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International News on January 29, 2011

Egyptian protesters defy curfew after Mubarak refuses to resign
Full-fledged chaos has been reported at several regions of Egypt, on the fifth straight day of demonstrations calling for the resignation of President Hosni Mubarak. ANI

Qantas to start world's longest 747 route
Qantas would reportedly start its services on the world's longest 747 route, flying 13,804 kilometres non-stop from Sydney to Dallas, Texas, later this year. ANI

Michelle Obama to campaign for husband in 2012 presidential polls
US First Lady Michelle Obama has said she is committed to campaigning for her husband Barack Obama in the 2012 presidential elections. ANI

Queen to keep aside 'age factor' for Oz tour later this year
Queen Elizabeth appears to be in no mood to allow her age to slow her down, with reports saying that she would be visiting Australia for a Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting later this year. ANI

Altaf asks Pak PM to rid Karachi's business community of extortion mafia
Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) chief Altaf Hussain has asked Pakistan Prime Minister Syed Yousaf Raza Gilani to take action against the extortion mafia in Karachi. ANI

Texas facing stripper shortage as Packers-Steelers Super Bowl XLV draws near
Strip clubs surrounding Cowboys Stadium in Texas, where the Packers-Steelers Super Bowl XLV match-up will take place, have said they are facing a stripper shortage. ANI

UK, Pak MPs sign 'Declaration of Friendship' to deepen parliamentary ties
UK and Pakistani parliamentarians have signed a 'Declaration of Friendship' in Pakistan's National Assembly, recognising the strong bonds between both nations and laying out plans to further enhance the relationship between the two Parliaments. ANI

Tracy Morgan's 'masturbation' rant about Palin leaves execs red-faced
A racy comment of Tracy Morgan about Sarah Palin on TNT has left executives red-faced. ANI

Britain's biggest bra is an incredible 48N cup
A lingerie firm in Britain has come up with the biggest bra, which is being offered up to a staggering size 48N. ANI

US demands immediate release of 'diplomat' charged with Lahore double murder
The United States has called for an immediate release of US citizen Raymond Davis, who was sent on a six-day remand on Friday after he was produced in a Pakistan court on charges of shooting dead two Pakistani men in a busy market in Lahore. ANI

Japanese teenagers obsessed with hiding faces behind medical masks
Experts have warned that there is a growing culture among teenagers in Japan to hide their faces behind white medical masks. ANI

Kiwi website registers 'bullying and abuse' complaints of international students
Many international students in New Zealand, including Asians, have approached a Christchurch website with a number of 'bullying and abuse' complaints, and demanded that minorities to be protected in the country. ANI

Dissident artist loses confidence in Chinese legal system following "fake" charges
A Chinese dissident artist Wu Yuren, who has been falsely accused of assaulting police, has said he has lost faith in his country's legal system. ANI

UK prison warders charged with having s*x with 9 female inmates
Three prison officers in UK have been charged with having "s*x for favours" with female inmates. ANI

Pak should follow India's example in booking "top guns" for wrongdoings: Pak CJ
Taking a cue from the court martial of a serving general in India, Pakistan's Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry has said the government officials responsible for misuse of power must be brought to book in similar fashion. ANI

Brit girls as young as 11 are binge drinking as much as boys
A survey has found that British girls as young as 11 are binge drinking as much as boys. ANI

George W. Bush wants to 'regain anonymity' and do nothing
It seems former US President George W. Bush is not in a mood to do anything. ANI

Experts urge US not to make 'hasty' retreat from Afghanistan
The U.S. should maintain a robust U.S. troop presence in Afghanistan until it is clear that the recent progress is sustainable, two experts on South Asian and Middle Eastern affairs have said. ANI

Police encounters developing culture of slaying people with indemnity: Pak SC
Expressing its disapproval over fake encounters, the Supreme Court of Pakistan has observed that such incidents had developed a culture of slaying people with indemnity. ANI

US man admits to raping, keeping woman in closet
A man in Ohio, US, who has been accused of repeatedly raping a woman and keeping her captive in a closet for 10 days, has pleaded guilty and admitted to wanting to keep her as his pet. ANI

Sherry Rehman working on ridding Pak of fundamentalism through liberal resurgence
Sherry Rehman, a progressive Pakistani parliamentarian attempting to amend the country's controversial blasphemy laws, says she is working on a liberal resurgence there. ANI

Nawaz Sharif deems himself Pak Prime Minister despite being out of power!
Pakistan Muslim League-N (PML-N) chief Nawaz Sharif has said he considers himself not less than a prime minister even without being on the post officially. ANI

