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International News on June 19, 2011

On 'Father's Day,' Obama says fatherhood is his hardest, but most rewarding job"
US President Barack Obama has wished families across the country a Happy Father's Day, saying that this is his "hardest, but always my most rewarding job." ANI

UK PM Cameron placed on terror hit list
British Prime Minister David Cameron has been placed on a hit list, recently released by an Al-Qaeda "working group". ANI

1.6m British children living in extreme poverty
Leading charity 'Save the Children' has said that a growing number of children in the UK are living in extreme poverty because of the huge cost of energy, petrol and food. ANI

British, French agents undercover in Libya to get Gaddafi: Report
A team of 130 British and French agents are reportedly on a one-million-pound-a-week, do-or-die deep undercover mission in Libya to get Colonel Muammar Gaddafi. ANI

China to build replica of Austria's Alpine village in ancient Huizhou city
A replica of an Alpine village is to be built in the ancient Chinese city of uizhou. ANI

Oz alcoholism patient binges on 6 bottles of hand sanitiser in hospital
A patient in Australia who drank six bottles of hand sanitiser while being treated for alcoholism has highlighted the need for the antibacterial gels in hospitals to be bolted to ward walls so they could only be refilled but never removed. ANI

Runaway dads and drink drivers should be stigmatized alike: David Cameron
David Cameron has thrashed those fathers who leave their families and said that they should be 'stigmatised' by the society in the same way as drink drivers. ANI

Anthony Weiner's pregnant wife feels trapped in marriage
Anthony Weiner's pregnant and publicly humiliated wife feels hopelessly trapped in her marriage to the disgraced politician despite his despicable behavior, according to a source close to the couple. ANI

Weiner's stripper pal bares her bum at club
Anthony Weiner's twitter pal ex-p*rn star and stripper Ginger Lee showed off her bum at a Gentleman's Club. ANI

Late-night comedians roast Weiner following resignation
Disgraced Anthony Weiner has become a hot topic for late-night comedians following his resignation amid a sexting scandal. ANI

Do kids lack basic motor skills? Blame it on lazy parenting
A new study has blamed parents who let their kids watch too much TV for a rise in children starting school with poor motor skills. ANI

Pippa, ex-boyfriend George Percy on the look-out for dream house?
Speculations are rife that Pippa Middeleton and ex-boyfriend George Percy are set to seal their love after the former's recent break-up with her fianc‚ Alex Loudon. ANI

US Republican Ron Paul wins big in New Orleans straw poll
Texas Congressman Ron Paul has won the straw poll at the Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans. ANI

Brit radicals joining Afghan Taliban to avenge Osama's death: Report
British radicals are joining the Taliban in Afghanistan to avenge the death of Al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden, it has emerged. ANI

Pippa Middleton completes 50-mile duathlon in Scotland
She recently won a medal after completing a 5-km race in the GE Blenheim Triathlon. ANI

Satellite images show China's skyscraper cities are empty
New satellite images have shown that residential skyscrapers in recently built neighborhoods in China are empty. ANI

Crisis-hit MV Suez crew shifted to PNS Babur
Egypt-owned cargo ship MV Suez's 22-member crew, which includes six Indians, was on Sunday transferred to PNS Babur. ANI

Ed Miliband had 'no regret at all' about running against elder brother David over Labour leadership
Labour Party leader Ed Miliband has said that he has 'no regret at all' about running against his elder brother David for the leadership of the party last September, and added that both of them have 'moved on'. ANI

Now, sex can leave you with a soar head!
Now sex can leave you with a swollen head like an Illinois man who was attacked with nunchucks and stars while on a trip to meet his ex-girlfriend for a night of love-making. ANI

Gangster's gun to fetch more than $100K
A gangster's gun is all set to fetch more than 100,000 dollars in an auction. ANI

Ex-weather anchor Heidi Jones indicted for fake sexual assault claim
Former WABC-TV weather lady Heidi Jones has been indicted over fake claims that an unknown Hispanic man sexually assaulted her in Central Park. ANI

'Canadian riot' kiss couple turns down branding offers worth $10m
A couple that made headlines recently when they were pictured smooching amid a Canadian riot has turned down offer of millions by celebrity agents. ANI

