 25 percent of Americans see signs of improvement in the economy of the country, a Bloomberg National Poll has found. ANI

Russian woman dies from heart attack after waking up at her own funeral
A Russian woman who had been wrongly declared deceased by doctors died for real from a heart attack caused by shock after waking up to discover she was being prepared for burial. ANI

India has 153000 millionaires: Report
India has moved into 12th spot in the list of countries with most millionaires. India has 153,000 millionaires, a report by Capgemini and Merrill Lynch Wealth Management has revealed. ANI

Australian Gina Rinehart will be the world's richest person: Research
Australian Gina Rinehart is all set to become the world's richest person soon, a research has revealed. ANI

'Closed' Asian communities ignoring child sex grooming: Minister
British Children's Minister Tim Loughton has said that 'closed' Asian communities have ignored the issue of child sex grooming by gangs of men. ANI

Pak-ISAF joint assessment praises restraint shown by both sides at Ziarat firing
A joint Pakistani and International Security Assistance Force (Isaf) assessment of a June 17 cross- border incident at the Ziarat outpost praised the restraint shown by both sides. ANI

Sri Lankan police fails to give information about 'war missing people'
Hundreds of people in the northern parts of Sri Lanka who responded to a police announcement about relatives held in detention in the civil war, which ended in May 2009, have said that they have not received any information so far. ANI

eBay bans UK man from selling Hitler figurine on its site
Online business website eBay has prohibited a man in the UK from selling a model of Nazi leader Adolf Hitler on its site because it 'glorified hatred'. ANI

4 City Councils in Utah to open with Hindu prayers
In Utah (USA), City Councils of South Jordan and Draper will reverberate with Sanskrit mantras from ancient Hindu scriptures on July 5, while Taylorsville will do the same on July 6, and Layton on July 7. ANI

What differentiates 'sugar daddying' from prostitution
For girls who cannot afford to have branded handbags, luxury vacations, exotic dinners and expensive cars, an easy way out seems turning to sugar daddies for all this, in return for sex. ANI

Ahmadinejad's close ally arrested on corruption charges
A close ally of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has been arrested on corruption charges, local media reports have said. ANI

Petraeus was "the only named person" in Osama's Abbottabad documents
General David Petraeus, President Barack Obama's nominee to lead the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), was "the only named person" in documents seized by the US Navy SEALS from Osama bin Laden's hideout in Abbottabad, Pakistan, North Carolina Republican Senator Richard Burr has said. ANI

Petraeus suggests interrogation policy for emergencies
General David H. Petraeus, President Obama's choice to be the next director of the Central Intelligence Agency, has told senators that the U.S. should consider a policy for using special interrogation techniques when a detainee is withholding information that is immediately needed to save lives. ANI

UK Muslim MP Warsi blasts Pak for denying women their rights under Quran
Britain's Muslim Tory minister Sayeeda Warsi has said that Pakistan has failed to meet Islamic norms by denying women their rights granted to them under the Quran. ANI

Porn actors have 'unacceptably' high rates of sexually transmitted infections
A paper has reported that the rates of sexually transmitted infections -chlamydia and gonorrhea - among adult film performers in Los Angeles County are "unacceptably high." ANI

The Sun, Times attacked by hackers in revenge bid against members arrest
Hackers struck computer systems of the Sun newspaper and The Times, bombarding them with Internet traffic in an attempt to make them crash. ANI

NY man marries his 'right woman' at 99!
A New York man, who never got married because he never met the 'right woman' until he turned 98, has finally tied the knot at the age of 99. ANI

Brit man goes to court in the coat he stole!
It has emerged that a British man, who was accused of shoplifting a coat from a sports store, appeared in the court wearing the very same item. ANI

Indian-born Anjali Joseph bags Desmond Elliott prize for debut novel
An Indian-born novelist has won the Desmond Elliot Prize for her debut work 'Saraswati Park'. ANI

William Shakespeare to be dug up to prove if he smoked weed?
A team of scientists has submitted a formal application to the Church of England for exhumation of William Shakespeare's remains so that they can find out about his life and death, and if he smoked weed. ANI

One-man policy giving rise to suicide attacks in Pakistan: Sharif
Pakistan Muslim League (PML-N) chief Nawaz Sharif has said that suicide attacks are taking place in the country due to continuation of one-man policy. ANI

