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International News on July 22, 2011

Explosion near Norwegian PM's office in Oslo
A loud explosion shattered windows Friday at the government headquarters in Norwegian capital Oslo which includes the prime minister's office, injuring several people. ANI

Egyptian PM vows to end corruption
Egyptian Prime Minister Essam Sharaf has promised that his new cabinet will fight corruption. ANI

Indiana couple charged for sex tryst in pool in front of children
An Indiana couple was charged with public indecency after they indulged in a 30-minute sexual encounter in a pool in front of two-dozen disgusted witnesses, including some kids. ANI

After tensions over South China Sea, China tells US to respect its 'territorial integrity'
Amid simmering tensions focused on the South China Sea,China has told the United States to respect its 'territorial integrity'. ANI

Royal wedding cake hints Wills-Kat may have kids in one year
Prince William and his wife Catherine might have been thinking of having children as early as their first anniversary when they saved the top layer of their wedding cake, it has emerged. ANI

Asian-American teens 'spend most on shopping a month than any other ethnic group'
It's no secret that young people love to shop. However, a new survey has revealed that Asian-American teens spend the most on fashion per month than any other ethnic group. ANI

Care for an 'idyllic boat ride on a magical island lake' atop Selfridges?
Britain's high end department store Selfridges has turned its 400 square meter-roof into a 'magical island and boating lake' ANI

Majority of Brits 'feel upset and lonely without Internet': Poll
A majority of Britons feel deprived and upset without an Internet connection, even for a short period of time, a study has revealed. ANI

Embassy in Washington biggest spender among Pak missions
The Pakistan Embassy in Washington leads in terms of annual expenditures among all 121 foreign missions which the country maintains throughout the world, Pakistan Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar has said. ANI

Summer's Eve ad using 'hands of women from different ethnicities' blasted as 'racist'
The feminine hygiene brand Summer's Eve, has been called 'racist' after it used the hands of women of different ethnicities to advertise their cleansing products. ANI

Pentagon to monitor 'new battleground' of social media
The Pentagon is asking experts to help figure out how to detect and counter propaganda on social media networks in the aftermath of the Arab uprising. ANI

Afghans fear Taliban return as NATO pulls back
Afghans are worried about Taliban resurgence in various provinces, as NATO troops begin to pull out of the country. ANI

Republicans tweeted more than Democrats in 2010 elections: Study
Republicans and Tea Party members used Twitter and other social media in better ways than the Democrats, a study has revealed. ANI

Miss England is actually from Wales!
This years' Miss England beauty pageant winner is actually a Welsh girl. ANI

Lady Gaga owes her raunchy behaviour to her dad
Lady Gaga has admitted that she owes her raunchy behaviour to her dad. ANI

Kate's œ250k wedding dress set to go on display at Buckingham Palace
Kate Middleton's 250,000-pound Alexander McQueen wedding dress is all set to go on display at Buckingham Palace. ANI

Older women seek kindness, while younger ones riches from their men
A research has found that younger women today seek a tall, dark, handsome, ambitious and rich stranger while the older ones value more deep-rooted qualities such as kindness, reliability and friendship when it comes to their idea of the perfect partner. ANI

Egypt's military rulers ban foreign election observers
Egypt's ruling military council has banned foreign election observers for the November polls. ANI

Sydney Opera House photo on Al-Qaeda magazine raises fears over Oz links to terror group
The image of the iconic Sydney Opera House in an Al-Qaeda magazine on terrorism and bomb-making, has raised concerns about Australian links to the terror organization. ANI

Techno companies creating 'electronic sweatshops' in China: Report
The World's biggest technology companies, including Apple, HP and Dell are responsible for creating 'electronic sweatshops' and encouraging exploitation of workers in China, a report has said. ANI

Man who mugged 'Harold and Kumar' star Kal Penn jailed for 3 years
The man who mugged Indian-origin American actor and politician Kal Penn, has been sentenced to three years behind bars. ANI

S China Sea issue to be solved by negotiation: China
Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi has said his country and Vietnam have expressed a willingness to settle the South China Sea issue through peaceful negotiation. ANI

Will New York Times columnist David Leonhardt be next Washington Bureau Chief?
The New York Times is expected to name columnist David Leonhardt as the paper's next Washington bureau chief, it has emerged. ANI

Top Brit cops to be questioned over hiding evidence of Diana's car crash
Two of Britain's leading former police officers are to be interrogated over allegations that they withheld crucial evidence about the car crash which killed Princess Diana. ANI

Jalfrezi leaves behind chicken tikka masala to 'top' Briton's favourite curry list
Chicken tikka masala is no longer Briton's favourite dish, having now been replaced by jalfrezi. ANI

Google to alert two million 'virus infected' Internet users
Internet giant Google has started warning over two million users that their computers are infected with a virus that redirects their browser searches. ANI

Pippa Middleton's bum secret may be revealed now!
Pippa Middleton had revealed that she owes her bumps to the daily workout at Pilates classes in a small studio near her London apartment. ANI

Husain Haqqani lauds US Congress panel for rejecting bid to cut Pak aid
Pakistan's Ambassador to the United States, Husain Haqqani, has thanked a US congressional panel for blocking an amendment to a spending Bill that would have banned any assistance to Pakistan. ANI

Pak assured by US of not repeating 'Osama bin Laden-style' raid: Gilani
Pakistan Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani has said that he has been assured by the Obama administration that there will be no repeat of the secret military raid that killed Al-Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden. ANI

