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International News on July 5, 2011

Now, a sandwich that will last, taste scrumptious for 14 days!
Booker, one of Britain's leading wholesalers has developed a new range of sandwiches, which have a shelf life of 14 days and cost 1.49 pounds. ANI

Katy Perry invites Will-Kat to Canada concert through Twitter
Katy Perry was so excited that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were in Canada at the same time as her scheduled tour, that she invited them to her concert. ANI

Early childbearing discourages higher education: Study
A new study has revealed that childbearing impedes education more than education impedes childbearing, especially in the case of Norwegian women. ANI

Wills-Kat to visit Canada's 'remotest territory to play street hockey'
Prince William and Kate will be visiting Canada's Northwest Territories, one of the most remote and unpopulated regions of the Commonwealth country, to play 'street hockey'. ANI

Is 'killing terror-suspects' US' new anti-terror strategy?
In the wake the Obama administration's shift in its counterterrorism strategy from land wars to precision strikes and raids, concerns have grown sharply that the White House has adopted a policy of killing terror suspects rather than capturing them. ANI

Joe Biden joins the Twitter bandwagon
US Vice President Joe Biden and his wife Jill sent out their first ever Tweet on Monday, asking Americans to take time to think about U.S. troops and military families on the US Independence Day. ANI

Indo-Pak confidence- building making headway, says Pak Minister
Pakistan's acting Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar has said confidence- building measures with India are making headway but a complete return to normalcy will take time. ANI

Senior BBC staff campaign against 'stars' tweeting future performances
A group of senior BBC executives are reportedly campaigning to add a new clause to the contracts of stars and writers that would prevent them from tweeting about upcoming appearances. ANI

Gilani, Munter admit 'rough patch' in Pak-US ties but underline common goals
Pakistan Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani and United States Ambassador Cameron Munter have admitted that the US-Pak ties are going through a rough patch, but underlined common goals of both sides. ANI

US keen to help Pakistan overcome energy crisis: Munter
US Ambassador to Pakistan Cameron Munter has assured that his country is keen to assist Pakistan in setting up energy projects to meet its power-related needs for long term. ANI

Five killed, six injured in bomb blast in Balochistan
A roadside bomb targeting a Frontier Corps (FC) convoy killed five Frontier Corps personnel and wounded six in Turbat in Pakistan's Balochistan province. ANI

Prosecutors could drop rape charges against Strauss-Kahn within weeks: Investigator
Prosecutors might drop the charges against former International Monetary Fund (IMF) chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn either on his next court date in two weeks or earlier than that, a top investigator in the case who called the eventual dismissal "a certainty", has said. ANI

Magnitude 6.5 earthquake hits New Zealand
An earthquake of 6.5 magnitude has rocked both North and South Island of New Zealand, but there was no immediate report of damage or casualties. ANI

Pak's "own jihadi creatures" have diverging interests from that of state now: Editorial
Pakistan has arrived at a juncture where its "own jihadi creatures" have diverging interests from that of the state, an editorial in a Pakistani newspaper has said. ANI

India moves to check corruption while Pakistan tries to propagate it: Pak daily
While the Indian government and opposition parties agreed on Sunday to check corruption in high places, Pakistan's top coalition parties regrettably decided 24 hours later to confront the Supreme Court to protect corrupt people in their ranks and families. ANI

Posh to launch new 'looser and girlier' fashion line inspired by 'Emily the Strange'
Inspired by Emily the Strange, Victoria Beckham is all set to launch her new fashion line where the dresses will be a lot 'looser and girlier'. ANI

Overweight 'modeling poll' winner the 'Next' catwalk star?
An overweight man has left UK retail giant 'Next' stunned when he won a modeling poll that was to set to find a future catwalk star for the company. ANI

Republicans accuse Nikki Haley of putting personal political interests over those of State
Reports that Indian-American Governor Nikki Haley inked a book deal between signing vetoes has sparked anger in South Carolina, where Republicans are reportedly accusing her of prioritising her own fame and political interests over those of the state. ANI

UK slams playground 'compensation culture' as pupil wins 6K pounds for 'custard splash injury'
Playground 'compensation culture' in the UK is being heavily criticized after a schoolboy won a 5,750-pound payout for sustaining innocuous injury when another pupil splashed his hand with custard. ANI

'Black Widow' wins first ever July 4th women's hot dog eating contest
Sonya 'The Black Widow' Thomas, a Burger King manager from Alexandria, Virginia, ate 40 hot dogs in 10 minutes to bag the winning title of the first ever July 4th women's hot dog eating contest. ANI

Afghanistan war focus to shift from south to eastern border with Pakistan: Petraeus
The focus of the ongoing war in Afghanistan will shift in coming months from Taliban strongholds in the south to the militant-infested eastern border with Pakistan, General David Petraeus, the outgoing commander of US and NATO forces in Afghanistan, has said. ANI

