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International News on July 31, 2011

Trial venue of Mubarak changed
The trial venue of former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak has been changed to a police academy in Cairo, Chief Justice of the Cairo Court of Appeals el-Sayyed Abdel- Aziz Omar has said. ANI

'Iraq more dangerous now than a year ago'
Iraq is more dangerous now than it was a year ago, an official US government assessment has said. ANI

CIA Islamabad Chief exits from Pakistan following 'tense relations' with ISI
The Central Intelligence Agency's Islamabad Station Chief has made an exit from Pakistan marking the second time the agency's most senior officer has left the country in the past seven months. ANI

Trilateral Pak-US-Afghan peace talks to commence in Islamabad on Tuesday
Top Afghan, Pakistani and the U. S. diplomats are poised to meet in Islamabad on Tuesday to push the peace and reconciliation process in Afghanistan. ANI

Dead Sea Scrolls up for adoption for just œ1,200 a page
The Friends of the Israel Antiquities Authority is offering pages of Dead Sea Scrolls - the most famous pieces of writing in the world - for adoption. ANI

Rolls Royce used by an Indian maharaja during British reign up for sale
The glorious Rolls Royce car used by an Indian maharaja during the British reign is to be sold in US next month by Bonhams auction house. ANI

Doggies and kitties to wear earmuffs to cope with NY town music festival
A music festival, which is due to be held next month in an upscale New York neighbourhood, has one animal shelter fearing for it "residents". ANI

Hugh Hefner says he has 'sex on a weekly basis'
Hugh Hefner has revealed that he "has sex on a weekly basis". ANI

Men in 40s are happier in their sexual lives than those in 20s, says study
A new study has found that couples in 40s are happier in their sexual lives than those in 20s or 30s, as their financial security wipes out the household stresses that often kill the libido. ANI

Now, Duchess of York claims mom hitting remark was a joke!
Just a couple of months ago the Duchess of York accused her late mother Susan Barrantes of beating her up during her childhood, but now she has backtracked on her comments by saying it was just a joke. ANI

Now, a bra to make your bust look three times its size!
Women with small br**ts will no longer have to go under the knife to make their br**ts look fuller to show off that cantilevered shape to compliment their outfits. ANI

Quarter of men prefer dating co-workers of lower position in office
A new survey has found that a quarter of men prefer dating co-workers, who are in a lower position to them in the office. ANI

'Infamous' Navy ship HMAS Success in new sex scandal
Police are investigating allegations of sexual assault aboard the HMAS Success - the Naval supply ship with a shocking history of sex, drug and alcohol abuse among its crew. ANI

Home that inspired George Orwell to write on sale for œ1m
The humble abode, where George Orwell decided that he wanted to be a writer, is up for sale at the price of just over 1 million pounds. ANI

Maid assaulted by Strauss-Kahn speaks about incident in black mega church
The New York hotel maid, who accused former International Monetary Fund (IMF) chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn of sexually assaulting her, had spoken about her 'horrifying' ordeal before black leaders including pastors, lawyers, politicians and activists, in a black mega-church. ANI

At least 45 killed in army attacks in Syria
At least 45 civilians have reportedly been killed after Syrian tanks stormed the city of Hama on Sunday, following nearly a month of disruption in the country over uprising President Bashar al-Assad's rule. ANI

Pakistan's trust Chief urges women to follow Fatima Jinnah's footsteps
Nazaria-i-Pakistan Trust Chairman and the Pakistan daily, The Nation's Editor- In Chief Majid Nizami has urged Pakistani women to follow the footsteps of Fatima Jinnah, the sister of Mohammad Ali Jinnah, in making Pakistan a modern Islamic welfare state. ANI

Most Chilean miners want to return to work below ground
A year after 33 miners trapped in a Chilean mine for more than two months, over half the men have said that they want to return below ground and get back to work in order to earn money. ANI

Pak government will not be allowed to harm judiciary: Sharif
Pakistan Muslim League-N Chief Nawaz Sharif has said though there is no doubt about parliament's supremacy, but the country's government would not be allowed to jeopardise the judiciary. ANI

Malay-Indian party calls for Indian community welfare committee
The Malaysian Indian Congress (MIC) has called on the country's Economic Planning Unit to set up a high-powered committee to work on welfare plans for Malay- Indians. ANI

Armed groups attack law enforcement personnel in Syria
Armed groups have reportedly attacked law enforcement members and a police station in Syria's Deir al-Zour area and stolen weapons and ammunition. ANI

Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport sees rise in number of prostitutes
Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport is seeing a rise in the number of prostitutes flying in from Eastern Europe. ANI

Pak urges US to stop drone attacks in tribal areas
Pakistan has asked the United States to stop the Central Investigation Agency-run unmanned air strikes in tribal areas, diplomatic sources has said. ANI

China's online game fair orders exhibitors to 'cover up' their showgirls
Models at ChinaJoy gaming event in Shanghai have been banned from wearing bikinis and from putting stickers in 'sensitive positions' under a new policy, which follows a government drive against 'vulgarity'. ANI

10 policemen, one child killed in Afghan car bomb blast
Eleven people, including ten policemen and a child have been killed in a powerful suicide car bomb explosion in Afghanistan's Helmand province. ANI

