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International News on January 30, 2011

Egypt protests: Tension rises as air force jets, helicopter buzz Cairo square
Tension is mounting in the Egyptian capital Cairo after the military staged an apparent show of strength during a sixth day of anti-government protests. ANI

Nepali woman labelled 'Terminator' for her fight against human trafficking
Meet Anuradha Koirala, a crusader known for her anti-human trafficking drive through her non-profit making organisation Maiti Nepal and often labelled the 'Terminator' by human traffickers. ANI

Vicar slams UK council's ban on strippers, lap dancers and s*x shops
A vicar - the inspiration for Father Adam Smallbone in the BBC comedy 'Rev' - has slammed a London council ban on strippers, lap dancers and s*x shops in his parish. ANI

Illegal prostitution booming in Queensland
Illegal prostitution is exploding in Queensland, shows a damning submission to the state's crime watchdog. ANI

Kiwi man meets woman who found his message in bottle thrown 12yrs ago
A Kiwi skipper has finally met the woman who discovered his message in a bottle that he had thrown into the remote Pacific Ocean on a round-the-world voyage 12 years ago. ANI

US girl, 4, dies of 'extreme alcohol poisoning'
A four-year-old girl from Alpharette, Georgia, died of "extreme alcohol poisoning," according to police. ANI

IMF team to arrive in Pakistan today for reforms review
A delegation of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) is scheduled to arrive in Pakistan on Sunday (today) to hold talks on economic reforms and the release of the last tranche of the 11.3-billion-dollar package. ANI

Pot cola, sodas coming to medical marijuana dispensaries
Medical marijuana users can now take their medicine - in the form of sparkling sodas! ANI

Mugabe strengthening power base from Chiadzwa diamond auctions
Zimbabwe's dictator Robert Mugabe is strengthening his power base from Chiadzwa diamond auctions, campaigners have said. ANI

Self-locking, biometric digital wallet to make pickpocketing history
Muggers beware: A self-locking, biometric digital wallet will soon make your profession a thing of the past. ANI

Capsicum spray, Tasers used to break up Sydney wedding brawl
Police used capsicum spray and Tasers to break up a brawl that happened outside a wedding reception in southwest Sydney. ANI

Suicide terrorism on the rise: US study
An increase in the frequency of suicide terrorism in recent years has been noticed, with over 90 percent of all suicide attacks from 1970-2008 occurring between 2000 and 2008.he National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism (START) at the University of Maryland has compiled background information on related terrorist activity. ANI

61m dlrs anti-smoking ad campaign set to be launched Down Under
A 61-million-dollar anti-smoking advertising campaign linking a smoker's cough to lung cancer is set to be launched in Australia. ANI

No diplomatic immunity for murder-accused US consulate worker: Pak official
The US diplomat charged with double murder in Pakistan does not enjoy diplomatic immunity, Punjab's Deputy Prosecutor General Rana Bakhtiar has said. ANI

New Year spam text message triggered 'Black Widow' suicide bomber explosives early
A 'Black Widow' suicide bomber, who intended to detonate her explosives in central Moscow, was killed immediately after a spam text message from her mobile phone company triggered the device early. ANI

Two NATO supply trailers torched in Pak's Balochistan province
In the latest attack on convoys in Pakistan carrying supplies for NATO forces in Afghanistan, unidentified men torched two trailers in Balochistan's Khuzdar district on Sunday. ANI

Obama's state of the union address gets high ratings among Americans: Poll
Americans have given high ratings to President Barack Obama's state of the union address, with a latest poll saying that 65 percent had a positive reaction to the speech. ANI

Women at the centre of Berlusconi scandal being besieged by media
The s*x scandal engulfing Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi seems to be deepening day by day and now the Italian press is besieging models and showgirls, alleged to have accepted cash from him in return for s*x. ANI

UK exhibition to tell you everything you ever wanted to know about wild sex
An exhibition at the Natural History Museum here will provide curious public an opportunity to explore the diversity of methods used for s*x and reproduction in the natural world. ANI

Biometric scanners flooding Oz pub market as fix-all solution to violence
Many Australian pubs have started using biometric scanners as a way to avoid troublemakers. ANI

Brit man who had s*x with horse escapes jail
A Brit man, who admitted that he had s*x with a horse, has escaped jail. ANI

$5k Las Vegas burger that will take quite a bite out of your wallet!
A new burger available in Las Vegas costs a whopping 5,000 dollars. ANI