India helps Kyrghyzstan to set up high altitude research centre in Bishkek
Marking a major milestone in the cooperation between the two countries, Kyrghyzstan President Roza Otunbaeva and Indian Defence Minister AK Antony today inaugurated the Kyrghyz-Indian Mountain Biomedical Research Centre (KIMBMRC) at Bishkek. ANI

It's high time Pak abandons policy of patronising, strengthening Taliban: Ex-AG
The Pakistani establishment and its political leaders must completely abandon the policy of patronising and strengthening the Taliban and other militant groups because allowing them to increase their hold in the country would amount to the negation of Pakistan, former Attorney General Iqbal Haider has said. ANI

World's narrowest house in an alleyway in Poland is just 60 inches wide
Architects of a house built in an alleyway in Poland have claimed that it is the world's narrowest as it is just 60 inches wide. ANI

Pak Election Commission recommends barring candidates with dual nationalities
The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has recommended that the government pass legislation to bar candidates with dual nationalities from contesting elections. ANI

Rare monkey steals camera, snaps himself in Indonesia
In a rare incident, a monkey stole a camera from an award-winning British photographer in Indonesia and started clicking himself in different poses. ANI

Joey Chestnut 'eats 62 hot dogs in 10 min for 5th title in row'
Defending champion Joey Chestnut ate 62 hot dogs in 10 minutes to win his fifth consecutive Fourth of July hot dog eating contest at Coney Island in New York. ANI

Chef in Oz kills ex-wife over orgasm jibe
A chef residing in Australia has claimed that he choked his ex-wife to death because she launched a verbal attack on his sexual incompetence, a court heard on Monday. ANI

UK man who had 'sex in his sleep' cleared of rape charges
A UK man who allegedly raped a minor girl was acquitted on the grounds that he had been suffering from 'sexsomnia' during the incident. ANI

Queen needs more taxpayers' money to maintain, repair Royal homes
The Queen's annual accounts have revealed that she needs more of taxpayers' money to deal with a growing backlog of repairs to Buckingham Palace and other Royal residences. ANI

Girl's nude illusion pic becomes Internet sensation
A picture giving a nude illusion of a girl is going viral around the world. ANI

China racing to match US in acquiring drones, related technology
China is among 50 other countries taking steps to match the United States in manufacturing drone and related technology if what was on display at the recent Zhuhai air show is anything to go by. ANI

Obama tipped to choose NY Gov Cuomo as running mate for 2012 polls
Former New York GOP chief William Powers has predicted that New York Governor Andrew Cuomo will become President Barack Obama's running mate in the presidential polls next year. ANI

Only 58 percent Americans know the year when country declared its independence!
Only 58 percent of Americans know that they celebrate July 4 because the country declared its independence in 1776 on this date, a poll has revealed. ANI

Blair who blasted Charles for 'screwing the govt.' now calls interaction "immensely helpful"
Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair has defended Prince Charles, whom he had once criticised for "screwing" his government, saying that he always found his interaction with the Prince of Wales "immensely helpful". ANI

Pak Govt yet to send relief goods for people displaced by Kurram offensive: Sources
The resource-starved FATA Disaster Management Authority (FDMA) has sought assistance from United Nations (UN) agencies and the World Health Organisation (WHO) for people displaced by the military operation launched on Sunday against militants in Central Kurram Agency. ANI

Malaysian woman swindles seven husbands out of millions
A woman in Malaysia is said to have cheated seven men by marrying them and then robbing them of millions. ANI

New Zealand leaders call for tolerance over Muslim women wearing veils
New Zealand leaders have called for tolerance after two Muslim women wearing veils ran into trouble with Auckland bus drivers. ANI

Malik tells US official 'foreign elements' behind terrorist activities in Pakistan
Pakistan and the United States are holding a fourth ministerial-level strategic dialogue between both nations in Islamabad on Tuesday (today). ANI

Magnitude 4.4 earthquake shakes Melbourne
A 4.4 magnitude earthquake struck the Australian city of Melbourne this morning, sending tremors throughout the suburbs and state's southern region. ANI

Whopping 37 million 'bogus votes' removed from voter lists in Pakistan
Pakistan's Supreme Court has been informed that 37 million bogus votes have been excluded from voter lists. ANI

Prince William hugs wife Kate after beating her at dragon boat race
Prince William defeated his wife Kate after they went head to head in a dragon boat race during their tour of Canada. ANI

Pakistan, Afghanistan to set up military hotline to avoid cross-border attack incidents
Pakistan and Afghanistan have decided to set up a military 'hotline' between both nations in an effort to ease bilateral tensions triggered by the recent spate of cross-border raids and mortar shelling incidents. ANI

UBC student maimed in Bangladesh by hubby heading to Vancouver for medical assessment
A University of British Columbia (UBC) student maimed in an attack in Bangladesh will return to Vancouver, where physicians will assess her condition. ANI

