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International News on June 13, 2011

No marriage this year for Oz PM Gillard and her bloke
Prime Minister Julia Gillard and Australia's first bloke have no plans to walk down the aisle this year, as there has already been the big wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton' ANI

US man to swim solo across Pacific Ocean's shark-infested Red Triangle
A California man would be attempting to swim solo across the cold, shark-filled waters of the Pacific Ocean's Red Triangle on Tuesday. ANI

Brit historian who once posed nude wants to lecture at 'new Oxford University'
British author and historian Amanda Foreman, who once posed nude behind a pile of books has expressed her desire to lecture at A C Grayling's proposed New College of the Humanities. ANI

Blair says he reads the Koran daily to stay 'faith literate'
Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair has said that he reads Islam's holy book, the 'Koran' every day as it keeps him 'faith literate'. ANI

Aguilera and Boyle videos training cops against stereotyping, equality!
A training course for police officers that entails watching video clips of Christina Aguilera and Susan Boyle, has kicked off in Scotland. ANI

Wills and Kate join family to celebrate Prince Philip 90th birthday
Kate Middleton and Prince William attended a special church service with the royal family to celebrate Prince Philip 90th birthday on Sunday. ANI

Becks polled most stylish male star in UK
A British poll has named David Beckham as the most stylish male star in the UK. ANI

All natural palaeolithic diet is not possible in this day and age, says book
A new book on the evolution of eating habits among prehistoric people has said that an "all natural diet" is not possible today, as besides attaining our nutritional requirements, we need to find the best way to get them. ANI

Fury over pole dancing classes for children as young as three in UK
A pole dancing class for children as young as three years has started at the 'Make Me Fabulous Dance Studio' in Northampton, UK. ANI

Hindu and Catholic leaders engage in dialogue in Connecticut
In a remarkable interfaith gesture, Hindu statesman Rajan Zed and Roman Catholic Archbishop Most Reverend Henry J. Mansell met in Hartford (Connecticut, USA) and had a dialogue. ANI

Riding a cycle in a skirt can be 'dangerous' for passing drivers!
The general manager of a Dutch bicycle company was reportedly pulled over by an NYPD cop for flashing too much skin in a short skirt, while riding her bike. ANI

Hindu statesman Rajan Zed honored at a New York Sikh temple
In a remarkable interfaith gesture, esteemed Hindu statesman Rajan Zed was honored with a siropa (robe of honor) on June 12 at Gurdwara Guru Nanak Darbar of Long Island in Hicksville (New York, USA). ANI

Mum-daughter in UK to undergo world's first womb transplant
With the help of a groundbreaking new medical procedure, a businesswoman in Europe is all set to become first person in the world to have her womb transplanted into her daughter. ANI

Worrying trend of 'thirty something' grandparents being witnessed in UK: Report
The rising rates of teenage pregnancies in the United Kingdom mean that mothers who had children very young are effectively becoming parents again in their 30s when they have to look after the babies of their teenage daughters, a new report has found. ANI

Sydney 'SlutWalk' sends 'dress no invitation for sexual assault' message
Even as rain deterred plans of thousands of women who were to turn up at Sydney's SlutWalk protest, those who did make it managed to make the event a powerful one. ANI

'Unfazed' Gaaddafi plays chess on TV as Libyan fight intensifies
An 'unfazed' Muammar Gaddafi has appeared on state television playing chess with president of the international chess federation Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, amid growing political unrest across his country over his refusal to give up power. ANI

Sarah Ferguson admits she's on verge of financial bankruptcy
Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York has admitted that she is financially bankrupt, after running up debts of millions. ANI

Pak province's CM invites Will-Kat to grace Shandur Polo final
Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Chief Minister Amir Haider Khan Hoti has formally invited the newly-wed British royal couple, Prince William and Princess Kate, to witness the final of Shandur Polo scheduled for July 9, Provincial Sports Minister Syed Aqil Shah has said. ANI

Pak's 'Osama bin Laden city' was in 'twinning scheme' with British school
Pakistan's Abbottabad city, where Al-Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden was killed in a secret US military operation, was involved in a twinning scheme with a Blackburn school. ANI

