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International News on July 9, 2011

US Army's $2.7bn Intel-sharing computer still not up-to-speed at work
The Distributed Common Ground System, the US Army's 2.7 billion dollars computing system that was designed to share intelligence with troops fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq, has proved to be a bit of a dud because 'it doesn't work' properly, analysts have said. ANI

Beilby wine glasses bought at car boot sale for 40p fetch œ19K at auction!
A bargain hunter in Britain was left stunned when three wine glasses that she had purchased for 40p each at a car boot sale, fetched 19,000 pounds at an auction. ANI

Most Americans say space shuttle program expenses 'worthwhile': Poll
Most Americans say that the tens of billions of dollars spent on the country's space shuttle program have been worthwhile, according to a new CBS News poll. ANI

Duchess of Cambridge gives fans a peek at her thighs at Calgary airport
Royal fans in Canada got a glimpse of Kate Middleton's thighs when a gust of wind blew her dress up. ANI

Meet the 'Military Mistress' who married 14 US soldiers and stole their money
A woman in US dubbed 'Military Mistress' for allegedly marrying at least 14 men and stealing thousands from them, has claimed that she was just unlucky in love, after she was sentenced to jail. ANI

Men still leave 'dirtier aspects' of household chores to the women: Study
Australian men still tend to leave the dirtier aspects of household chores to their wives, a research has found. ANI

Prada's 'Minimal Baroque' sunglasses - the latest Hollywood craze
Prada's Minimal Baroque sunglasses have become the latest fashion of this summer in Hollywood. ANI

Wills-Kate arrive in LA for California tour after wowing Canada
Prince William and his wife Catherine have landed in Los Angeles after their nine-day Canadian tour. ANI

Hitler's Austrian town of birth revokes his honorary citizenship
The Austrian town of Braunau, where Hitler was born has revoked the Nazi dictator's honorary citizenship and stripped him of all the honours he may have received. ANI

Chinese writer flees to Germany after police threats
Chinese writer and government critic Liao Yiwu, has left his country and gone into exile in Germany after police threatened him to stop publishing his controversial works overseas. ANI

Khaleda Zia for publishing details of India deals
Bangladesh Opposition leader Khaleda Zia has told Indian External Affairs Minister S.M. Krishna that all agreements between the two nations should be made public to improve mutual trust. ANI

"Li Na and Friends" to square off with Sampras and others at two-day tennis event in Wuhan
Li Na, who became the first Asian-born player to win a singles Grand Slam title a month ago, has confirmed plans to be a part of a special two-day tennis extravaganza in her hometown, Wuhan, along with superstars like 14-time Grand Slam singles champion Pete Sampras and Carlos Moya. ANI

Hollywood celebrities played key role in South Sudan's independence crusade
Hollywood celebrities and US churches played a key role in bringing independence to South Sudan. ANI

Soaring 9.2 percent unemployment rate could hit Obama's re-election chances
The latest jobs report that pegs the unemployment rate in the United States at 9.2 percent in June does not augur well for President Obama, whose re-election chances hinge on an improved economy. ANI

Internet fad 'Planking' accused of being racist over its 'slave trade' origins
Planking, the latest fad, where people take photographs of themselves lying face down in public places and post them on the Internet, has been branded as racist by bloggers and Twitter users. ANI

Taliban blames 'US agents' for deadly attack on Pak military convoy in N.Waziristan
The Taliban leadership in North Waziristan has reacted sharply to a recent bomb attack on a Pakistani military convoy in the area, saying that US agents, not Taliban militants, had attacked the security personnel to achieve their own objectives. ANI

Facebook still dominant in social plug-in, homepage links: study
An analysis of the front pages of the Internet's 10,000 largest sites has showed that Facebook still enjoys a dominant position on the adoption of social sharing plug-ins and links to social sites. ANI

UK restaurant allows you to pay what you believe your meal was worth!
Imagine an evening of dining on scrumptious food, and then, instead of the waiter handing you a bill, you can pay what you like. ANI

Terrorist activities in strife-torn Karachi being directed from within jails: Malik
Pakistan Interior Minister Rehman Malik has said that terrorist activities in violence-torn Karachi are being directed from within jails. ANI

Mullen's 'Pak's hand in scribe's murder' remarks to impact war on terror efforts: Awan
Pakistan has warned that its cooperation in the US-led war on Al-Qaeda is at risk due to top US military official Admiral Mike Mullen's statement, in which he had accused the Pakistan Government of having "sanctioned" the murder of journalist Syed Saleem Shahzad. ANI

Musharraf pressurised Iran to roll back nuclear program: WikiLeaks
The Musharraf-led Pakistan Government had been discouraging Iran from developing nuclear weapons, US diplomatic cables unveiled by whistle-blower website WikiLeaks have revealed. ANI