British Ministry of Defence 'can't account for assets worth 6.3bn pounds'
British MPs have branded an auditor's report, which found that the Ministry of Defence (MoD) lost track of assets worth 6.3 billion pounds, as "alarming". ANI

Soon, smart specs to help the blind 'see'!
Oxford University researchers, who have been inspired by the technology in Xbox Kinect games consoles and iPads, are developing 'cheap', 'smart spectacles' which promises to change the lives of thousands of blind people by allowing them to 'see'. ANI

Nicolas Sarkozy' omnipresence gets him his very own comic depiction
Nicolas Sarkozy has joined the likes of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin - with his reputation for ubiquity depicted in a comic book based on Where's Wally series. ANI

James Bond-style 'amphibious' car that lets you both 'surf and speed up on land'!
A car that will allow you both to surf and speed up on the land has been spotted cruising along the River Great Ouse in Britain. ANI

Baidu to collaborate with Microsoft Bing for 'censored' English language searches
Microsoft has signed a deal with Chinese search engine giant, Baidu, to provide the site with censored web search services in English. ANI

India's opposition to EU's duty concessions may derail composite dialogue: Pak
Pakistan's Commerce Secretary Zafar Mahmood has issued a veiled warning to India that the composite dialogue process between both nations might once again get derailed if India did not stop opposing duty concessions given by the European Union to Pakistan. ANI

Malay PM urges Indians to trust Govt. to enable 'partnership' for brighter future
Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak has urged Indians in the country to place their trust in the Government to enable the "partnership" to lead towards a brighter future for the community. ANI

Libya blames NATO of undermining peace negotiations with rebels
The Libyan government has accused NATO of undermining secret negotiations with senior rebels aimed at finding a peaceful solution to the four-month conflict. ANI

Japanese Disaster Reconstruction minister quits over insensitive remarks
Japan's new Disaster Reconstruction minister has resigned after facing criticism over insensitive remarks he made during a visit to tsunami-devastated coastal communities. ANI

Strauss-Kahn to countersue French writer over attempted rape claim
Former International Monetary Fund (IMF) chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn has threatened to countersue the French writer who had earlier alleged that he had tried to rape her during an interview for her book in 2002. ANI

'Isolated' Hakimullah Mehsud rapidly losing control of Pak Taliban
Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) chief Hakimullah Mehsud has been in isolation for over a year, and is rapidly losing control over the terrorist group that he once led with absolute command and authority, his associates and Pakistani intelligence officials have said. ANI

ISI asks CIA to sign formal accord ruling out future attacks inside Pakistan
Pakistan's premier spy agency, the Directorate for Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), has asked the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to sign a written contract ruling out future attacks inside Pakistani territory. ANI

Cameron to use Obama-style autocue prompter for speeches to win over voters
British Prime Minister David Cameron will now use a Barack Obama-style autocue prompter instead of notes to try and increase trust with voters. ANI

NSW cops to get powers to remove burqas during security checks
The New South Wales Police will now be given new powers to force Muslim women to remove their head coverings during routine car stops. ANI

Guruvayurappan Hindu Temple construction in Texas moves ahead
The construction of Sri Guruvayurappan Temple in Houston (Texas) has entered second phase. ANI

US believes ISI 'barbarically' killed Pak scribe Shahzad to silence criticism: NY
Obama administration officials believe that Pakistan's premier spy agency, the Directorate for Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), ordered the killing of a Pakistani journalist over his scathing reports about militant infiltration in the country's military, according to US officials. ANI

Terrorism 'biggest challenge' faced by Pakistan: Chief of Naval Staff
Terrorism is the biggest challenge that Pakistan has been facing, Chief of Naval Staff Admiral Nauman Bashir has said. ANI

Ernst & Young Announces Three-Year Sponsorship with Endeavor
Business Wire India

Peter Knight Joins GlobalCollect as Chief Technology Officer
GlobalCollect announced today the appointment of Peter Knight to the role of CTO. In this newly-created role, Mr. Knight will be reporting into Thomas P Business Wire India SE with half-yearly record
The online printer SE, which operates one of the globally strongest brands in internet printing with print24, is continuing its rapid rate of growth with order book, turnover and profit in robust double-digit figures. Business Wire India

Qatar Selects Gemalto Solution to Secure eGovernment Services
Gemalto (Euronext NL0000400653 GTO), the world leader in digital security, announces it has been selected by Qatar’s Supreme Council of Information and Communication Technology (ictQATAR), to deploy the Coesys eGov 2.0 solution for eGovernment in Qatar Business Wire India

Upcoming World Smart Grid India Week 2011 to Address Key Challenges and Issues for India Smart Grid Roll-out
India, the largest democratic state, has the fifth largest electricity grid and third largest Transmission & Distribution network respectively in the world. However, due to the dramatically increasing economic activities and rising electricity consumption, there has been a significant challenge to face for Indian government Business Wire India

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