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International News on June 10, 2011

Sex is better in your 50s than your 30s
A new survey has found that men and women in their 50s rate sex more highly than those in their 30s. ANI

90-year-old Duke of Edinburgh says 'ageism is justified'
The Duke of Edinburgh, who celebrated his 90th birthday on Friday, has finally admitted that ageism is justified. ANI

Hindus ask Diwali holiday in Woodbridge schools in New Jersey
Hindus want Woodbridge Township School District (WTSD) in New Jersey (USA) to add Diwali, the most popular Hindu holy day, to the holiday calendar. ANI

'World's richest dog' that inherited $12m, dies at 12 in NY
One of the world's richest dogs, which inherited 12 million dollars from eccentric US hotelier Leona Helmsley, has died. ANI

Hindus welcome Lord Ganesha sculpture in downtown Coeur d'Alene in Idaho
Hindus have welcomed Lord Ganesha sculpture as a part of Coeur d'Alene (Idaho, USA) public art display. ANI

Air-filled bags used to hold up Egypt's 2,700 BC earthquake-hit pyramid
A south Wales engineering company is using a new technology that involve air bags to help preserve one of Egypt's oldest step-built pyramid, dating back to 2,700 BC. ANI

High-quality early education leads to higher living standards in later life
A new study has revealed that a high-quality early education has a strong, positive impact well into adulthood. ANI

Barack Obama's visit sends Toledo Hot Dog joint's sales soaring!
Ever since President Barack Obama stopped for a bite at Rudy's Hot Dog in Toledo, Ohio, the fast food joint has shot to fame. ANI

Burglars can buy their tools at a 'discount' from cops in Britain!
Amersham police in the UK are reportedly auctioning tools often used by criminals for burglaries. ANI

Over 5 in 10 Americans want Gaddafi toppled
Over five in ten Americans want Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi toppled. ANI

Secret letters reveal how Ed Balls plotted with Brown to overthrow Blair
Britain's Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer, Ed Balls, had conspired to overthrow former Prime Minister Tony Blair as early as July 2005. ANI

Seven in ten Brit workers bullied by employers: Survey
A new study has found that seven to ten British workers get bullied by their bosses. ANI

US right-wingers enraged over Thatcher's snub to Sarah Palin
US right-wingers are enraged at claims that Baroness Margaret Thatcher's aides vetoed a meeting with Sarah Palin. ANI

SUV drivers are 50 percent less likely to die in a crash
A study has found that SUV drivers are 50 percent less likely than those in a car to die in a crash. ANI

Palin's film "The Undefeated" to be released across US
Sarah Palin's film "The Undefeated" would reportedly be released across America, after making its debuts in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina this month. ANI

Nepal to be landmine-free country by June 14
Nepal will be a landmine-free country next week, after locals officials said that they will clear the last remaining anti- personnel landmines planted in Phulchowki, Lalitpur in Kathmandu Valley on June 14. ANI

Gingrich's GOP presidential bid campaign 'almost over before it starts'
Former House speaker Newt Gingrich's aspirations to contest the 2012 US presidential polls appear to have ended before they begun, with reports saying that his major advisers have left him ahead of the Republican presidential nomination. ANI

Pak SC orders removal of Sindh IGP, Rangers DG over extra-judicial killing incident
Pakistan's Supreme Court has ordered the removal of the Rangers Director General (DG) and the Inspector General of Police, Sindh, within three days over the extra-judicial killing of an unarmed youngster by Rangers personnel in Karachi. ANI

Obama "worst president in terms of his record on whistleblowing": Filmmaker
Barack Obama's history of indicting five alleged whistleblowers since taking office has made him the "worst president in terms of his record on whistleblowing", documentary-maker Judith Ehrlich has said. ANI

Russia's secret police to get Stalin's henchmen's 'long black leather coats'
The long black leather coats once favoured by Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin's henchmen, the murderous NKVD, are making a comeback among Russia's secret police, the Federal Security Service (FSB). ANI

Hillary Clinton furious at Weiner's handling of 'sexting' scandal
US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is reportedly furious with how New York Democratic party Congressman Anthony Weiner acted when he tried to hide that he had carried on a series of sleazy sexting sessions with at least six women on the Internet over the past three years. ANI

Rahat Fateh's recent tax evasion scandal shows how blatantly Pak artistes defy tax laws
Popular Pakistani singer Rahat Fateh Ali Khan's recent tax evasion scandal is a blatant example of how musicians are evading income taxes. ANI

Resumption of Indo-Pak talks important for success in Afghanistan: Crocker
Resumption of talks between India and Pakistan is important for the success of the international community in Afghanistan, a senior US diplomat has said. ANI