US woman pleads guilty to spraying breast milk at cops
A woman in US has pleaded guilty to two misdemeanours after she was accused of spraying sheriff's deputies with breast milk. ANI

Pak general denies allegations about nuclear sell-off to North Korea
Lieutenant General (retired) Zulfiqar Ali Khan has categorically rebutted the allegations regarding nuclear sell-off by Pakistan's military officials to North Korea. ANI

'Pak Army, spy agencies operating in Balochistan as 'brutally' as in Musharraf's reign'
Pakistan's armed forces and intelligence agencies are presently operating in Balochistan in the same brutal fashion as during the Musharraf-era, human rights campaigner Peter G Tatchell has said. ANI

High levels of radiation found in Japanese cattle near Fukushima nuke disaster site
Excessive levels of radioactive cesium have been detected in a herd of cattle from Fukushima prefecture, the Tokyo metropolitan government has confirmed. ANI

"Helpless" Oz school kids terrified by 'climate change-doomsday scenario' lessons
"Helpless" Australian primary school children are reportedly getting terrified by lessons claiming climate change will lead to a "doomsday scenario" across the world unless they take action. ANI

Texas woman loses 'Iraq rape case' against military contractor KBR Inc.
An US jury has rejected a Texas woman's claims against military contractor KBR Inc. that said she was drugged and raped while working in Iraq. ANI

US calls Syrian charge of incitement to destabilize country 'absolute rubbish'
The Obama administration has fired back at President Bashar Assad's regime for accusing an American ambassador of attempting to destabilize Syria and has called the charge 'absolute rubbish'. ANI

Hands-free devices 'as distracting as mobile phones' while driving
If you think that using a hands-free mobile device is a safer option than using a cell phone while driving, then think again. ANI

US real-money prediction market has Obama 57 to 43 ahead to win 2012 presidential poll
The Iowa Electronic Markets' 2012 presidential election prediction indicates that President Barack Obama has a leading chance to be re-elected. ANI

Coulson gets bail, but mud continues to fly over News of the World
Former News of the World editor Andy Coulson has been released on bail for his alleged involvement the hacking scandal. ANI

Average woman over-packs her holiday suitcase by 26 items
A survey has found that the average woman over-packs her holiday suitcase by almost double, which means almost half of the contents of her suitcase will remain untouched. ANI

Japan unveils world's steepest roller coaster at foot of Mount Fuji
Japan is now officially the world leader in terrifying rides with the introduction of its 14th Guinness world record-breaking ride - the Takabisha roller-coaster. ANI

New initiatives likely to be announced on US-India education cooperation
India and the United States are likely to announce fresh initiatives to boost cooperation in the education sector during the second US-India Strategic Dialogue to be held in New Delhi in the third week of July. ANI

US Congress votes against proposal to cut aid to Pakistan
The United States House of Representatives has voted against two amendments proposing to slash the two-billion-dollar US aid to Pakistan, despite the discomfort expressed by several legislators about continuing assistance to the country in the wake of Osama bin Laden's discovery and killing in Abbottabad. ANI

Eighty- nine suspects arrested over involvement in Karachi bloodbath: Rehman Malik
Pakistan Interior Minister Rehman Malik has said that 89 people have been arrested on the suspicion of being involved in the ongoing bloodbath in Karachi. ANI

Karachi bloodbath death toll rises to 102
The death toll in the current wave of Karachi killings has risen to 102 as the bloodbath continued for the fifth consecutive day in Pakistan's port city. ANI

Oz 'race-row' burqa wearing Muslim woman seeks legal costs from state in conviction case
The Muslim woman in Australia who won an appeal over her conviction for making a deliberately false statement that a policeman tried to lift her burqa, has asked the state to pay her legal costs. ANI

US security group pays $7.5million fine for sexual hazing, visiting brothels in Afghanistan
A private contracting company hired to provide security at the US Embassy in Afghanistan was reportedly forced to pay a 7.5million dollar fine to 'resolve allegations' its guards engaged in sexual hazing and visited brothels in Kabul. ANI

Call for biased 'perp walk' ban after Strauss-Khan's NYPD public parade
A New York City councilman, troubled by images of Dominique Strauss-Kahn and other criminal suspects being paraded by law enforcement officials, has proposed legislation to ban the 'perp walk'. ANI

Brit soldiers ordered not to shoot Taliban bomb layers unless they pose immediate threat
British soldiers, who notice Taliban fighters planting roadside bombs, have been asked not to shoot them because they do not pose an immediate threat, the Ministry of Defence has said. ANI

US must use its influence to hasten 'inimical' ISI chief's departure: NYT editorial
The United States needs to use its influence to hasten the departure of Lieutenant General Ahmed Shuja Pasha, the chief of the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) agency that has become inimical to Pakistani and American interests, an editorial in a US newspaper has said. ANI

