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Germany launches new hiking trail for nudists

June 16, 2011 - Washington

A new hiking trail for nudists has been launched in Germany, and it has garnered a lot of interest.

The trail near the town of Dankerode was opened on May 29, 2010, and it was hailed by Mayor Monika Rauhut as "the latest attraction here in beautiful Wippertal".

In Germany, signs placed around the nude trail area warn: "If you don't want to run into any n*ked people, stop right here!"

The first year that the German trail, played up initially as a "paradise" for nude hikers, was up and running, there were no legal problems. But there have been some red faces.

The brain behind the endeavour is a nearby campground owner who had hoped the novel trail would bring him more paying guests, but instead he found himself telling the nudists to give his campsite "a wide berth".

German nude-hiking aficionado Horst K. said on the Nacktwandern website, which has provided information about the trail since it opened, that integrating the naturist trail and the family-oriented campsite proved more difficult.

"Yes, there were some problems. But we cleared those up, and now things are okay for both sides," Time magazine quoted Horst K. as saying.


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