UK likely to terminate aid money to India following public sector cuts
As Britain faces public sector cuts, it is likely to stop providing aid money to India, but International Development secretary Andrew Mitchell has defended British spending on aid calling it 'morally right'. ANI

Chinese Pharmaceutical Company's apology over pollution fails to appease people's anger
The apology made by the Harbin Pharmaceutical Group, one of China's biggest drug manufacturers, over severe pollution caused by one of its factories, has failed to appease people's anger. ANI

Gaddafi regime "weakening all the time" in wake of NATO airstrikes: Hague
British Foreign Secretary William Hague has said that Libyan leader Colonel Muammar Gaddafi's regime is "weakening all the time" in the wake of NATO's military campaign. ANI

Pakistan to seek SCO membership at forthcoming 10th summit
President Asif Ali Zardari will seek Pakistan's full membership of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization at the 10th SCO summit on Wednesday, according to officials. ANI

Personal feud led to extra-judicial killing of Pak youngster: police sources
The extra-judicial killing of an unarmed youngster, Sarfaraz Shah, by Rangers personnel in a Karachi park was the result of a personal feud between Sarfaraz and Afsar Khan, a gatekeeper at the park, police sources have revealed. ANI

Pak must take resolute decision of not meddling in Afghan affairs: Editorial
Pakistan, which has pledged to give the Afghans "whatever support they want" for ending a near-decade-long insurgency, must realise that it is "time to deliver instead of indulging in mere rhetoric," an editorial in a Pakistani newspaper has said. ANI

Kate wears 2 years old outfit at Prince Philip's 90th birthday!
The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate, recently showed her frugal side at Prince Philip's 90th birthday. ANI

Oz glamour girl Bella Heathcote denies having had 'tryst' with Brad Pitt
Melbourne-born glamour girl Bella Heathcote has dismissed reports claiming that she has had a tryst with Hollywood hunk Brad Pitt. ANI

90 percent rural Pak population lacks access to safe drinking water
An estimated 44 per cent of Pakistan's population lacks access to safe drinking water, while in the country's rural areas, 90 per cent of the population lacks such access. ANI

"Lack of rule of law serious issue for Pakistan": British High Commissioner
The lack of the rule of law is a "serious issue" for Pakistan, British High Commissioner Adam Thomson has said. ANI

David Miliband 'denies' plotting to depose his faltering brother Ed as Labour leader
Britain's former Foreign Secretary, David Miliband, has denied that he is plotting to depose his brother Ed as Labour leader. ANI

Ahmadinejad's political fate unstable despite second anniversary of re-election
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and his aides have been dismissed by conservative rivals and clerics as a "deviant current" in the country's theocracy. ANI

Oz PM Gillard confirms she won't be meeting the Dalai Lama
Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard has finally confirmed that she would not meet the Dalai Lama when he visits Canberra tomorrow. ANI

Turkish ruling party wins third term in elections
The Islamist-rooted party of Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has won the parliamentary elections for the third time, riding a wave of support from the poor and the newly emergent Muslim middle class in the country. ANI

Will-Kat are big fans of Colin Firth's 'King's Speech'
It has emerged that Oscar winner Colin Firth has a royal fan following too, as Prince William and Kate Middleton confessed that they are big fans of 'The King's Speech'. ANI

'180ft wide, 281ft long' T-shirt set to break 'Guinness World Record'
A shirt, measuring 180 feet wide and 281 feet long has been created in an attempt to break the 'Guinness World Record' for the largest T-shirt. ANI

Miss USA still partying even after almost losing her crown for it
Looks like Lebanese-born beauty Rima Fakih has continued with her wild partying ways even after she almost lost her Miss USA title for it. ANI

'Sexting' Congressman 'considering' resigning in wake of fresh nude photos
US Congressman Anthony Weiner, who has been allegedly involved in sexting a host of women, has been considering stepping down from his office following the fresh revelation of a series of objectionable photos. ANI

Three members of same family arrested on the trot for drink driving!
Three members of a South Canterbury family were arrested in separate incidents for drink drinking. ANI

'Fish chowder' and 'chili' among US presidents' favourite dishes!
A National Archives exhibit in Washington has been offering US citizens a brief history of the government's effect on the nation's diet as well as listing all its presidents' favourite dishes. ANI