Pak to form new commission to probe bin Laden raid
The Pakistan Government has decided in principle to set up a new commission to probe the May 2 US raid that killed al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden in his Abbottabad hideout. ANI

'M and Ms' for dads to raise daughters into independent, strong women
An expert on the relationship between fathers and daughters has suggested that dads must focus on the 'M and Ms' to raise their girls into healthy and independent young women. ANI

'Give your kids time, love and structure', advices Obama
Stressing on the importance of fatherhood, US President Barack Obama said that what children need most is their parents' time, unconditional love and structure. ANI

Hindus urge India, Tamil Nadu govts to help preserve deteriorating temple art
Hindus have expressed concern at the continuing deterioration of temple murals/inscriptions/carvings in Tamil Nadu and adjoining areas. ANI

US Navy to scrap Sea Shadow stealth craft
After spending five years and millions of dollars on finding a taker to buy the famous Sea Shadow stealth craft, the US Navy is planning to abandon it. ANI

Malaysian Islamic talent show to find female cleric
An Islamic reality television show is aiming to change the conservative thinking on the role of women in Muslim societies by finding the best female preachers. ANI

Wills-Kat engulfed in embarrassing 'cash for access' row
An upcoming star-studded polo event in which Prince William and his new bride are to take part has sparked a 'cash for access' controversy. ANI

Venezuelan cells' inmates lovin' cockfighting, pool parties and 'reggaeton'
It is not uncommon for armed inmates to have a degree of autonomy in Venezuela's jails. ANI

'Big-brother' style 'high speed cameras' mounted to spy on Assange
Supporters of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange have claimed that a Big Brother-style of conspiracy has been launched against him. They raised concerns that sensitive cameras have been mounted around his house to catch speeding motorists or record the car number plates of his visitors. ANI

132-year-old iconic image of 'Billy the Kid' set to fetch $400K
A famous photo of the legendary teenage outlaw Henry McCarty, also known as Billy the Kid, will be put on sale for the first time ever next week. ANI

14 held for 19.6 million dollar public deposits scam in China
Police has arrested 14 people in China's Zhejiang province for illegally absorbing public deposits. ANI

Obama impersonator pulled off stage for making racist jokes
A comedian impersonating President Barack Obama was pulled off stage at the Republican Leadership Conference after he made racist jokes about him. ANI

'Prime suspect' ISI to probe Pak journalist murder case
The Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), which is widely being seen as the prime suspect in the Saleem Shahzad murder case, has ordered an internal inquiry into the Pakistani journalist's brutal killing. ANI

Qaeda woes fuel talk of faster troop pullout of Afghanistan
High-ranking officials have said that with the original network of Al Qaeda in Afghanistan crippled, the rationale for an accelerated reduction of troops in the region is gaining ground. ANI

US should put down arms, negotiate with Taliban: Ex-UK envoy
A former British envoy has said that the US and its NATO allies should consider putting their arms down and concentrate on achieving a political deal with the Taliban. ANI

Michelle Obama's Africa visit invites criticism for Barack Obama
First Lady Michelle Obama's upcoming Africa visit is being viewed as a step forward in White House's outreach to the continent, but President Obama is facing sharp criticism for not visiting the dark continent. ANI

Fukushima halts operation to clean 'high radiation contaminated water'
Officials at Japan's earth-quake-cum-tsunami hit Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plants have reportedly suspended an operation hours after it had begun to clean contaminated water after workers detected a sharp radiation increase in the system's caesium-absorbing component. ANI

Now, computer game giant Sega falls prey to hackers
Computer game developer Sega has become the latest victim in the string of hacking attacks that earlier struck fellow companies like Sony, Nintendo, Codemasters and many more. ANI

Leaving behind 'Leave it to Beaver' as family model gives better dads
A new study has revealed that several decades of encouraging equality between men and women have paved the way for the improving role of fathers. ANI

Now, forget the knot and just 'zip-up' your tie!
An Edinburgh-based lawyer has invented the world's first zip-up tie, which could revolutionise the way men dress and end the early morning hassle of preparing a new knot everyday. riced at 25 pounds, Chris Gibson's 'SuperTie' has a small zipper mechanism on the back, which means that the knot is always tied. ANI

