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'Her Royal Hotness' Pippa Middleton beats tornado in NZ

May 6, 2011 - Wellington

'Her Royal hotness' Pippa Middleton has become one of the most searched item on Google in New Zealand, despite a devastating tornado hitting the country's biggest city on Tuesday.

A list of the most popular Internet searches released by Google shows that while the death of Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden dominated searches, Pippa, the sister of newly wed Kate, came second.

The devastating tornado that ripped through Auckland's north killing one man and injuring more than a dozen placed third, followed by Kate herself.

Media commentator Jim Tully, an associate professor at Canterbury University, told the New Zealand Herald that Pippa's ranking in the list was no surprise given people were interested in personalities.

"She attracted a lot of interest at the wedding and became quite a talking point, so I would imagine they would be interested in trying to find out more about her because they know everything they need to about Kate," he said.


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