Three Pak soldiers killed in South Waziristan bomb attack
At least three Pakistani soldiers have been killed in a roadside bomb explosion in the restive Waziristan tribal region bordering Afghanistan. ANI

Is 'red-hot' Pippa Middleton 'single and ready to mingle'?
Pippa Middleton is reportedly back on the singles market after breaking up with her stockbroker boyfriend Alex Loudon. ANI

US, Israel and India behind terror acts in Pak: Qazi Ahmad
Former Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) chief Qazi Hussain Ahmad has accused the United States, Israel and India of being directly involved in terror acts in Pakistan particularly in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. ANI

Pakistan military has accepted overall civilian supremacy: Ex-army chief
The Pakistan Army's recent defensive statement "could be considered a game changer" because it indicates that the military "considers itself to be within the overall civilian supremacy that a democratic structure demands," former army chief General (retired) Jehangir Karamat has said. ANI

Spirit Airlines 'using female pole-dancing strippers to sell flights'
Spirit Airlines has sparked a new controversy with its use of mobile female strippers to promote its new service to Las Vegas. ANI

Concessional credit for project export to Maldives
Union Commerce and Industry Minister Anand Sharma outlined the new long-term concessional credit scheme for project exports launched by the Government of India and assured to encourage major Indian companies to participate in infrastructure building in Maldives. ANI

Malaysia credits 'biometric system' for re-arrest of Indonesian terror suspect
Malaysia has credited the biometric system that it used as being instrumental in the re-arrest of Indonesian terror suspect Agus Salim. ANI

'UK can do "precisely nothing" to prevent Argentina retaking the Falklands'
Admiral Sir John "Sandy" Woodward, who commanded the British Naval Force in the South Atlantic during the Falklands War, has warned that the defence cuts will allow his country to do "precisely nothing" to prevent Argentina from retaking the islands. ANI

Hardline Pak political parties warn against army operation in North Waziristan
The Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam-F (JUI-F) and the Jamaat-i-Islami (JI) have separately warned against the proposed military operation in Pakistan's militant-infested North Waziristan region. ANI

Kate's beauty secrets lie in a œ5 'natural moisturizing face cream'!
The Duchess of Cambridge is expected to push up sales of a face cream that costs a measly 5.10 pounds, after she was spotted buying the vanity cream from a chemist just before attending a gala charity dinner. ANI

Mitt Romney 'way ahead' of other potential GOP presidential candidates: Poll
A new poll of primary Republican voters has shown that former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney is leading with 41 percent, way ahead of the other potential Republican presidential candidates. ANI

China sets new rules to punish criminals sabotaging TV, radio facilities
China's Supreme People's Court (SPC) has set up specific rules for the country's courts to take strict action against criminals sabotaging TV and radio facilities. ANI

Pakistan will suffer if 'Osama raid' probe "finds military in the wrong": JUI-F chief
Pakistan, not its military leadership, will have to suffer if an independent commission formed to investigate the May 2 raid by US troops in Abbottabad "finds the military in the wrong," Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam-F (JUI-F) chief Maulana Fazlur Rehman has said. ANI

Michelle Obama wears $30 Gap dress to weekend presidential retreat
Michelle Obama known for her stylish taste in fashion has always maintained that she is a practical dresser - her decisions on what she wears are based on what she's doing that day. ANI

Woman 'groped' by British MP got black eye running into wall in escape bid
A political aide who accused British MP Andrew Bridgen, of sexual assault got a black eye running into a wall as she tried to escape his flat. ANI

41 is the age most Brits 'let themselves go'
A new study has found that 41 is the age when most people in Britain 'let themselves go'. ANI

Miss Belgium jumps into fray to end politicians' 'linguistic bickering' to form govt.
Belgium beauty queen Justine de Jonckheere has entered the national debate around Belgium's divided political class, urging the rival politicians to end the linguistic bickering. ANI

One in three buyers of newly built London homes are Chinese
One in three buyers of newly built London homes are Chinese, Knight Frank, residential and commercial real estate firm, has said. ANI

Pak extra-judicial killing accused Rangers men to be tried under Anti-Terrorism Act
A section of Pakistan's Anti-Terrorism Act (ATA) has been incorporated in the police case against the Rangers personnel involved in the extrajudicial killing of a youngster in Karachi. ANI