Pak Army's CIA informants arrest 'effort to divert attention' from rogue elements: Analyst
The arrest of CIA 'Osama bin Laden' informants by the Pakistan Army indicates that some rogue elements- allegedly complicit in the al Qaeda leader's sheltering in Abbottabad- are "trying to push and divert attention away from themselves," a military affairs analyst, who advises the United States and its NATO allies, has said. ANI

Documents containing 'enough evidence' to nail Gaddafi for 'war crimes' discovered
War crime investigators have reportedly found thousands of documents that reveal that Colonel Muammar Gaddafi's senior generals had ordered the bombardment and starvation of people in Misrata. ANI

4 out of 5 want nuclear reactors scrapped in Japan
Four out of five Japanese want the nation's 54 nuclear reactors to be decommissioned either immediately or gradually following the crisis that evolved after the earth-quake-cum-tsunami hit Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant on March 11, a poll has revealed. ANI

Israeli court orders stoning of dog to death
A Jewish court has reportedly pronounced a death sentence by stoning for a dog because they believed it was the reincarnation of a secular lawyer who they had cursed for insulting jews. ANI

'Pakistan was aware of heightened CIA activity in Abbottabad ahead of Osama raid'
Pakistan was aware of increased US intelligence activity in Abbottabad weeks before the unilateral American raid that killed Osama bin Laden on May 2, an Arab diplomat with direct knowledge of the events and a senior Pakistani official have said. ANI

Obama's 2012 campaign takes over his Facebook, Twitter profiles
US President Barack Obama's Twitter and Facebook accounts will now be managed by the staff of Obama's re-election campaign - 'Obama for America', it has been announced. ANI

'Underdogs' Obama-Boehner win golf standoff against Biden-Kasich
US President Barack Obama and House Speaker John Boehner were the winning team on the golf course at a military base outside Washington DC, after defeating Vice President Joe Biden and Ohio Governor John Kasich on the 18th hole. ANI

Russian soldiers raped former German chancellors wife: Biography
A biography has revealed that Russian soldiers raped the wife of a former German Chancellor at the age of 12. ANI

Pak judge hides in washroom to save himself from 'armed criminals' in court premises
In another security lapse in less than a month, two criminal gangs attacked each other with sharp-edged weapons in a Pakistan courtroom, besides trying to assault a judge and hold him hostage. ANI

"Indophile" Brett Lee doling out free music lessons to underprivileged Mumbai slum kids
Australian cricket star Brett Lee has opened a music center to provide free music lessons to underprivileged children in Mumbai. ANI

Pak naval base attackers were Eurasian, blood-related: DNA report
The DNA test report of the four terrorists killed during Karachi's Mehran Naval Station attack has finally confirmed that they were foreigners. ANI

Ex-Oz PM Rudd throwing party to mark his "assassination day"!
Former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd is preparing to celebrate the first anniversary of his political ousting by hosting an "Assassination Day" party at his two million dollar mansion. ANI

Yemeni clerics call for presidential elections within 60 days
Over 100 influential religious clerics have demanded the ouster of President Ali Abdullah Saleh, calling for new elections to be held within 60 days. ANI

Pak generals' salaries, perks shouldn't be more than Indian counterparts: PML-N leader
The Pakistan military has come under probably the severest criticism during a budget discussion in the country's parliamentary history. ANI

Both Pak, US need to introspect over bin Laden episode: Haqqani
The Osama bin Laden episode is a moment of introspection not only for Pakistan, but also for the United States, Pakistan's Ambassador to Washington, Husain Haqqani, has said. ANI

US standing in Pak has "sunk to lowest level in history" post-Osama raid: Haqqani
The standing of the United States in Pakistan has sunk to its "lowest level in history" following the May 2 US raid on al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden' hideout in Abbottabad, Pakistan's Ambassador to Washington, Husain Haqqani, has said. ANI

Pakistanis leak US intelligence secrets again to help terrorists flee: US officials
Pakistan has apparently tipped off militants at two more bomb-building factories in its tribal areas after US intelligence shared the locations with the Pakistan government, giving the terror suspects time to flee, according to US officials. ANI

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