Gadhafi "seriously considering" fleeing Tripoli for 'safer' haven: U.S. intelligence
According to latest U.S. intelligence reports, Libyan leader Colonel Moammar Gadhafi is "seriously considering" fleeing Tripoli to relocate himself in a more secured place outside the capital. ANI

Video of couple kissing during Vancouver riot proves it really happened
Amidst controversies of the Vancouver riot kiss not being real, a video has emerged to prove that it had happened exactly as the couple, who were photographed kissing, had said. ANI

Dutch right-wing politician Wilders acquitted of 'inciting hatred against Muslim' charges
A Dutch court has acquitted right-wing politician Geert Wilders of charges of inciting hatred and discrimination against Muslims. ANI

'Tell nation why you fled country,' Babar asks Sharif brothers
Former Pakistan Law Minister Babar Awan has asked the Sharif brothers, the Pakistan Muslim League (PML-N) chief Nawaz Sharif and Punjab province's Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif, to tell why they fled the country twice, saying the state is like a mother, and every sincere son cannot leave his mother alone in a critical situation. ANI

Hina Rabbani to visit India in July for ministerial level talks
Pakistan's Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Hina Rabbani Khar will visit India next month for talks with Indian External Affairs Minister S.M. Krishna. ANI

'Friends' influence, low self-control fuel youth cybercrime'
A new study, led by a Michigan State University criminologist, has indicated that peer influence and low self-control appear to be the major factors fuelling juvenile cybercrime such as computer hacking and online bullying. ANI

Pakistan offers 'guarded' response on Afghan troop pullout plans
Pakistan has offered a guarded response and stopped short of giving any explicit statement on United States plans for Afghanistan's future following the US President Barack Obama's announcement of a phased withdrawal of 33,000 troops by September 2012. ANI

Ex Deputy Attorney General moves Pak SC against media's 'anti-army campaign'
Former Pakistan's Deputy Attorney General Sardar Muhammad Ghazi has filed a constitution petition in the Supreme Court to stop the media from criticizing the country's armed forces, intelligence and other security related institutions, especially the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI). ANI

India, Pak must work together to eliminate terrorism: Nirupama
At the end of day long discussions at Foreign Secretary level here today, which were focused on peace and security, India has pointed out that terrorism had complicated the Indo-Pak relationship and urged Islamabad to not to follow a segmented approach. ANI

Terrorism complicated India- Pak relations, avoid segmented approach: Nirupama
At the end of day long discussions at Foreign Secretary level here today, which were focused on peace and security, India has pointed out that terrorism had complicated the Indo-Pak relationship and urged Islamabad to not to follow a segmented approach. ANI

Gayatri Mantra to open 'Heal the World Interfaith Picnic of Nevada'
Various faiths are coming together to have a picnic in Nevada's capital Carson City (USA). ANI

Japanese pop princess Aimi Eguchi isn't real, but a digital creation!
It has emerged that Japanese pop princess Aimi Eguchi is a computerized image and not a real person. ANI

Human rights organisations cast doubt on claims of mass rape in Libya
Amnesty International has questioned claims that Libya's ruler Colonel Muammar Gaddafi ordered rape as weapon of war, as no solid evidence of the abuse claims levelled against Gaddafi's supporters has been found. ANI

Working with Pak a "frustrating, outraging experience" but necessary for US security: Clinton
US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton has said that although working with Pakistan could be a "frustrating, frankly sometimes very outraging kind of experience", the Obama administration would continue working with officials in that country because it is essential for the U.S. national security interests. ANI

Obama's Afghan troop reduction move 'more aggressive than recommended': Petraeus
US President Barack Obama's decision to withdraw 33000 troops from Afghanistan has evoked mixed responses from top military officials in the country. ANI

'World's smelliest' Indian man quit bathing 37 yrs ago to get a 'guaranteed son'!
An Indian farm worker has not taken a shower for the past 37 years with the belief that doing so might fetch him a son. ANI

Brit grandmum 'comes back to life after being dead for 25min'
In a miraculous incident, a British woman came back to life after she had stopped breathing for 25 minutes. ANI

US slaps economic sanctions on Iran Air for supporting Tehran military's nefarious acts
The United States has imposed economic sanctions on Iran's national airline, saying that Iran Air had provided "material support and services" to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, which supported terrorism and committed human rights abuses against protesters. ANI