US looking to build on counter-terrorism cooperation with India
The United States will look to enhance the scope of counter-terrorism cooperation with India during the second US-India Strategic Dialogue to be held in New Delhi in the third week of July. ANI

Ruling Pakistan parties, not Taliban, behind ongoing Karachi bloodbath: Imran Khan
Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan has accused the Pakistan People's Party (PPP), the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) and the Awami National Party (ANP) of being directly involved in the target killings in Karachi. ANI

Eating spicy curry can help you win 'battle of the bulge'
Do you want to shed those extra pounds without sweating in the gym? If yes, then all you have to do is to eat your favourite spicy curry. ANI

Assange's 850,000 pounds book deal collapses over fears US could use it for extradition hearings
An 850,000 pound book deal signed by Wikileaks founder Julian Assange to write his memoirs has collapsed over fears the U.S. Government could use it for extradition hearings. ANI

US still optimistic about defence cooperation with India
The United States continues to remain optimistic and excited about furthering defence cooperation with India, notwithstanding Washington's failure to secure a deal to supply combat aircraft to New Delhi, a senior State Department official said. ANI

Vladimir Putin 'sent to Russia by God', closest ally claims
One of the Kremlin's top political advisers has claimed that Vladimir Putin was sent to Russia by God to help it deal with its troubles in the early post-Soviet era. ANI

GOP hopeful Bachmann vows to ban pornography, gay marriage and Sharia law if elected
Minnesota congresswoman Michele Bachmann is the first presidential candidate to sign a pledge written by a socially- conservative advocacy group in Iowa, that opposes same-sex marriage, pornography and Islamic Sharia law. ANI

US FDI can improve if India reduces limits
The United States would like to see the Indian parliament and government take steps to reduce limits on foreign direct investment (FDI) in areas such as retail to boost bilateral economic ties between the two countries, a senior Obama administration official said. ANI

Troop withdrawal from Afghanistan will be discussed in India-US strategic dialogue
India and the United States will be discussing NATO troop withdrawals and the transition process in Afghanistan during the second India-US Strategic Dialogue to be held in New Delhi during the third week of July, a senior U.S. State Department official said. ANI

Did a UFO send one-ninth of America's nuclear arsenal offline for an hour?
On October 23, 2010, F.E. Warren Air Force Base in Cheyenne, Wyoming, temporarily lost the ability to communicate with 50 of its Minuteman III missiles. ANI

Taliban present in violence-hit Karachi: Rehman Malik
Pakistan's intelligence agencies have identified the Taliban's presence in violence-torn Karachi, Interior Minister Rehman Malik has said. ANI

Zardari orders revival of commissioner system in Karachi to curb bloodbath
Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari has ordered the Sindh Government to urgently revive the commissioner system in Karachi to curb the ongoing bloodbath in the city. ANI

US not concerned about losing out to Russia, France on nuke cooperation with India
The United States is not concerned about losing out to the French and the Russians in the field of civilian nuclear cooperation with India, a senior State Department official has said. ANI

US-Pak ties "very complicated" but "extremely important" for both US, India: Blake
Although the United States' relationship with Pakistan is "very complicated", it holds extreme importance for both America and India in view of security efforts in the region, the US Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs, Robert Blake, has said. ANI

US committed to its nuke deal with India despite NSG restrictions: Official
The United States is looking forward to its second Strategic Dialogue with India later this month and continues to be deeply committed to expanding the bilateral partnership between the two countries and to help shape the 21st Century in a way that contributes to both global security and prosperity, a senior State Department official has said. ANI

Is '' replacing doomed tabloid News of the World?
The announcement that the Britain's popular Sunday tabloid News of the World, owned by Rupert Murdoch, would publish its final edition this weekend has sparked rumors that The Sun, another Murdoch-owned newspaper, would start publishing a Sunday edition to replace it. ANI

Former US First Lady Betty Ford dies aged 93
Former US First Lady Betty Ford has died at the age of 93, the Director of the Ford Museum and Library has confirmed. ANI

Gaddafi threatens to unleash waves of suicide bombers in Europe to avenge NATO strikes
Libyan dictator Colonel Muammar Gaddafi has threatened to launch a wave of bloody suicide bomb attacks in Europe to avenge NATO strikes against his regime. ANI

Strauss-Kahn was spotted with 'mystery woman' in lift night before alleged attack
Dominique Strauss-Kahn was reportedly seen getting into the elevator with a mystery woman on the night before the New York hotel maid alleged that he attacked her. ANI

Pakistan reassessing ties with US in aftermath of bin Laden raid: Mullen
Pakistan is currently reassessing its relationship with the United States in the aftermath of the May 2 American unilateral raid that killed Osama bin Laden in his Abbottabad lair, US Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Admiral Mike Mullen has said. ANI

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