Gilani asks US not to ignore Pak in crediting victories in war on terror
Pakistan Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani has said that his country considered its relations with the United States as "extremely important", and stressed that victories in the fight against terrorism must also be credited to the South Asian country. ANI

US Homeland chief says domestic terrorists central to threat
Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano has warned that domestic terrorists are central to the extremist-related threats on the United States, and added that Osama bin Laden was only part of that story. ANI

Private investigators obtained Zardari's private data in UK
Private investigators at the behest of a newspaper owned by media baron Rupert Murdoch, obtained personal data belonging to Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari clandestinely. ANI

9-year-old American boy becomes world's youngest to fly hot air balloon solo
A nine-year-old American boy has become the world's youngest solo hot-air balloonist. ANI

Canadian judge clears deportation of Chinese fugitive after assurances from Beijing
British Columbia judge Justice Michael Shore has cleared the decks for the quick deportation of "common criminal fugitive" Lai Changxing. ANI

Chinese fourth generation reactor to get connected to electric grid
Beijing, July 22 ): China is close to making a major breakthrough in its nuclear energy technology plans. Its fourth generation experimental fast reactor will soon be connected to the national electricity grid. ANI

Hindus seek removal of demeaning definition of 'Gypsy' from Romania dictionary
The Hindus have asked Romania's leading dictionary to remove the derogatory definition of word 'Gypsy' as 'people with bad habits'. ANI

Climate change 'poses threat to global peace and security,' warns UN official
Climate change threatens the future international peace and security, a senior UN official has claimed. ANI

Pakistan for decisive action against climate change
Pakistan has called for decisive action against climate change, and added that developing countries and small island states particularly face the existential peril of rising sea levels. ANI

Osama vs Obama 'terror chess' game big hit among troops in Afghanistan
A controversial board game has become famous among Allied troops fighting in Afghanistan. ANI

Musharraf says no complicity of Army, ISI in support to Osama in Pak
Former Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf has defended Pakistan's military and spy agency Inter Services Intelligence (ISI), reiterating that they did not provide assistance to Al-Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden. ANI

Musharraf vows to repeat his actions if ever back to power in Pak
Former Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf has vowed that if he ever rose to power again he would not do things differently, but would repeat all that he had done before. ANI

Fox News denies allegations of running black operations department
The Fox News channel has denied allegations of having a secret 'black operations' department to illegally hack phone records of September 11, 2001 terror strike victims. ANI

Brit painter Lucian Freud dies at 88
British painter Lucian Freud who gained fame for his intense and deeply textural nude paintings died in his London home on Wednesday after unstipulated illness. He was 88. ANI

5-year-old boy accidentally shot dead by brother, 10, in US
A 10-year-old American boy accidentally shot and killed his five-year-old brother with a gun he found at his home. ANI

Pak will need annual US 'certificate' of genuine war on terror efforts to qualify for aid
A United States congressional panel has sent a mixed signal to Pakistan by rejecting one move to restrict aid to the country, while supporting the other. ANI

Khamenei under fire for wanting to ban books with 'hidden political motives'
Iran's former Culture Minister, Ataollah Mohajerani has lashed out at the country's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei for publicly speaking against books with 'hidden political motives'. ANI

Pak accuses US of 'slander campaign' over 'spy' arrest
Pakistan has accused the United States of a "slander campaign" over the arrest of Kashmiri American Council (KAC) executive director Ghulam-Nabi Fai, who has been accused of acting as a Pakistani spy in the US. ANI

North Korea and Iran 'collaborating on nuclear missile program': Report
North Korea and Iran are reportedly working together on weapons programs designed to build a long-range missile capable of carrying a nuclear warhead, it has emerged. ANI

Yemen military says 'senior Al-Qaeda member killed'
A senior leader of Yemen's Al-Qaeda branch has been killed in fighting in the south of the country, the Defense Ministry has claimed. ANI

Now, NATO computer network falls prey to hackers
NATO's computer network has reportedly been infiltrated and confidential documents have been published online by the hacking collective Anonymous. ANI

'Scandal-hit' Prince Andrew to step down as UK trade envoy
Prince Andrew has finally confirmed that he will step down from his role as a global trade ambassador. ANI

' No negotiations with rebels until Judgment Day' says Gaddafi
Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi has said that he will not enter into any negotiations about the future of his country. ANI

US Congress panel rejects bid to cut Pak aid
A United States congressional panel has blocked an amendment to a spending Bill that would have banned any assistance to Pakistan in the wake of the raid that killed Al-Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden in Abbottabad. ANI

BIOTRONIK Vascular Enters U.S. with First Peripheral Stent Implant in BIOFLEX-I IDE Clinical Trial
BIOTRONIK announced today that the first endovascular procedure was completed in the BIOFLEX-I clinical trial—a trial set to evaluate the safety and performance of the Astron and Astron Pulsar self-expanding peripheral stents. Dr. Vipin Khetarpal, a Co-Investigator with Dr Business Wire India

FDA Clears X-22 IND For Phase II-B Smoking Cessation Clinical Trial
22nd Century Group, Inc. (OTCBB: XXII), a company focused on smoking cessation and tobacco harm reduction products, announced that the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) has cleared an Investigational New Drug (IND) Application to conduct a Phase II-B clinical trial using X-22, a prescription smoking cessation aid in development. Business Wire India

TruePosition® Announces Renewal of Agreement with AT&T
TruePosition, Inc Business Wire India

Corning Announces Expansion of Clean Air Products Facility in China
Corning Incorporated (NYSE: GLW) has announced that its board of directors has approved a capital expenditure plan of approximately $170 million to further increase the capacity of its clean air products plant in Shanghai, China. Business Wire India

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