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International News on June 18, 2011

India and Belarus to cooperate in coal mining
A delegation under the chairmanship of Union Coal Minister Sriprakash Jaiswal met with Belarus' First Deputy Prime Minister V. Semashko today in Minsk to discuss about possible technical cooperation between the two countries in the areas of coal and lignite mining. ANI

Bachmann raised 23 foster children
Minnesota Republican Mechele Bachmann has claimed that she has "raised" 23 foster children. ANI

China's economic shifts will hinder it from dominating world: Kissinger
Former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger reckons that China will not dominate the current century, thanks to internal demographic shifts coupled with the need for political reform. ANI

Controversial 'Jesus Ants' art to hit US museums again
A controversial 'Jesus Ants' exhibit that was pulled from the Smithsonian's National Portrait Gallery in the US last year is back, and will be hitting the road on a bicoastal tour. ANI

Hindu Temple in US celebrates Prathishta Mahotsavam, Kumbhabishekham
A magnificent 3-million dollar Hindu Temple in The Woodlands (Texas, USA), which reportedly took about six years to complete, is celebrating Prathishta Mahotsavam and Kumbhabishekham from June 17-19. ANI

Romney still way ahead of other GOP presidential hopefuls pack
Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney's strong presidential polling continues, as he got 42 percent votes of New Hampshire Republican primary voters, according to a new poll in the state. ANI

Now, a theatre play aimed at putting audiences to sleep!
A new theatre show in UK where the audience would be put to sleep with a selection of performers to help them along, is set to kick off from June 24 to July 24. ANI

Early home learning prepares low-income kids for later school success
A New York University-based study has claimed that home learning experiences that are consistently supportive in the early years may boost the readiness of low-income children to go to school. ANI

Will-Kat's royal menu for California charity match revealed
Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton will be served by the photogenic culinary artist Giada De Laurentiis, when they arrive at the Santa Barbara Polo and Racquet Club in California. ANI

Bristol Palin blasts 'deflowering' cheater ex-lover as 'gnat' in her memoir
Bristol Palin has described her ex-lover as a 'gnat' and revealed that his nude photos in Playgirl made her want to 'puke'. ANI

Sarah, Bristol Palin's names and images to be 'trademarked'
Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin and her daughter Bristol's applications to trademark their names and images have reportedly cleared a major hurdle. ANI

"Heartbroken" widowed mother the real victim of Miliband brothers' enmity
The enmity between David and Ed Miliband over the 'wretched leadership business' has had the most 'tormented' impact on their widowed mother, a close family friend has said. ANI

Himmler's old 'Princess of Nazism,' daughter still helping SS criminals evade justice
The 81-year-old daughter of SS military commander Heinrich Himmler is reportedly still following in the footsteps of her father by helping the ageing remnants of the Nazi regime to evade justice. ANI

Now, grab Pippa Middleton's figure-hugging white Burton-designed dress replica
This news will surely cheer up all those women who always desired an outfit similar to Pippa Middleton's figure-hugging white Sarah Burton-designed dress. ANI

The Vietnamese man with a world record 80-kg tumour on his leg
A Vietnamese man has entered the record books due to a massive 80-kg tumour on one of his legs. ANI

Cat with nine lives survives 14-storey-fall in US!
A cat has incredibly survived the severe consequences of slipping from the 14th floor of her owners' New York City apartment building. ANI

Brit men to be given DIY lessons as they admit they are hopeless at it
A survey has found that half of men in Britain admit to being hopeless at DIY, and that unlike previous generations, they simply do not have the skills necessary to tackle basic jobs around the house. ANI

Hartford Mayor and Hindu statesman Rajan Zed discuss pluralism
Esteemed statesman Rajan Zed and Hartford (Connecticut, USA) Mayor Pedro E. Segarra discussed how various faith groups could work together for the welfare of all and bring more cohesiveness in the community. ANI

Congresswoman urges Obama to withdraw 50000 troops from Afghanistan
A US congresswoman has urged President Barack Obama to withdraw at least half of the troops deployed in Afghanistan. ANI

Schwarzenegger's popularity plummets following maid sex-scandal expose
Three out of four Californians have a negative image of former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger in the wake of the revelation that he fathered a love child with his housemaid, a new survey has found. ANI

Karzai confirms US in talks with Taliban for possible settlement of Afghan war
The United States is involved in reconciliation talks with the Taliban in Afghanistan, Afghan President Hamid Karzai has confirmed. ANI

CIA not operating inside Pakistan: Rehman Malik
The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is not operating on Pakistani soil, Interior Minister Rehman Malik has said. ANI

Ex-Oz PM Rudd leads Gillard as preferred Australian Labour Party leader: Poll
Former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd leads Julia Gillard as the preferred Australian Labour Party Minister, a poll has revealed. ANI