Italy's $1.4m super car Pagani Huayra unveiled
Automakers Pagani in Italy has come up with a 1.4 million dollar super car named Huayra. ANI

Amazon Kindle e-book downloads surpass paperback books in US
Amazon has claimed that it has sold more e-books for its Kindle device in the United States as compared to paperback books in the last three months of 2010. ANI

Thomas Alva Edison was spot-on about his predictions for the future
Late American scientist Thomas Alva Edison was dead right with most of his predictions for the future, which he had made in a 1911 interview. ANI

Essex girls are Britain's bustiest babes
Girls from Essex are the bustiest in UK, new research has revealed. ANI

China TV news channel airs stolen scene from Top Gun!
A news channel in China broadcast a training exercise by the People's Liberation Army Air Force with one plane firing a missile at another - but the scene turned out to be lifted from a Tom Cruise movie. ANI

African country 'bans' flatulence!
A law that will literally knock the wind out of anyone has been declared in Malawi. ANI

Both Nevada Senate and Assembly in USA to open with Hindu prayers
Nevada State Senate and Nevada Assembly will open with ancient Hindu prayers on February 14 and 15 respectively in Carson City. ANI

Prestigious Catholic school in New York showcases Diwali
In a remarkable interfaith gesture, Marymount School of New York (USA), a Catholic institution, organized Diwali demonstration. ANI

Brit council staff told to clock-out for non-work conversations
Council workers in Carlisle, Britain have been told they would have to clock-out if they wish to conduct non-work conversations about the weather, holidays or babies. ANI

Prince Charles pays tribute to Gurkha soldiers' courage and bravery in Afghan war
Prince Charles has paid tribute to the Gurkha soldiers who lost their lives while fighting in Afghanistan, and also presented medals to the critically injured ones during their combat operations in that country. ANI

'Racism' against African-American Obama behind Democrats' defeat in mid-term polls: Moran
Virginia Democratic Representative Jim Moran has linked the current political environment to the American Civil War, and added that his party lost out in last year's mid-term polls because voters "don't want to be governed by an African-American." ANI

'Bombay Dreams' enthrals Karachi with Bollywood atmosphere
A local rendition of Andrew Lloyd Webber's 'Bombay Dreams' opened this week in the Pakistani port city of Karachi. ANI

Kiwi man fined $1K for filming best friend's girlfriend in shower
A man in New Zealand, who filmed his best friend's girlfriend while she was showering, has escaped being jailed and was instead ordered to pay her 1000 dollars in reparation. ANI

Palin uses Facebook to remove confusion over Sputnik Moment remark
Former Alaska Governor and 2008 Republican vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin understands the history of Sputnik. ANI

Taliban maybe ready for peace talks
Senior Taliban commanders could be preparing to enter peace talks to end their insurgency in Afghanistan, it has been revealed. ANI

Missing cat in UK returns home 7-yrs after disappearing
A pet cat that had been missing from its Liverpool home in the UK has returned seven-years after it disappeared. ANI

Gulliver's Travels author 'used baby language in love letters'
The language Jonathan Swift, the author of Gulliver's Travels, used in a series of letters to two women reflects the way babies talk, suggests a new research. ANI

Condom firm cashes in on royal wedding
A company selling royal wedding condoms has been slammed for making money out of the big day. ANI

Bristol Palin won't give a speech at Washington University's Sex Week
Bristol Palin has been dropped from her planned speaking engagement at Washington University. ANI

'Blair did no trust cabinet on 'Iraq war discussions, feared leaks
Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair did not trust his own cabinet and was "reluctant" to hold discussions with it on a proposal to go to war against Iraq fearing that details would be leaked, the UK's top civil servant told the Chilcot Inquiry. ANI

Seven persons injured in remote-controlled bomb blast in Quetta
At least seven persons, including three policemen, were wounded in a bomb explosion in the Pakistani city of Quetta on Saturday. ANI

UK man with 578 convictions never jailed by criminal justice system
A man in Britain, who has been convicted 578 times, has never seen the inside of a prison because the criminal justice system did not think it was required for him to be jailed for his crimes. ANI

Brit women 'care about their looks more than health'
It seems British women are more concerned with their appearance than their health. ANI

Husband charged with murder of 'Indian-origin woman' in New Zealand
The husband of Ranjeeta Sharma, the Indian-origin woman who was burnt alive on the side of a Waikato road in Auckland, New Zealand, has been charged with her murder in the Hamilton District Court. ANI