Oz sending back 'medically unfit' Bangladeshi girl will be like 'issuing death sentence': Lawyer
The lawyer of a nine year-old Bangladeshi girl, who is receiving life-saving medical treatment but could be home along with her family after their visa expires tomorrow, has said that forcing the girl to go back home would be similar to issuing a death sentence to her. ANI

Cairo, Washington military relations face tests amid unrest in Egypt
In the wake of the current unrest in the country, Egyptian military that is built with billions of dollars in American technology and training, is facing the biggest test in decades, allowing US officials to determine whether or not their funds have built an institution of social cohesion or one ready to turn on opponents of the current government. ANI

Three Asians jailed for forcing women into prostitution in Oman
Three Asian expatriates have been sentenced to 15 years in jail each for forcing women, recruited as housemaids, into prostitution in Oman. ANI

Egyptians form vigilante groups to protect properties from looters
A huge number of Egyptians have reportedly joined local vigilante groups to protect their neighbourhoods from robbers amid claims that rich elites are fleeing to Dubai. ANI

Climber found reading map after surviving 1000ft fall
A climber from Glasgow, who fell 1,000ft down a mountain, not just survived but was found by his rescuers standing up reading a map. ANI

Indian kindergartener, 4, raped in Dubai may have been drugged
The four-year-old girl of Indian-origin, who was apparently raped by her school bus driver and two conductors in Dubai, had been regularly returning home drowsy from school since at least a month before the alleged incident, according to her parents ANI

Pakistan seeks US help for TAPI gas pipeline security
Pakistan has sought help from the United States to ensure security for the proposed Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India (TAPI) gas pipeline. ANI

Egyptian protestors criticise US for not condemning Mubarak
In the wake of the current unrest in the country, Egyptian protestors have criticised the US for supporting President Hosni Mubarak, insisting that the people of the country should have the right to choose their President. ANI

First-cousin marriages blamed for s*x crimes by Pakistani men in UK
A senior Muslim politician in UK believes that there is a link between first-cousin marriages and s*x crimes by Pakistani men. ANI

Double murder-accused US diplomat was on a 'task' in Pakistan
The US diplomat charged with double murder in Lahore has told the Pakistani investigators that he was on a 'task' assigned to him. ANI

Karachi police arrests student on blasphemy allegations
The Karachi police has registered a blasphemy case against a student for writing derogatory remarks against Prophet. ANI

Pennsylvania's 'Jihad Jane' to 'plead guilty' to four terror charges
A Pennsylvania woman, nicknamed 'Jihad Jane,' would reportedly change her earlier plea of 'not guilty' to four terror conspiracy charges. ANI

Missing socks cost each household £240 a year: UK study
A Brit survey has found that missing socks are costing each household a staggering 240 pounds a year. ANI

Teaching ban on 'lesbian' Brit teacher who sent ex-colleague sexual notes, roses
A Brit teacher, sacked for threatening to stab a pupil, has been banned from the profession after sending a female ex-colleague with gifts and sexually explicit messages. ANI

US Army officer's wife 'kills' teenage children for being 'mouthy'
A US military officer's wife has been accused of shooting her teenage children for being 'mouthy'. ANI

Arabs believe Mubarak's autocratic rule would inevitably end
Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak might have shown no sign of steeping down by appointing Omar Suleiman, the country's intelligence chief and a close ally, as his Vice President, but a majority of Arab executives gathered in Davos are of the opinion that the massive protests across the country would inevitably end Mubarak's authoritarian grip. ANI

Hindu member of Pak Sindh Assembly flees to India for safety after getting life threats
A Hindu member of Pakistan's Sindh Assembly has resigned from his seat after taking refuge in India, following life threats received by him. ANI

US seeks custody of double murder-accused diplomat in Pak over diplomatic immunity
US Ambassador to Pakistan Cameron Munter wants the Pakistan government to hand over the US citizen charged with double murder in Lahore to US custody since he enjoys diplomatic immunity. ANI

Oz greats ask CA to come out with master plan for post-Ponting era
Former Australian greats fear that the game of cricket is crumbling under a leadership crisis in the country, and have urged Cricket Australia to come out with a master plan for the post-Ponting era. ANI

Pak brushes off US' demand for double murder accused diplomat's immediate release
Rebuffing the United States' demand for the immediate release of a US diplomat charged with double murder in Lahore, Pakistan has said the matter is sub-judice and the legal process should be respected. ANI

Sarah Palin slams rumours her husband cheated on her
Former Alaska governor Sarah Palin has slammed reports her husband cheated on her with a massage therapist. ANI

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