Pak govt. will implement apex court orders: Gilani
Pakistan Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani has ruled out speculation about a clash between institutions, saying that the government would implement the Supreme Court verdicts. ANI

Report claims Turkish-Australian youngsters being lured by extremists
Turkish-Australian youngsters are reportedly being influenced by hardline Muslim groups. ANI

Kashmiris should be included in Indo-Pak talks: Shah Mehmood Qureshi
Former foreign minister and Pakistan Peoples Party leader Shah Mehmood Qureshi has said Kashmiris must be included in Indo-Pak talks. ANI

UK Strip club set to release book on stripper slang
A lapdancing club in Britain is set to release a book on stripper slang. ANI

Republicans, White House strike tenative deal to raise debt ceiling before Aug two
Republicans and the White House have reportedly struck a tenative deal to raise debt ceiling before the August two deadline. ANI

El Bulli, the world's most revered restaurant, closes down for good
The world's most revered restaurant El Bulli, which pioneered molecular gastronomy, has shut down forever. ANI

White House 'rickrolls' Twitter follower who complained about boring briefing
The White House is said to have "rickrolled" one of its Twitter followers who complained about a correspondence briefing being too boring. ANI

Zara Phillips ties the knot with Mike Tindall
The Queen's eldest granddaughter Zara Phillips has tied the knot England rugby player Mike Tindall at Canongate Kirk in Edinburgh, Scotland, in a private ceremony. ANI

Islamist militia killed Libyan rebels' military chief
Libyan rebels' military chief Abdel Fattah Younis was shot dead by Islamist-linked militia within the anti-Gaddafi forces, a senior opposition minister has said. ANI

Pak falling into complete chaos: Imran Khan
Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan has condemned the series of killings in Balochistan and Karachi, adding that the country is falling into complete chaos in the absence of basic governance. ANI

Kate Middleton sparks off trend for nude shoes at royal wedding
The Duchess of Cambridge is believed to have sparked off a new trend for nude-coloured shoes by arriving in a pair of high-heeled beige court shoes. ANI

Kate's avoidance of alcohol sparks pregnancy rumours
The Duchess of Cambridge has sparked off pregnancy rumours after she completely avoided drinking any alcoholic drinks at the royal wedding of Zara Philip and Mike Tindall. ANI

Kat Von D reveals reason for Jesse James' face's tattoo on stomach
Kat Von D has made known why she got a tattoo of Jesse James' face on her stomach. ANI

Outrage in New Zealand over 'strip scan' image trial
New Zealand border security officials have come under fire for overseeing a body-scanning trial labelled illegal by Green Party MP Keith Locke.he country's Customs authorities recently trialled the equipment - which it admits "does reveal anatomical details" - at Auckland International Airport, and it is now working on a plan to implement the scans. ANI

Violence continues in Karachi despite peace efforts
Violence continued in Karachi despite the political parties' efforts for the restoration of peace. ANI

Richard Branson swims into whale shark's mouth despite eye surgery
Sir Richard Branson has revealed that he swam into the mouth of a whale shark earlier this month despite having undergone laser eye surgery recently. ANI

Lockerbie bomber, Scottish government, 'open door', US, Justice for Megrahi Group
Lockerbie bomber Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed al-Megrahi's supporters have demanded that he be allowed to return to Scotland to avoid being extradited to the United States. ANI

Iraq reviving stalled multi-million-dollar deal to buy fighter jets from US
Iraq Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki has said he is reviving a stalled deal to buy multi-million-dollar fighter jets from the United States and affirmed the need for American trainers to help Iraqi forces operate and maintain the 36 F-16s. ANI

Six killed in blasts in Northwest China
At least six people were killed in two separate blasts in Kashgar in northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region, local authorities have confirmed. ANI

Arnold Schwarzenegger's childhood home turned into museum
Arnold Schwarzenegger's childhood home in his birthplace of Thal in southern Austria has been turned into a museum. ANI

CIA Islamabad Station Chief exits from Pakistan following 'tense' ISI relations
The Central Intelligence Agency's Islamabad Chief has made an exit from Pakistan, marking the second time that the agency's most senior officer has left the country in the past seven months. ANI

British traders provided Oslo attacker arsenal of weapons, explosives: Report
British suppliers supplied key equipment that helped Norwegian terrorist Anders Behring Breivik build his arsenal of weapons and explosives, it has emerged. ANI

Calls mount for renaming New York's 'Ground Zero' ahead of 9/11 anniversary
Calls are mounting for the renaming of New York's "Ground Zero," the venue of the September 11, 2001 terror strike launched by Al Qaeda. ANI

Iran may soon free two detained Americans, says their lawyer
A Iranian lawyer representing two American hikers, who have been accused of spying in Iran, has said his clients could be released Sunday after a two-year prison ordeal. ANI

Norwegian has no regrets about massacre of 77
The man who claimed the lives 0f 77 people in twin terror strikes on July 22, has said that he has no regret or emotion about the blast-cum shooting spree massacre. ANI

Singapore police to lash UK businessman for pinching woman's butt
A Singapore judge has ordered the caning of a British businessman for squeezing a woman's bottom in a nightclub. ANI

Blair to be held accountable for four main Iraq War failings
The inquiry into the fiascos that took place during the Iraq War (Second Gulf War) in 2003, is likely to deliver a damning verdict against former British Prime Minister Tony Blair on four counts. ANI

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