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International News on January 21, 2011

Krishna leaves for New Delhi after concluding Australia visit
External Affairs Minister S.M. Krishna left for New Delhi on Friday after attending the seventh round of Foreign Ministers Framework Dialogue here during which he discussed regional and bilateral issues with his Australian counterpart Kevin Rudd and other leaders. ANI

Lenin's body may be removed from Red Square mausoleum: Gorbachev
Former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev has said the body of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, the Russian Marxist revolutionary and communist politician, could be replaced from its Red Square mausoleum. ANI

US college student wears unwashed jeans for 15 months!
It looks like wearing the same pair of denim jeans nearly for 15 months without washing does not pose any health risks. ANI

US woman abducted as baby reunites with parents after 23 yrs
A woman, who was abducted from a New York hospital as a newborn 23 years ago, has been reunited with her biological parents. ANI

Malaysia urged to declare Thaipusam a national holiday
DAP Vice-Chairman M.Kulasegaran has said the Tamil Thaipusam celebration should be announced a national holiday since people belonging to different racial groups attend the event annually. ANI

Malay-Indians thronging to to solve ID, documentation problems
Around 2,000 people belonging to the Malay-Indian community visited the web portal booth to sort out their identification and documentation problems. ANI

Rapes assuming epidemic proportions in Pak's Sindh province
120 cases of rape, including six of gang rape, were reported in Pakistan's Sindh province between May 1, 2008 to October 31, 2008, provincial Home Minister Dr Zulfiqar Mirza has said. ANI

Tony Blair was offered final chance to avoid Iraq invasion, Chilcot inquiry told
Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair was given a final chance to opt out of the Iraq invasion by his foreign secretary Jack Straw, according to documents lodged with the Chilcot Inquiry. ANI

Oz Army Chief's vision is to recruit more women, popularize force through Facebook
Australian Army Chief Lieutenant General Ken Gillespie has said that attracting more women recruits and lifting the army's profile through social networking sites like Facebook are part of his agenda for the future. ANI

1m pounds stash of tax-dodging hooker
A high-class escort based in London has reportedly amassed a fortune of nearly 1 million pounds in a Swiss bank account. ANI

Pak SC approached to 'hang' Musharraf for subversion of Constitution
Pakistan's Supreme Court has been pleaded to initiate the proceedings against former President Pervez Musharraf for high treason, and order to hang him for the unconstitutional steps he took on November 3, 2007, leading to the ouster of over 60 judges of the superior courts. ANI

Brit facing jail in Dubai after being caught with lover is an ex-lapdancer
The British woman, who has been jailed in Dubai after she was caught in bed with her lover, is said to have been a former lapdancer. ANI

Iran has 'technical ability' to make HEU needed for nuke bomb development: Wikileaks
US secret diplomatic cables released by the whistleblower website 'Wikileaks' have revealed that Iran has 'technical ability' to make highly enriched uranium (HEU) that is required to ultimately build a nuclear bomb. ANI

Comedian claims request for $1m on YouTube has been answered
A man in US, who made an appeal on YouTube for 1 million dollars, has claimed that a mystery benefactor has answered his request. ANI

Kids prefer iPad or smartphone to a new bike
A new study has revealed that kids today would rather learn how to operate a computer than to learn how to ride a bike or how to swim. ANI

Brit man, 80, reunited with car three years after forgetting it in car park
A man in Britain has been reunited with his car after he forgot it in a car park three years ago. ANI

Pakistan to discard 'frontline state in war on terror' tag
Pakistan has decided to do away with the phrase 'frontline state in war against terrorism', which is frequently used by officials to stress the country's role in anti-terror efforts. ANI

Malay Indians call for banks to introduce Tamil in transactions
Indian Progressive Front (IPF) chief C. Siva has urged the Malaysian Finance Ministry to issue a directive to banks across the country to ensure that Tamil language is used in transactions. ANI

