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Japanese pop princess Aimi Eguchi isn't real, but a digital creation!

June 24, 2011 - London

It has emerged that Japanese pop princess Aimi Eguchi is a computerized image and not a real person.

Eguchi, a singer in Japanese girl band 'AKB48', had actually been computer generated from composite pictures of six of the most attractive members of the band and her high-pitched voice was an auto-tuned actor's.

Fans became suspicious when Eguchi was initiated as a lowly trainee but within a short time had starred in a candy advert alongside the group's most established members.

But AKB48's management company had defended the supposedly 16-year-old star.

"She's real. She didn't take the 12th generation auditions, so we had to quickly accept her (into generation 12.5)," the Daily Mail quoted them as saying in a statement.

However, the hoax was finally unveiled when a website released a video showing how the show's producers had composed her features.

"A lot of work was invested in creating Aimi Eguchi," Singularity Hub site wrote.

"Are we on the verge of creating CG performers that appeal to fans just as much as their flesh-and-blood competition?" the website asked.

The video showed how graphics experts studied the features of six of the most attractive group members who initially performed in the candy advert.

They took the computer images of each girl's eyes, nose, mouth, hair and body, face outline and eyebrows.

And each feature was then digitally merged to create the 'perfect' group member.

Eguchi's 'AKB48' profile had said that she was 16,competed in track and field, and that she was from Saitama, a prefecture on the island of Honshu. It also said Aimi had debuted in a photoshoot for Shueisha's Weekly 'Playboy' magazine.


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