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International News on January 16, 2011

Indian diplomat accused of wife-beating to be transferred from London
A high-ranking Indian diplomat in the UK, who allegedly attacked his wife at their official residence, is reportedly being transferred back to India. ANI

"Semi-curfew" to be imposed in parts of Karachi: Malik
Pakistan has imposed partial curfew over some parts of Karachi after at least 30 people were killed in a fresh wave of political violence in the city. ANI

Protestant appointed as President of Vatican's Science Academy-a first in 400 years
A Protestant has been appointed as President of Vatican's Pontifical Academy of Sciences, which is reportedly a first time for this Academy launched in 1603. ANI

Christmas "missing" from Diary of Europe's schoolchildren
European Commissioner for Health and Consumer Policy has called the omission of Christmas from Europa Diary "incoherence". ANI

Grand Hindu temple planned in England
A majestic multi-million pound Hindu temple and community center is reportedly being planned for Exeter (Devon, United Kingdom). ANI

Malaysia's Selangor Govt. urges municipality to withdraw ban on Muslim liquor outlet workers
The Selangor Government in Malaysia has reportedly urged the Subang Jaya Municipal Council to withdraw its ban on Muslims working in entertainment outlets that sell liquor. ANI

2,100-yr-old Greek coin offers insights into rare astronomical event
A new research suggests that an unusual Greek coin, minted around 120 BC, may have marked a rare astronomical event - when Jupiter was eclipsed by the Moon. ANI

Lynn Schnurnberger's latest book talks about cougar call girls
Even before former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer's prostitute scandal made headlines, Lynn Schnurnberger had begun writing her new book about cougar call girls. ANI

Sales of brown suede shoes drop as Brits opt for 'trendier' footwear
It was once an icon of British footwear. But now sales of brown suede shoes have plummeted to an all time low. ANI

Kiss or cuddle is what people crave for rather than s*x: Study
It has been nearly 50 years since Elvis Presley released the smash hit 'It's now or never', in which he goes on to plead, 'Come hold me tight, kiss me my darling, be mine tonight'. ANI

'Jersey Shore' star JWoww pens dating guide
Are you bored with the subtle art of dating? Then Jenni (JWoww) Farley's new book is for you. ANI

Six stress-busting foods that will make you feel better
Having a stressful day at the office? Here's something you should know - what you eat can have big impact on how you feel. ANI

NY's museum exhibit traces history of erotic comic books and artists
An exhibition that opened this week at New York City's Museum of Sex is tracing the titillating history of erotica in comic books. ANI

Bill for Illegal Pak immigrants' protection tabled in US Congress
The Temporary Protection Status (TPS) Bill for illegal Pakistani immigrants in the United States has been tabled in Congress. ANI

Indian leads Malaysia to football glory
Indian origin coach K. Rajagopal, who led Malaysia to football to glory in the recent AFF Suzuki Cup, may be soft-spoken, but his success proves that he is made of sterner stuff. ANI

'Unpacking the Nano' exhibition preview for media on Jan. 19
The media has been issued a preview invitation to the "Unpacking the Nano" exhibition at the Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art. ANI

US Congress for revoking visas of supporters of Taseer assassin
The United States Congress has requested the US government to revoke the visa of anyone supporting Mumtaz Qadri, the assassin of late Punjab Governor Salmaan Taseer. ANI

Growing hatred against Tunisian President Ben Ali portrayed in Wikileaks
US diplomatic cables released by the whistleblower website 'Wikileaks' have portrayed a deepening ambivalence toward the rule of Tunisian President Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali, focussing not only on the corruptions of the country's first family, but also praising Ben Ali's cooperation against terrorism and the stability he long imposed. ANI

Kiwi teacher fighting for career after posing n*ked for Penthouse
A former teacher who appeared n*ked on Australian Penthouse's website is now fighting for her career. ANI

Beaten Indian diplomat's wife goes into hiding with son over fears for safety
An Indian diplomat's wife, who was recently a victim of domestic violence, has gone into hiding with her son over fears that their lives are in danger. ANI

Rare Shakespeare folio goes on display at Durham University
The Shakespeare First Folio, which was stolen in 1998, is being displayed at an exhibition in Durham University. ANI

Beleaguered Pak Govt likely to implement 'painful' economic decisions from Feb 1
The Pakistan Government is planning to implement some 'painful' economic decisions from February 1, following an unprecedented 510-billion-rupee budget deficit. ANI

Swiss whistleblower to handover offshore banking secrets to Wikileaks
Swiss whistleblower Rudolf Elmer is reportedly planning to handover two CDs to WikiLeaks containing data of around 2,000 bank clients who may have been evading taxes. ANI

Brisbane floods: Oz Foreign Minister Rudd treated for foot injury
Australian Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd has been treated in hospital for a foot infection after he spent hours helping Brisbane residents during the ongoing flood crisis. ANI

84-year-old Brit to lead four-man team in Atlantic raft sail
A 84-year-old Britisher, Anthony Smith, will lead a team of adventurers in a sail across the Atlantic Ocean, stretch of 2,800 miles, in a raft made from plastic gas pipes. ccording to The Telegraph, the four Englishmen with a combined age of 259, will board the "An-tiki". ANI

Royal Shakespeare Company to sell thousands of costumes
The Royal Shakespeare Company is to sell thousands of its costumes worn by actors, including David Tennant and Sir Ian McKellen. Over 10,000 items will go on sale next month, including shirts, hats, shoes, Egyptian head-dresses and a variety of military uniforms, jewellery and other accessories, The Telegraph reports. ANI