Octomom faces probe by social workers for filming baby fetish video
Nadya Suleman a.k.a. Octomom could end up facing an investigation by social workers after she filmed a baby fetish video at her home. ANI

Obama leads over four potential 2012 GOP contenders: Poll
US President Barack Obama is ahead of over four potential 2012 presidential Republican contenders, according to a Public Policy Polling. ANI

Hu Jintao shrugs off Senate majority leader Harry Reid's "dictator" claims
Chinese President Hu Jintao has shruged off down claims that he is a "dictator" and that his country is a "gangster regime that murders their own people." ANI

Oz Army Chief says Afghan forces may take security charge by 2014
Australian Army Chief Ken Gillespie has expressed hope that foreign forces would be able to hand over security charges to Afghan forces by 2014. ANI

"Stressed" Brit-Indian honeymooner fails to attend London extradition hearing
Shrien Dewani, the Brit-Indian millionaire who has been accused of hiring a hitman to have his wife killed during their honeymoon in Cape Town last year, failed to attend a London court hearing as he was suffering from acute stress disorder. ANI

Gordon Ramsay denies having a hair transplant
Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay has dismissed rumours that he had a hair transplant. ANI

US restaurant to sell tacos made from lion meat
A restaurant in Tucson, Ariz., that has been selling tacos made from alligator, rattlesnake and kangaroo is now including lion meat to its menu. ANI

Second teacher involved in lesbian allegations at NY school files suit
The second teacher, who was caught in a compromising position last year at James Madison H.S. with another female teacher, has filed a suit to have her firing overturned. ANI

South Korea agrees to hold talks with North Korea
South Korea has finally agreed to hold talks with North Korea following several entreaties from the latter to discuss escalating tensions on the Korean peninsula. ANI

Sarah Palin's hubby 'in s*x scandal with massage therapist'
Former Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin's husband Todd is embroiled in a s*x scandal involving a massage therapist who has been "busted for prostitution," according to a report. ANI

Kiwi woman partially paralysed by 'love bite'
A Christchurch doctor has reported a case where a Maori woman was left partially paralysed by a love bite from her amorous partner. ANI

China poses no economic, military threat to US: Hu Jintao
Chinese President Hu Jintao has assured the United States that his country is Washington's economic partner, and added that it does not intend to pose a military threat to America or any other country. ANI

Brit great-grandma beats cancer 5 times to celebrate 100th birthday
A feisty great-grandmother in the UK has beaten cancer five times and is still going strong. She celebrated her 100th birthday recently. ANI

Rachel Uchitel writes final farewell letter to fiance killed during 9/11 tragedy
Rachel Uchitel made an emotional visit to Ground Zero as part of her stint in VH1's Celebrity Rehab, and wrote a final farewell letter to her fiance who was killed during the 9/11 disaster. ANI

Designing tough robos? Let them grow as humans do
In a new study, a University of Vermont robotics expert explains that the process of building a robust robot should start right from being a baby, just as in humans. ANI

Heartbreaks bring you closer to finding 'the one'
A new study shows that getting your heartbroken in love only means that you are getting closer to finding that one perfect person for you. ANI

Malay-Sikh hair cutting case: Minister says action to be taken against culprits
Malaysia's Defence Minister, Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, has said that his government will take stern action against culprits who cut off National Service (NS) trainee Basant Singh's hair while he was asleep at the Sungai Bakap camp in Penang. ANI

William Shakespeare's plays to be performed in 38 languages
All of William Shakespeare's plays are to be performed in 38 languages as part of 2012 Cultural Olympiad. ANI

US blacklists Pak Taliban commander Qari Hussain for "wanton acts of violence"
The United States has designated Tehrik-e Taliban Pakistan (TTP) leader Qari Hussain under its Executive Order 13224, which targets terrorists and their supporters. ANI

China warns US to keep off Tibet and Taiwan
Chinese President Hu Jintao has warned the US to stay off issues relating to Tibet and Taiwan to prevent bilateral relations from deteriorating further. ANI

