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India, Pak mull confidence building measures on nuclear safety

June 24, 2011 - Islamabad

Amid heightened threat perceptions on the safety of Pakistan's nuclear Arsenal and the country's ongoing quest to expand its nuclear programme, India and Pakistan mulled over the confidence building measures on the nuclear security and safety in great detail during the Foreign Secretary level talks concluded in Islamabad today.

The expert level group on the conventional and nuclear security will be meeting next month.

During the bilateral talks, Pakistan has reportedly proposed ideas like the prevention of accidents in outer space and disarmament.

The two sides also discussed the scenario post Fukushima tragedy in Japan and have decided at preliminary level to explore ways to make a mechanism in dealing with such tragedy.

Measures like inclusion of cruise missile launches in the mechanism for advance notification of missile tests were also reportedly discussed between the top diplomats of India and Pakistan.

During the discussions, India also emphasized on how it is ramping up the safety and security of its nuclear programme by inducting nuclear regulatory authority and have expressed hope that Pakistan would strengthen its nuclear security.

India and Pakistan are the participants of the Nuclear Security Summit.

The two sides also discussed the opening up of exchanges between the defence think tanks like the National Defence College and National Defence University of Pakistan.

Ideals like prevention on accident on high seas were also discussed during the Indo-Pak talks. By Naveen Kapoor


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