It's official! Oswals are not coming back to Australia
Fertiliser tycoons Pankaj and Radhika Oswal confirmed that they will not come back to Australia, as removalists moved in to pack up their elite Dalkeith home on Sunday morning. ANI

Migrant ship sinks near Greece
An Italy-bound ship, Hasan Reis, carrying at least 263 migrants has reportedly sunk near the Greek island of Corfu, authorities have said. ANI

CPJ urges Zardari to stop growing attacks on Pakistani journalists
The Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) has called on Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari to address increasing attacks on journalists in his country. ANI

Salman Taseer's assassin unlikely to be prosecuted, says Qadri's brother
The brother of late Punjab Governor Salman Taseer's assassin, Mumtaz Qadri, has expressed confidence that the bodyguard will never be prosecuted. ANI

Clash of opinion between McCain-Palin over Obama's role as US President
Two important Republican leaders appear to have different views on US President Barack Obama ahead of the 2012 presidential polls, with reports saying that his 2008 opponent John McCain has recently called the President a "patriot" contrasting former Alska Governor Sarah Palin's earlier claim that Obama is 'weakening America'. ANI

Woman who trained Obama family dog Bo dies aged 52
The woman who trained US President Barack Obama's pooch Bo has passed away at a Virginia hospital. ANI

Tunisia reformation described a 'first Wikileaks revolution'
The drastic changes brought about in Tunisia that ultimately forced President Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali's to flee the country, has been described as the 'first Wikileaks revolution' because the whistleblower website played a major role in stirring up public anger against corruption of their leader. ANI

Kiwi Spanish resident complains of racist abuse
New Zealand police are looking into a racial abuse complaint filed by a Spanish-origin child cancer researcher camping on conservation land. ANI

British-Pak Christians, Sikh council honour slain Pak Punjab Governor
The British-Pakistani Christian Association presented the Pakistan High Commission with a wreath in memory of slain Punjab Governor Salmaan Taseer, as 'a show of representation of the love the community has for Pakistan and the late Governor'. ANI

'Tunisian protests serve as red flag for Arab autocracies'
The recent Tunisian protests that forced President Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali's to flee the country serve as a red flag for other Arab autocracies like Egypt, sending out a strong message that maintaining stability through suppression would not be tolerated, analysts say. ANI

Committee to probe abuse of blasphemy law in Pakistan
A ten-member committee will be formed to look into the cases pertaining to the misuse of Pakistan's blasphemy law, former federal minister Haji Hanif Tayyab has said. ANI

'Goldilocks' bandits break into Oz house to enjoy p*rn, booze
Intruders in Australia broke in to a house to cook up a feast, steal alcohol and enjoy Internet p*rn. ANI

Military advisory committee to urge Obama to allow women to serve on front-line
A military advisory committee is urging US President Barack Obama and the Congress to allow women to serve on the front-line. ANI

Cuban-American lawmakers criticise Obama's US-Cuba travel restriction plans
American Republican lawmakers of Cuban descent have criticised President Barack Obama's plans to ease US citizens' travel restrictions to Cuba that would allow educational and religious groups to visit the communist country, saying that the changes would benefit the Castro regime rather than average citizens. ANI

Shot congresswoman Giffords taken off ventilator in Arizona
US Democratic Representative Gabrielle Giffords, who was in critical condition after being shot in Tucson, has reportedly been taken off a ventilator. ANI

Israel's Stuxnet Worm tests delay, not destroy Iran's nuke plans
Israel's decision to test the Stuxnet Computer Worm in the Dimona complex in the Negev Desert appears to have wiped out roughly a fifth of Iran's nuclear centrifuges and helped delay, though not destroy, Tehran's ability to make its first nuclear arms. ANI

Qantas engine suffers another 'low engine failure'
Qantas Flight QF11 failed to take off to Los Angeles on Saturday after one of its engines suffered a complete failure. There were 344 passengers onboard. ANI

Berlusconi's harem of 14 glamorous young women revealed
Silvio Berlusconi, who is under investigation for alleged sexual encounters with a teenager from Morocco, maintained at least 14 glamorous young women in apartments in a gated complex outside Milan, it has emerged. ANI

Zardari shoe-thrower to visit Pakistan on March 23
A Briton, who hurled shoes at Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari during his last official visit to the UK, has announced to visit Pakistan on March 23- the Pakistan Resolution Day. ANI

Calendar depicting 'sexual harassers' launched in Islamabad
A calendar highlighting typical characters- responsible for restricting women's active contribution in socio-economic activities by intimidating and harassing them- has been launched in Islamabad to create awareness among people. ANI

Kate Middleton's royal wedding hen night venue revealed
It seems Kate Middleton is considering holding her hen night at a new bar called 86, located on London's trendy Fulham Road in Kensington, after having celebrated her 29th birthday there with friends last week. ANI

US denies NATO's involvement in Jan 13 cross-border shelling in Pak
The United States embassy has denied reports suggesting any involvement of NATO forces in a cross-border shelling incident on January 13. ANI

Teenager from Morocco says she didn't have s*x with Berlusconi
A teenager at the heart of the latest Silvio Berlusconi scandal says she didn't have s*x with him. ANI

Cherie Blair wore pendant to 'ward off evil spirits, cope with life at No 10'
Former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair's wife Cherie wore a pendant to 'ward off evil spirits' because she needed to be 'slightly mad' to deal with life at No 10. ANI

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