NATO oil tanker blown up in northwestern Pakistan
In the latest attack on convoys in Pakistan carrying supplies for NATO forces in Afghanistan, unidentified miscreants blew up a NATO oil tanker at Torkham on Friday. ANI

Best years of your life end when you touch 30-yrs of age
A new UK study has disagreed with the myth that life starts at 40, saying that the best years end once a person has touched 30-years of age. ANI

Clinton, Gilani for Pak-US joint action to combat terrorism
Pakistan Prime Minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani and the US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have held extensive discussions on Pakistan-US ties and agreed to step up counterterrorism efforts. ANI

UK set to miss EU air quality target, could signal row over 2012 Olympics
British Government documents have revealed that the United Kingdom (UK) is set to miss European Union (EU) targets on air quality, which may start a legal row just before the London Olympic Games. ANI

Lenient fathers more likely to have impact on their children's obesity
A study has found that lenient fathers are more likely to have an impact on their children's obesity than mothers would. ANI

Gwen Stefani's tough celeb-mum, rock star 'juggling act'
Gwen Stefani has admitted that she is finding it tough juggling her roles between a celebrity mum and rock star. ANI

US not involved in cross-border militant attack on Pak's Dir checkpoint: US Embassy
The US Embassy in Islamabad has condemned media reports that American and NATO forces were behind the recent cross-border militant attack in Upper Dir. ANI

20's are the happiest years of life, reveals study
A new study has revealed that Britons have the most fulfilling moments of their lives during their 20's than at any other age. ANI

Non-Muslim to present budget in Pakistan for first time in nation's 63 years' history
Punjab Finance Minister Kamran Michael is the first non-Muslim Pakistani who will earn a unique honour to present the provincial budget in the Punjab Assembly. ANI

June 10th is the day most Britons will "pull a sickie"
It has emerged that the10th of June is the day on which most Britons would "pull a sickie". ANI

Old Stone Age axe find could re-write Scottish history by 100,000 years
An ancient axe, possibly 450,000 years old, has been discovered on the shore at St Ola in Orkney that may change the understanding of Scottish history. ANI

Zurich radio station launches p*rn show to inspire Swiss couples
A Zurich radio station has launched a p*rn show with the aim of inspiring Swiss couples to make love. ANI

Now, 'shamed' Ryan Giggs trying to gag his bro with £250,000 hush money
Having successfully taken out an injunction to prevent alleged lover Imogen Thomas from blabbing about their affair, Manchester United legend Ryan Giggs is now reportedly trying to gag his own brother with 250,000 pounds hush money. ANI

Prince Harry says he won't be getting married 'for a long time'
In what will undoubtedly come as a blow to his on/off girlfriend Chelsy Davy, Prince Harry, the third in line to the throne - and the world's most eligible bachelor - has said he would not wed in the near future. ANI

Gaddafi negotiating £12bn secret deal with Greece for peace talks
The Gaddafi regime has reportedly been negotiating a secret deal with Greece to use 12 billion pounds of its funds for a humanitarian operation. ANI

Couple arrested in UK for sex on the beach in full view of families
A couple has been arrested in the UK for having sex on the beach in front of dozens families after outraged parents reported them to the police. ANI

US' ties with Islamabad vital to secure Pak N-arsenal, Afghanistan mission": Panetta
Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Director Leon Panetta, who is nominated to succeed US Defense Secretary Robert Gates, has called the United States' relationship with Pakistan "difficult" but "critical". ANI

Japan's green tea contaminated with radiation above permitted level
Japanese green tea, which is widely known across the world for its purity and health-enhancing properties, has reportedly been contaminated with radiation following the accident in the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant caused by the March 11 earthquake-cum-tsunami. ANI

Wills, Kate want to use charity as 'catalyst for meaningful change'
Prince William has said that he and his wife Kate want to use philanthropy as a "catalyst for meaningful change". ANI

Pak party asks Supreme Court to ban 'blasphemous' Bible within 30 days
A Pakistani political party has publicly demanded a ban on the Bible, and set a 30-day deadline for the Supreme Court to take action in this regard. ANI

Alaska to release Palin's official emails
Alaska is to release over 24,000 pages of emails sent by former governor Sarah Palin, almost three years after the documents were requested by news organizations and local activists. ANI

Fans throng Dubai hotel as Maradona, Mallika Sherawat inaugurate jewellery store
Fans thronged the Karama hotel in Dubai as Argentenian football icon Diego Maradona and dazzling Bollywood actor Mallika Sherawat opened a new branch of Chemmanur International Jewellers there on Thursday. ANI

'Tardy' probe into Karachi extra-judicial killing 'captured on camera' raises eyebrows
Although the extra-judicial killing of an unarmed youngster by Rangers personnel in Pakistan has ignited a furore in all quarters, efforts to bring the perpetrators of the crime to justice appear to be poorly coordinated. ANI