Chinese 'aggression' threatens to escalate territorial disputes with Vietnam: Experts
Tensions between China and Vietnam over disputed claims to Spratly Islands in the South China Sea are threatening peace in the region, experts have said. ANI

UK may double aid to Pak's Punjab province with main focus on education
The United Kingdom is considering doubling its aid to Pakistan's Punjab province, British High Commissioner in Islamabad, Adam Thomson, has said. ANI

Pakistan has to change its mindset on Kashmir
When we in the Kashmir National Party said in 1990s that Pakistani policies were damaging the Kashmir dispute; we were called 'anti Pakistan', 'anti Kashmiri movement' and supporting India on Kashmir. ANI

Pakistan bank attacked by terrorists over 'sacrilegious' floor tiles
A terrorist outfit targeted a bank in Pakistan on June 13 because its floor tiles and their design were strikingly analogous to the sacred name, Allah. ANI

Oz PM Gillard reveals she 'knifed' Rudd as he 'lacked sense of plan for future'
Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard has revealed that she knocked off former PM Kevin Rudd from the leadership a year ago because he had no sense of purpose or plan for the future. ANI

CIA hacking group now posts details of Oz students' Facebook, PayPal, email accounts
Hacker group Lulz Security, has now published Australian students' email logins as well as Facebook and PayPal accounts details on twitter. ANI

Brit shopkeeper charged with false imprisonment for driving teenage thief home
A shopkeeper in Britain got the shock of his life when he was arrested and charged with false imprisonment just for driving a teenage thief home. ANI

"Soul-searching" helped Rudd figure out key mistakes committed by him as PM
Australian Foreign Affairs Minister Kevin Rudd has said that "soul-searching" had helped him to realise the key mistakes he had committed that led to his downfall, but added that he is currently enjoying his role as the Foreign Minister. ANI

Only 1.5 mn out of Pakistan's over 170-mn population pay income tax
Pakistan's Finance Minister Abdul Hafeez Shaikh has told the National Assembly that the government will go after tax dodgers it has already identified, and also urged parliament members to set an example by paying their taxes. ANI

UNSC gives nod for Ban Ki-moon's second term as UN Secretary-General
The United Nations Security Council (UNSC) has unanimously adopted a resolution, recommending that Ban Ki-moon be allowed to take charge as the UN Secretary-General for a second term. ANI

Unregulated madrasas in Pakistan "breeding ground for jihadis": Official
The recruitment of Pakistani children by the Taliban at unregulated madrasas is an issue of "grave concern," Sindh Home Ministry official Sharfuddin Memon has acknowledged. ANI

Pak court moved to ban display, circulation of 'Un-Islamic' p*rn on Internet
The Lahore High Court (LHC) has issued a notice to the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) and the Religious Affairs Ministry on a petition seeking control on the circulation of obscene literature on the Internet. ANI

UK man outrages judge with œ16k benefit claims for cannabis addiction
A father-of-two infuriated a judge after it had emerged that he has pocketed 16,000 pounds as incapacity benefits because smoking cannabis made him too depressed to work. ANI

Hating Obama is foolish, but defeating him is absolutely crucial: Jindal
Indian-origin Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal has cautioned the Republican party's conservative activists against demonizing US President Barack Obama in the fashion some Liberals did former President George W. Bush. ANI

DNA match proved Osama bin Laden was killed in Abbottabad raid
DNA sample tests confirmed that Al-Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden was killed in the secret US military operation in Pakistan's Abbottabad city, a US counter-terrorism official has said. ANI

Couple stunned their kiss during Vancouver riot went viral
The couple, who was photographed kissing during the Vancouver riots, has revealed that they were left stunned by attention it got around the world. ANI

Hindus ask Diwali holiday in Glendale Heights schools in Illinois
Hindus want Queen Bee Schools District (QBSD) and Marquardt School District (MSD) in Glendale Heights (Illinois, USA) to add Diwali, the most popular Hindu holy day, to the holiday calendar. ANI

'El Brad Pitt' busted by Mexican police
Mexican police have arrested drug lord Marco Antonio Guzman, who had several aliases including "El Brad Pitt", on the Mexican side of a US-Mexican border town. ANI

Kon-Tiki explorer partly right about Polynesians having South American roots
A new study has found that a Norwegian, who undertook a Kon-Tiki expedition to prove that Polynesians had South American roots, was partly right about his theory. ANI

Morocco's king gives greater power to politicians after protests
Morocco's king Mohamed VI has rewritten the country's constitution to give elected politicians greater power after biggest protests in decades. ANI

Deported Tamils fear for life after being sent back to Sri Lanka from UK
Over two dozen Sri Lankan asylum seekers deported from Britain are now concerned for their safety as they feel their life could be in jeopardy after moving back to the troubled nation. ANI

Now a 'teabag' that serves up a perfectly shaped poached egg!
It has always been difficult to make a perfect poached egg, but now, the invention of a pouch that is like a teabag, has made it possible. ANI

