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Gilani warns US to end 'negative messaging' on Pak's complicity with militancy

September 28, 2011 - Beijing

Pakistani Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani has warned the United States that it must end its "negative messaging" of accusing Islamabad of playing double games with militants, and said that such accusations would only strengthen anti-American feelings in his country.

Gilani said any unilateral military action by the US to hunt down militants of the Haqqani network inside Pakistan would be a violation of his country's sovereignty.

"The negative messaging, naturally that is disturbing my people," The Dawn quoted him, as saying.

"If there is messaging that is not appropriate to our friendship, then naturally it is extremely difficult to convince my public. Therefore, they should be sending positive messages," he added.

Rejecting allegations that Pakistan was behind any violence across its border, he said that it is in the interests of Pakistan to have a stable Afghanistan.

Gilani also pointed out that the US did not help itself when it struck a deal on civilian nuclear cooperation with India but not Pakistan.

"There is an acute shortage of electricity in Pakistan. And there are riots. And the opposition is playing to the gallery because there is a shortage of electricity," the paper quoted Gilani, as saying.

"But they (the US) are doing the civilian nuclear deal not with Pakistan, but with India. Now how can I convince my public that they are your (Pakistan's) friends and not the friends of India?.. the perception matters," he added.

Gilani also heaped praise on 'all-weather friend' China, promising maximum support to the neighbouring country in fighting separatists.

Gilani said Pakistan and China "are true friends and they count on each other".

"China's enemy is our enemy, we will extend our full cooperation to China on security," he said. We will cooperate with you to the extent you want us to cooperate," he said.


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