Living in the countryside can add two years to your life, study claims
A new study has claimed that living in the countryside could add more than two years to your life' but only as long as you are a traveller. ANI

Buttering up the boss does help boost success, avoid depression: Study
A new study has revealed that sucking up to the boss could help employees climb the corporate ladder more quickly and keep them away from psychological depression. ANI

China ready to overtake Japan as top luxury market: World Luxury Association
The World Luxury Association (WLA) has said China will overtake Japan as the world's top consumer of luxury goods by 2012 due to its growing demand and the declining consumption in Japan. ANI

China's lunar probe Chang'e-2 sets off to explore outer space
China's second lunar probe Chang'e-2 has set off to explore outer space after completing preliminary missions to the moon. ANI

Gaddafi loyalists seeking international help to negotiate transition of power: Clinton
U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has claimed that loyalists of Libyan leader Colonel Muammar Gaddafi are seeking international help to negotiate his departure from power. ANI

Pak cameraman who shot 'extra-judicial killing by Rangers personnel' getting threats
The cameraman who recorded the extra-judicial killing of an unarmed youngster by Rangers personnel in Karachi on Wednesday, has been receiving threatening calls after the footage was shown on TV channels across Pakistan. ANI

Tory MP detained over 'drunken sexual assault' on former political aide
A Tory MP was arrested yesterday over claims that he had sexually assaulted a former political aide after drinking with her at a Westminster pub. ANI

Aides brand 'Clinton considering World Bank president job' report as "bogus"
Aides of US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have denied media reports that she was eyeing the World Bank president's job. ANI

China rejects 'cyber-spies' accusations of US
A Chinese cyber expert has said American cyber-security experts have failed to provide sufficient evidence of Chinese cyber spies attempting to break into computers belonging to Chinese specialists and defense contractors in the United States. ANI

'Future military operations to be undertaken with political consensus': Pak Army
The Pakistan Army has said that it is "under no pressure to carry out operations at a particular time," and that future military offensives in the country would be undertaken only "with political consensus". ANI

Bin Laden files 'reveal petty office politics within al-Qa'ida'
Intelligence recovered from Osama bin Laden's final hideaway in Abbotabad shows senior figures within al-Qa'ida caught up in petty squabbles and back-stabbing. ANI

Tahawwur Rana acquitted of 26/11 massacre charges, convicted of aiding LeT
A US jury has convicted Tahawwur Rana, a Chicago based businessman, of supporting the Pakistani militant group Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) to carry out an attack on a Danish newspaper, but cleared of the more serious charge of helping to plot the 2008 attacks on Mumbai. ANI

Benazir claimed 'US had decided to 'do away with' Pakistan, kill her'
Former Pakistan Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto had said after the 2002 elections that the United States had decided to 'do away with' Pakistan and to get her eliminated, according to a senior Pakistan People's Party (PPP) leader. ANI

US reaction to Pakistan military's rare defensive statement 'muted'
The United States' reaction to the Pakistan military's May 9 statement has been muted so far. ANI

'Once all-mighty' Pak Army now grovelling to regain public respect post Osama raid
The Pakistan military, which has dominated Pakistan since the nation's creation in 1947, has lashed out at its critics at home and in the United States in a rare defensive statement that illustrated how deep a crisis the country's armed forces are suffering post the May 2 US raid. ANI

Nitto Denko's New Smartphone Materials to Make Debut at Display Taiwan 2011
Japan's leading diversified materials manufacturer Nitto Denko Corporation (Nitto Denko)(TOKYO:6988)(ISIN:JP3684000007) announced today it will debut its new electronics materials for smartphones during Display Taiwan 2011, taking place in Taipei, Taiwan, June 14-16, 2011. Business Wire India

First online MBA programme worldwide with focus on Renewable Energy
In October 2011 the Beuth University of Applied Sciences Berlin, in cooperation with the Renewables Academy AG (RENAC), will start a new Master of Business Administration (MBA) Business Wire India

Dr. AL Rao Joins Trianz Board of Directors
Global Dr. A Lakshman Rao to its Board. As a member of Trianz Board of Directors, Dr. Rao will play a key role in advising the company on its growth strategy and execution. Dr. Rao will collaborate with the CEO and leadership in framing competitive strategies, leading edge client service models and ultimately developing sustainable growth Business Wire India

Quintiles Appoints New Head of Late Phase Operations
Quintiles has announced the appointment of Dr. Cynthia L. Verst as Global Head of Late Phase Operations. In this role, Verst leads Quintiles’ dedicated business that bridges the gap between peri-approval and commercialization of marketed therapies. Business Wire India

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