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International News on January 23, 2011

Veena Malik's censure shows Pak society's "double standards": Editorial
The conservative censure faced by Pakistani actress Veena Malik for cavorting with a Hindu man during her stint on an Indian reality TV show depicts the Pakistani society's 'double standards' bolstered by its sanctimonious hypocrisy, an editorial in a Pakistani newspaper has said. ANI

Ex-ISI official killed by Taliban abductors in North Waziristan
Former Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) official, Colonel Imam, was killed by his Taliban abductors in North Waziristan. ANI

For Obama, 'economy' is first priority, to generate more jobs in US
With the unemployment rate ending at 9.4 percent last year, US President Barack Obama has said his administration would focus on the economy and on ways to ensure that America remains competitive. ANI

Gilani confirms plan to 'rightsize', reshuffle Pakistan's cabinet
Pakistan Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani has confirmed that his government has taken a decision to cut and reshuffle the federal cabinet. ANI

Woman electrocuted on Pak village council's orders
A 22-year-old woman was electrocuted here on the orders of the village council) after she was accused of eloping with her cousin and rejecting her proposed arranged marriage. ANI

Romney wins New Hampshire Republican Party Committee Straw Poll
Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney has won the first presidential straw poll of New Hampshire Republican State Committee members sponsored by ABC News and WMUR and sanctioned by the state Republican Party. ANI

Remote-controlled bomb kills cop, wounds three others in Peshawar
A remote-controlled bomb exploded near a police van in Pakistan's northwestern city of Peshawar on Sunday, killing one constable and injuring three others, including a passer-by. ANI

Oz taxpayers' money funding guide to snorting cocaine, other party drugs
The Australian taxpayers' money is being used to fund a guide on ways to inject, snort, and swallow cocaine and other party drugs. ANI

Is TV triumphing over conversation in modern life?
It's often said that getting the whole brood around the dining table is an important way to nurture a tightly knit family. Beyond health and nutrition, it provides a valuable opportunity to reconnect. ANI

"God(s), A User's Guide" exhibition in Canadian museum displays Lord Shiva and Garuda
"Musee de la civilization" in Quebec (Canada) is currently holding an exhibition "God(s), A User's Guide", which reportedly displays Lord Shiva and Garuda. ANI

Royal outcaste Fergie to get invited to Will and Kate's wedding
Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson might get an invitation to Prince William and Kate Middleton's wedding. ANI

Women more likely than men to pull a sickie
A recent research has found women are more likely than men to not only 'pull a sickie' but also to pull off embarrassing excuses for taking unplanned leaves. ANI

Afghan Govt. accuses US linked private security firms of committing "major offences"
The Afghan government has reportedly listed a number of prominent private security companies, including some that work with the U.S. government, accusing them of committing "major offences." ANI

How sad?
How sad, those who want to empower people and speak for rights of all people of Jammu and Kashmir are accused of being pro India; and those who want to communalise polity of the region by dividing people in name of religion are called 'freedom fighters'. ANI

US drone attack kills four militants in North Waziristan
At least four militants were killed in a US drone attack in North Waziristan on Sunday, according to officials. ANI

Kiwi 'bra man' charged with indecent assault
A fake doctor who is known as the 'bra man' was charged with indecent assault by a court on Thursday. ANI

Sales figures struggle to match 'world's most pricey apartments' hype?
The hype surrounding luxury flats in One Hyde Park, London, may all be fizz as it seems that the flats have no takers and those who did, have been sold 'cheap.' ANI

Brit firm offers a double-decker bus as funeral vehicle
A Brit funeral firm has found a unique way to take the dead to their final destination-in a double-decker red bus. ANI

UK kids 'brush each other's teeth, cook together' to manage anger!
Anger management classes for children seem to have taken a new turn - the classes include children brushing each other's teeth, cooking together and grooming. ANI

'Sikh trainee's 'hair cutting while asleep' case indicates Malaysian ignorance
The case of Malay Sikh losing face among community after miscreants cut off his hair while he was asleep, points to Malaysian ignorance about other religions and cultural practices. ANI

30m pounds of taxpayers' money find if ethnic Chinese, gays being discriminated
The UK government is facing fire for using tens of millions of pounds of taxpayers' money to ensure that new equality laws are not discriminating against minority groups. ANI

Indian Australians say bilateral ties improving
Indian immigrants in Australia say there is a lot of improvement in bilateral relations between the two countries. ANI