Two Muslim men detained for plotting terror attack on US military centre
Two Muslim men have been arrested for plotting to attack a Seattle military recruiting station in the US. ANI

Musharraf's ADC found dead
Former Pakistan president Pervez Musharaf's ADC Major (retired) Tanveer Ali was found dead in his suite on Thursday. ANI

China welcomes Indo-Pak foreign secretary talks
China has welcomed the latest round of foreign secretary-level talks between India and Pakistan. ANI

US won't give Pak military aid without change: Clinton
US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on ANI

UK to back Pak counter-terrorism efforts at all forums, fronts: Foreign Secretary Hague
Visiting British Foreign Secretary William Hague has said that his country will support Pakistan at all forums and fronts in the fight against terrorism. ANI

Obama administration committed to U.S.-India civilian nuclear cooperation
The Obama Administration on Thursday said that it fully supports the "clean" Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) exception for India and speedy implementation of the US-India Civil Nuclear Cooperation Agreement. ANI

Successful US three-track AFPAK strategy has facilitated troop drawdown: Clinton
U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on hursday said that the United States has been very successful in eeting its goals through a three-track strategy in Afghanistan and ANI

Retrieved cell phone confirms Bin Laden's link to ISI-supported Pak terror outfit
The cell phone of Osama bin Laden's trusted courier, which was recovered in the raid that killed both men in Abbottabad, Pakistan last month, contained contacts to a militant group that continues to have links with Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) agency. ANI

BIOTRONIK Launches Lumax 540 VR-T DX, The World’s Only Single-Chamber ICD With Complete Atrial Diagnostics
BIOTRONIK SE & Co. KG, a worldwide leader in manufacturing cardiac medical devices, announced today that the innovative new Lumax 540 VR-T DX single-chamber implantable cardiac defibrillator (ICD) and Linoxsmart S DX cardiac lead system will be launched this coming week at the EHRA EUROPACE electrophysiology congress in Madrid, Spain Business Wire India

Hilton Worldwide Named Official Hotel Sponsor of Special Olympics
Hilton Worldwide today announced that the company is the official hotel sponsor of the Special Olympics World Summer Games 2011 in Athens, Greece, and of Special Olympics International through 2014 Business Wire India

Newell Rubbermaid Appoints Michael B. Polk President and Chief Executive Officer
The Board of Directors of Newell Rubbermaid (NYSE: NWL) today announced the appointment of Michael B. Polk as President and Chief Executive Officer, effective July 18. A Newell Rubbermaid director since 2009, Polk succeeds Mark Ketchum, who is retiring but intends to remain a director until the company’s next board elections in May 2012. Business Wire India

Doany Concludes His Role at the Helm of Oger Telecom
Mr. Mohammed Hariri, Chairman of Oger Telecom Limited (“Oger Telecom” or “the Company”) announced that Dr. Paul Doany has resigned as CEO of Oger Telecom. Business Wire India

Quintiles Wins Best CRO In Vaccine Excellence Asia Awards 2011
Quintiles, a leading global biopharmaceutical services company, today announced that it has been named Best Clinical Research Organization (CRO) in the Vaccine Industry Excellence (ViE) Asia Awards 2011 Business Wire India

DTS Continues Rapid Mobile Market Penetration with Huawei Smartphone Integration
DTS, Inc. (Nasdaq: DTSI), a leader in high-definition audio, announced today that the newly launched Huawei M835 Android-based smartphone, available through the U.S. wireless carrier Metro PCS network, includes DTS Envelo™ technology Business Wire India

Sitel Expands into Serbia with Major New BPO Contact Center Site
Sitel, a leading customer care outsourcing provider, is solidifying its nearshore offerings, by announcing it has now expanded operations into Belgrade, Serbia. Business Wire India

Shaanxi Yanchang Petroleum (Group) Co., Ltd. and KBR Announce Intent to Create a Joint-Venture Company
Shaanxi Yanchang Petroleum (Group) Co., Ltd (Yanchang Petroleum Group) and KBR, Inc. has announced they have signed an agreement to create a Joint-Venture company in the People’s Republic of China Business Wire India

indiePub Releases Kona’s Crate for Android and iOS Devices
Zoo Entertainment, Inc. (NASDAQ CM: ZOOG), a leading developer, publisher and distributor of interactive entertainment, announced that its indiePub label has released Kona’s Crate, a physics-based platform racer for Android™ and iOS devices Business Wire India

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