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India secures top rank in positive employer-employee relationships survey

October 15, 2011 - Melbourne

A new survey has found that the "positive relationship" between the staff and management has increased in countries like India and China, whereas Australia dropped four places to take the 13th spot on the list.

According to ORC International's annual workplace engagement index, just under half (48 percent) of Australian workers reported a positive relationship this year, which is 6 percent less than last year, reported.

The survey conducted on almost 10,000 workers surveyed them on their attitude towards their organisation, as well as whether they felt a sense of loyalty towards their job and whether they were willing to go beyond their usual duties to help their organisation to achieve its goals.

The survey found that while India and China's rankings jumped by at least eight places from last year's survey, to occupy the top two places on the list of 18 countries, merely 38 percent of Australian employees said their manager inspired them to be effective in their job.

Countries with a lower percentage of positive relationships between the staff and management than the global average of 53 percent, occupied the seven lowest spots on ORC's Employee Engagement Index (EEI)

ORC International's Global Engagement Index for 2011:

1. India

2. China

3. Brazil

4. Switzerland

5. USA

6. Austria

7. Canada

8. Netherlands

9. Germany

10. Russia

11. Singapore

12. Italy

13. Australia

14. Spain

15. France

16. Hong Kong

17. UK

18. Japan


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