Kalam to address Delhi Private School in Sharjah
Former Indian President Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam will preside over an event to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Delhi Private School (DPS) in Sharjah. ANI

UK hate cleric urges Muslims to 'issue fatwas' against Cameron, May
London based hate cleric Anjem Choudary has urged Muslims to issue a 'fatwa' against British Prime Minister David Cameron and Home Secretary Theresa May. ANI

Veena Malik credits 'liberal Pak people' for her emergence as "hero"
Veena Malik, a Pakistani actress who faced conservative censure for appearing on an Indian reality TV show, has credited the "liberal people" of her country for her emergence as a "hero" after she defended herself on a news channel. ANI

Pillion-riding ban in Karachi extended till January 29
The Sindh Government has extended its ban on pillion riding in Karachi by a week. ANI

Furious Japan slams BBC over jokes about survivor of A-bombs
The Japanese Embassy in London blasted BBC after an episode of its comedy quiz show QI made joke about a survivor of the atomic bomb attacks in the country during World War II. ANI

Milan model had s*x with Berlusconi 'to thank him'
For the first time, one of the women named in the Milan prostitution investigation has admitted that she had s*x with the Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. ANI

Obama looking to hire new secretary as Julianna Smoot plans to leave
The position for the secretary of US President Barack Obama is now available as his current secretary Julianna Smoot plans to move on. ANI

Over four million flood-hit Pakistanis still homeless: Red Cross
Over four million Pakistanis still remain without adequate shelter six months after falling victims to unprecedented floods, the Red Cross has revealed. ANI

Lost cat found 278 miles from home after a year!
Harriet Parkinson couldn't have been happier reuniting with her cat, Star, who disappeared in October 2009. ANI

Karzai agrees to dump 'parliament session delay' plans over constitutional crisis fears
Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai has reportedly agreed to put an end to his plans of delaying the parliament session by a month after lawmakers threatened to spark off a constitutional crisis. ANI

N. Korean refugees sceptical of government, support unification with South
A new book about North Korea by two international academicians has claimed that refugees of that country hold their government in low regard, and are far more sceptical of official explanations of their misery than is generally supposed. ANI

Brit-Indian honeymooner's 'fragile' mental health worries pals
Friends of Shrien Dewani, the Brit-Indian millionaire who is fighting extradition plans to South Africa over charges that he masterminded his wife Anni's murder during their honeymoon in Cape Town, have expressed concern about his 'fragile' mental health as he is suffering flashback of the hijack. ANI

Hawaii Gov. drops plans to prove Obama was born in the US
Hawaii Gov. Neil Abercrombie has dropped his plans to squash claims that the US President Barack Obama wasn't born in his state due to a law barring him from disclosing the information. ANI

Buddhists seek "heartfelt apology from all involved" in Jim Carrey's mockery of Hindu Lord Ganesh
Buddhists have also come out in support of upset Hindus and want "heartfelt apology from all involved" in the mocking of Hindu Lord Ganesh in NBC's Saturday Night Live (SNL) skit featuring actor-comedian Jim Carrey. ANI

Michelle Obama 'responsible' for rise in pedestrian deaths in U.S
Michelle Obama has been blamed for the increasing number of pedestrian deaths in the US. ANI

Iran's nuke-related demands prerequisites, not pre-conditions, says key official
Iran's chief negotiator on nuclear-related talks with the P5+1 countries, Saeed Jalili, has rubbished reports that Tehran had set preconditions to ensure the success of the negotiations, that eventually collapsed on Saturday. ANI

BT apology over Indian call center's failure to understand Brummie accent
UK phone giant BT has apologized to Viv Tomkins, a Birmingham customer, after she claimed that the Indian call centre staff could not understand her accent. ANI

Italian p*rn star applauds Berlusconi for his sexcapades
Former French p*rn star Rocco Siffredi has claimed that he has less s*x than Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi but at the same time praises his love of s*x. ANI

Sherry Rehman vows to stay put despite death threats over blasphemy law reform stand
Liberal Pakistan parliamentarian Sherry Rehman, who proposed a bill to reform the nation's draconian blasphemy laws, has said she will not flee the country despite death threats flooding her email inbox and mobile phone. ANI

Plea for UNESCO to save Indonesian temples
UNESCO has been asked to urgently help save ancient Hindu temples, which are reportedly threatened by volcanic ash flows from Mount Merapi on an Indonesian island. ANI

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