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'Hacktivist' Anonymous in dispute over declaration of 'war' against Mexican drug cartel

November 3, 2011 - London

Members of notorious hacker group Anonymous are in dispute over whether to reveal the identities of members and associates who collaborate with the Mexican drug cartel Los Zetas.

Earlier a masked member of the group appeared in a video, and vowed to publish names, addresses and photos "of the syndicate's associates", from corrupt police to taxi drivers and journalists in retaliation for the alleged kidnap of an Anonymous activist.

The group planned doing so in retaliation for the alleged kidnapping of an Anonymous activist, who is said to have been snatched while handing out political pamphlets in the Mexican state of Veracruz.

The group set a deadline of November 5 for the victim, but as the deadline approaches, doubts have emerged about whether the audacious plan to take on one of the world's most feared criminal organisations will go ahead or not, The Telegraph reports.

The Mexican newspaper Milenio quoted two members of Anonymous saying the operation had been cancelled due to concerns that those named would be killed by rival gangs of Los Zetas.

"We cannot be reckless administrators that condemn to death we have talked and discussed extensively among all and it was decided to remove it," they said.

They said "other operations" to take on the cartel are "in progress".

According to the paper, other members of Anonymous claim the plan, called #OpCartel, will still go ahead.

"#OpCartel is very much alive and like I said to others in private our war is on corruption on both sides of the spectrum," they wrote on Twitter adding, "Vamos a GUERRA!" meaning 'We are going to WAR'.


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