Mugabe under pressure to make democratic reforms ahead of elections
Leaders of the 15-nation Southern African Development Community (SADC) are pressurising Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe to make democratic reforms ahead of the elections. ANI

Haqqani network to be spared in Pak Army's tribal purge of al Qaeda, affiliates
The Pakistan Army is planning to enlist pro-government tribal elders in a fresh campaign it has devised to flush out 'hard-core al Qaeda elements and their affiliates' from North Waziristan, according to officials. ANI

Fears of terror threat to London Olympics as 10 extremists walk free on UK streets
A group of ten Islamic terrorists are among 100 jailed fanatics who will walk free on the streets of Britain in time for the Olympic games. ANI

'Gay Girl in Damascus' blogger turns out to be 40-year-old American man
The true identity of a Syrian blogger of 'A Gay Girl in Damascus' fame has been revealed as a 40-year-old American man. ANI

Pak military wants amendment in laws to check high acquittal rate of terrorists
Pakistan military authorities have expressed serious concern over 'dismally' low rate of terrorists' conviction by courts throughout the country, and have asked the government to see if some necessary changes could be made in relevant laws, according to sources. ANI

Pak's blunt no to CIA on joint military operations 'to earn fair treatment'
Pakistan's blunt denial to the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) for undertaking joint military operations against potential high-value targets in the country will eventually lead to a far more reciprocal and transparent Islamabad-Washington cooperation, according to Pakistani military sources. ANI

US closely following 'Afghan peace efforts' progress in wake of Karzai's Pakistan visit
The United States is keeping a close track of Afghan President Hamid Karzai's recently concluded visit to Pakistan. ANI

First child more memorable than first kiss for women
You might think of your first kiss as a life-changing moment, but your perception may change after having your first child. ANI

Williams-Sonoma, Inc. Launches International Shipping
Williams-Sonoma, Inc Business Wire India

Molycorp Announces Pricing of Offering of Convertible Senior Notes Due 2016
Molycorp, Inc. (NYSE: MCP), the Western Hemisphere's only producer of rare earth oxides, announced that it has priced a $200 million aggregate principal amount offering of its 3.25% Convertible Senior Notes due 2016 (the “Notes”) in an offering exempt from the registration requirements of the Securities Act of 1933 Business Wire India

Deutsche Börse AG and NYSE Euronext Present at Sandler O'Neill 2011 Global Exchange & Brokerage Conference
Deutsche Börse AG (XETRA: DB1) and NYSE Euronext (NYSE: NYX) announced that Reto Francioni, Chief Executive Officer of Deutsche Börse, and Duncan L. Niederauer, Chief Executive Officer of NYSE Euronext, has delivered a joint presentation at the Sandler O’Neill + Partners, L.P. Global Exchange and Brokerage Conference. Business Wire India

PSE Annual Meeting Draws Wide Range of Process Industry Innovators
Leading process organisations BP, Shell, GSK and Pfizer this week presented at the Process Systems Enterprise (PSE) Annual Meeting on model-based engineering (MbE) in London. Business Wire India

Transatlantic Re and Allied World Agree to a Merger of Equals to Create a Premier Global Specialty Insurance and Reinsurance Company
Transatlantic Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: TRH) and Allied World Assurance Company Holdings, AG (NYSE: AWH) has announced the signing of a definitive merger agreement that will create a leading, global specialty insurance and reinsurance company Business Wire India

CIT Closes New RMB 1.8 Billion Vendor Finance China Funding Facility
CIT Group Inc. (NYSE: CIT), a leading provider of financing to small businesses and middle market companies, today announced that it has closed a new RMB 1.8 billion (approx. $275 million) committed Vendor Finance China funding facility that will allow CIT Vendor Finance to fund new originations in China Business Wire India

Strong Potential for Singapore to Emerge as a Top Tourist Destination in 2011:
Singapore’s tourism sector’s strong performance in Q1 2011 as well as the uptrend in business travel and the MICE industry signal that there is strong potential for the city-state to emerge as a top tourist destination for 2011, forecasts Singapore business incorporation portal, Business Wire India

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