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Gillard 'most unpopular' modern Oz PM, next to Paul Keating

June 28, 2011 - Canberra

A new poll has shown that Julia Gillard is the 'most unpopular' modern Australian Prime Minister, after Paul Keating.

The Sydney Morning Herald quoted the Newspoll, as saying that 62 percent people now consider her unpopular, up seven points in the past two weeks.

It also showed that her popularity has dropped below opposition leader Tony Abbott for the first time, but Gillard appears least affected by it.

She expressed her determination to push on with her government's agenda, including a carbon tax.

"This is a tough reform and it may get even tougher, before it gets easier," she said.

On being asked about voters' preference for Kevin Rudd, whom she had toppled to become prime minister a year ago, Gillard said that once the carbon pricing is in place, people will see how the system works and its benefits.My eyes are firmly trained on the future and what is right for this country. I think we're in a tough period now and there may be some further tough periods ahead, but ultimately I believe Australians will see the need to price carbon," Gillard insisted.


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