'Mideast massive protests' a replay of 1979 Islamic revolution: Iranian conservatives
Iran's conservatives have described the massive protests in Tunisia, Egypt and Yemen, a 'replay' of 1979 Islamic Revolution. ANI

Pak national arrested in Spain for forging passports for LeT, LTTE terrorists
A Pakistani citizen has been arrested in Spain for allegedly forging passports for the Laskar e Taiba (LeT) as well as the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE). ANI

Egyptian military's role in rendering support to 'people or Govt' is doubtful: Analysts
Egyptian Political analysts are finding it difficult to predict what role the armed forces would play in either suppressing the disturbances or easing President Hosni Mubarak from power. ANI

US man gets 2-yrs probation for streaking at Obama rally
A man in the US, who streaked at a rally for President Barack Obama, has been sentenced to two years' reporting probation. ANI

Hawaii 'to charge $100 for Obama's birth certificate'
In a bid to end skepticism over where the U.S. President was born, Hawaii may sell copies of Barack Obama's birth certificate to anyone for 100 dollars (63 pounds). ANI

Millions facing water shortage in China
Over 2.2 million people and 2.7 million livestock are facing a water shortage in many parts of China. ANI

US, Pak at odds over identity of consulate worker charged with Lahore double murder
Though the US State Department and Pakistani officials are at odds over the identity of a US consular employee charged of killing two Pakistani men in Lahore, sources identified the accused as Raymond Davis, a private security officer. ANI

S. Korea drops demand for N. Korea apology for resumption of Six-Party talks
South Korea has dropped its demand for an apology from North Korea for last year's deadly attacks in the interest of restarting the Six-Party Talks on the Korean Peninsula. ANI

Ex Governor Mark Sanford pictured holidaying with 'soul mate' mistress
Former South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford was photographed holidaying with the woman, who cost him his marriage and his career and who he calls as his "soul mate". ANI

Burmese Supreme Court refuses to hear Suu Kyi party's appeal
Myanmar's highest court has refused to hear a case filed by pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi seeking to overturn the government's dissolution of her political party. ANI

Obama cautions Mubarak not to use force against protesters
US President Barack Obama has put his embattled Egyptian counterpart leader, Hosni Mubarak, on notice that he should not use his soldiers and police in a bloody crackdown on opposition protesters. ANI

Nelson Mandela returns home, 'breathing on his own'
Former South African President Nelson Mandela, who was successfully treated for breathing difficulties during a two-day stay in hospital, has been discharged and is breathing on his own. ANI

Two NATO supply tankers torched in Pak's Balochistan province
In the latest attack on convoys in Pakistan carrying supplies for NATO forces in Afghanistan, unidentified men torched two NATO oil tankers in the Pinjra Pul area of Dhaddar in Balochistan. ANI

Pak security forces kill 28 terrorists in Mohmand tribal region
28 terrorists were killed in Pakistan's Mohmand Agency when Pakistani fighter jets and helicopter gunships bombed militant hideouts in the tribal region bordering Afghanistan. ANI

Berlusconi urges Italians not to pay TV licence after being slammed on shows
Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has urged millions of Italians not to pay their TV license after being slammed on a series of shows. ANI

Jacqui Smith to make s*x documentary for BBC
Porn shame minister Jacqui Smith is set to make a documentary about pornography for BBC. ANI

Egyptian police using US made tear gas against protesters
Egyptian riot police are firing made in USA tear gas canisters against street demonstrators. ANI

US secretly backing Egypt's rebel leaders
The Obama administration is reported to be secretly backing leading figures behind the uprising in Egypt. ANI

Mubarak refuses to quit, promises to replace his ministers
Refusing to give in to a popular demand to resign, Egypt's President Hosni Mubarak has promised to replace ministers in his government. ANI

Malik for Pak NA committee to probe US citizen's firing in Lahore
Pakistan's Interior Minister Rehman Malik has proposed constituting a National Assembly committee to probe the incident, in which a US official shot dead two Pakistani men in a busy market in Lahore. ANI

Iron Lady's Indian mystic guru who predicted she'd be Premier for 11yrs
Margaret Thatcher was one of the strongest women leaders the world has ever seen, but what many do not know is that one of her sources of strength was an eccentric and controversial Indian mystic. ANI

Michelle Obama gives Wills-Kate tips on how to achieve marital bliss
First Lady Michelle Obama has given some marital tips to the royal couple, Prince William and Kate Middleton. ANI

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