US asks China to stop N. Korea's nuke ambitions
US President Barack Obama has reportedly warned Chinese counterpart Hu Jintao that Washington would be forced to deploy forces in Asia to safeguard itself from a potential North Korean attack on American soil, if Beijing fails to take steps to stop North Korea's uranium enrichment plants. ANI

Hu Jintao calls for 'deeper engagement' with US
Chinese President Hu Jintao has called for deeper engagement with the United States to solve a number of issues that have hampered bilateral ties between both countries. ANI

PPP, PML-N set timeline for reform agenda implementation
The ruling Pakistan People's Party and the major opposition party, Pakistan Muslim League-N, have registered progress in their joint effort to face the economic challenges and resolve conflicting political issues, as both parties' committees have set directions and timelines for key points ranging from energy outages to the accountability bill. ANI

Islamic fundamentalists expanding their grip on Pakistani society: Report
The assassination of liberal Pakistani politician Salmaan Taseer for his vocal opposition to the country's blasphemy law and the warm reception for his killer has exposed the rising influence of Islamic fundamentalism over Pakistani society, a mind-set that increasingly radicalises the nuclear-armed nation, breeds intolerance and further weakens Islamabad's feeble civilian government. ANI

Labour lawmaker demands Oz Govt explanation on move to seek skilled Indian migrants
A Labour Party lawmaker in Australia has sought a clarification from Prime Minister Julia Gillard about an Indian newspaper report that suggested that Canberra is seeking more skilled migrants, especially from India. ANI

Michelle Obama, Wal-Mart team up for healthy food campaign
Retail giant Wal-Mart is collaborating with US First Lady Michelle Obama to launch an extensive five-year plan to make its food healthier and more affordable. ANI

Pak Govt to protect minorities at all costs: Zardari
The Pakistan Government will protect the country's minorities at all costs in accordance with the vision of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and the Constitution of Pakistan, President Asif Ali Zardari has said. ANI

Pak Court dismisses plea seeking quashing of FIR, ATC trial against Taseer's assassin
The Islamabad High Court has dismissed a petition seeking quashing of the FIR and the trial against Malik Mumtaz Hussain Qadri, the assassin of late Punjab Governor Salmaan Taseer. ANI

Woman speaks for the first time in 11yrs following voice box transplant
A woman, who lives in California, has been able to speak for the first time in 11 years - thanks to voice box transplant. ANI

Liberal Party leader says Sikhs have right to carry kirpan in Canada
Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff has defended the right of Sikhs to carry the kirpan. ANI

Oz govt. must agree to sell uranium to India for civilian use: Ex-diplomat to India
Australia's policy of forbidding uranium sales to India is a thorn in one of the country's crucial 21st century bilateral relationships, a former Australian diplomat to India has said. ANI

ATM in Dundee 'spits out' money
Dozens of people flocked to a ATM machine in Dundee, Scotland after it started 'spitting out' money, it has emerged. ANI

Record of Obama's birth in 1961 is 'in the archives,' says Hawaii Gov.
Officials in Hawaii have discovered documents indicating that US president Barack Obama was born in their state, says new governor. ANI

Brits angry over radical Muslim imam calling Queen a 'disgusting woman'
Radical cleric Shaykh Asrar Rashid has angered Britons by branding Queen Elizabeth II a "disgusting woman" because she knighted Salman Rushdie. ANI

Elite gamers set world record playing video games for 50 hours
Three elite gamers have collectively set five Guinness World Records by playing video games for 50 hours and one minute. ANI

Habitat for Humanity Partners with Asia Pulp & Paper to Create Its First Eco-Tourism Village in the World
Habitat for Humanity Indonesia has announced that it is partnering with Asia Pulp & Paper (APP) to create Habitat’s first eco-tourism village of more than 420 homes and guest accommodations near some of Indonesia’s most picturesque ancient temples. Business Wire India

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