Cigarette vending machines in Brit pubs, clubs set to be consigned to history
A Top Judge has upheld a Government ban to remove cigarette vending machines from pubs, clubs and restaurants in Britain. ANI

Pak Buddhist relics to be showcased in Sri Lanka on Buddha's 2600th anniversary
Pakistan has handed over some sacred Buddhist relics to Sri Lanka for an exhibition on the occasion of the 2600th anniversary of Lord Buddha's enlightenment. ANI

WANTED: Pippa Middleton bum look-a-like!
Pippa Middleton's bum has become the hottest property in the world ever since she stepped out in her bridesmaid dress for the Royal Wedding. ANI

US building 'scale model' of Internet to practice cyber war games
The United States is reportedly building its own "scale model" of the internet to carry out cyber war games. ANI

London University comes under attack for hosting "alleged war criminal" Musharraf
The University of London has come under attack from a leading human rights campaigner after it went ahead with hosting former military ruler Pervez Musharraf's lecture on Wednesday despite opposition from human rights groups. ANI

Pak requests US for 'joint inquiry' of NATO aircraft incursion incident
Pakistan has conveyed its 'serious concern' to the United States over a cross-border air intrusion by Afghan-based NATO forces. ANI

Pak issues demarche to Afghanistan over cross-border Bajaur militant attack
Pakistan has issued a demarche to Afghanistan over this week's cross-border militant attack in Bajaur Agency. ANI

Demand for 'morning-after' pills tripled after Royal Wedding holiday!
Statistics at National Health Center in UK have showed that demands for contraceptive pills tripled after the extended bank holiday, which began with Will and Kate's wedding. ANI

Australia mulls schooling Afghan warlord's children as collateral post troops withdrawal
Australian officials in Afghanistan are considering sending the children of a prominent regional warlord to do their schooling in Australia. ANI

UN splits al-Qaeda, Taliban sanctions to 'facilitate Afghan peace process, isolate extremists'
The United Nations Security Council (UNSC) has voted unanimously to separate its sanctions on al-Qaeda and the Taliban to encourage the latter to join reconciliation efforts in Afghanistan, and 'isolate extremists'. ANI

Bangalore child slavery 'slur' could cost BBC prestigious TV award
The BBC could be forced to hand back a prestigious award it won for the controversial Panorama documentary, after it was revealed that the film showing child slavery in the Bangalore workshop of fashion chain 'Primark' was a 'fake'. ANI

Brit female officer trains Afghan women to become fighter pilots
A female British Royal Air Force officer is training a team of four Afghan women to become fighter pilots. ANI

Unmarried parents six times likelier to split by time their child turns five
A study conducted by Cambridge-based think-tank Jubilee Centre has shown that unmarried parents are six times more likely to split by the time their child turns five. ANI

'Beleaguered' Pak Army funding TV show to 'create goodwill for military' in society
Pakistan's powerful army is not only involved in domestic politics, foreign affairs and defending the nation from attack, but also in the production of a TV show 'starring soldiers'. ANI

Yemeni Prez Saleh 'will not return home', says Saudi official
Embattled Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh, who traveled to Saudi Arabia for medical treatment after being wounded in an attack on his compound, will not return home, a Saudi official has said. ANI

Corrupt Chinese officials smuggled over $120 bln since mid-nineties and fled mainly to US
Thousands of corrupt Chinese government officials have stolen over 120 billion dollars and fled overseas, mainly to the US, it has emerged. ANI

US formally drops criminal charges against Bin Laden
A US judge has officially dismissed all criminal charges against Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden following his death in a military raid on his hideout in Pakistan. ANI

'Defiant' Gaddafi would rather face 'NATO nuke bombs' than leave Libya
Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi has vowed to stay in the country 'even if the NATO forces use nuclear bombs', and in stead has threatened to defeat them. ANI

Media reports against ISI regarding Pak scribe's murder "unfounded, baseless": ISPR
The Pakistan military has expressed concern over what it called "unfounded and baseless insinuation" being voiced in a section of print and electronic media against the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) in connection with the murder of journalist Syed Saleem Shahzad. ANI

ISI chief can be summoned in Pak SC in Shahzad murder case: Asma Jahangir
Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) chief Lieutenant General Ahmed Shuja Pasha can be summoned in Pakistan's apex court in the Saleem Shahzad abduction and murder case, Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) President Asma Jahangir has said. ANI

Pak Army denies leaking US intelligence secrets to help terrorists flee
The Pakistan Army has disputed reports that its security forces personnel had tipped off terrorists about American intelligence officials having discovered two of their suspected bomb-making facilities. ANI

Pak lodges protest with India for 'hampering PNS Babur's humanitarian operations'
Pakistan has lodged a protest with the Indian government over a Gulf of Aden incident involving an Indian warship. ANI

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