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Gadhafi "seriously considering" fleeing Tripoli for 'safer' haven: U.S. intelligence

June 24, 2011 - Washington

According to latest U.S. intelligence reports, Libyan leader Colonel Moammar Gadhafi is "seriously considering" fleeing Tripoli to relocate himself in a more secured place outside the capital.

The Wall Street Journal quoted a senior U.S. national-security official as saying that the intelligence report indicates that Gaddafi "doesn't feel safe anymore" in Tripoli because of the increased NATO airstrikes.

However, the official said that the timing of the possible move is not known, and does not appear to be imminent, despite the fact that the intensity of the warning is much higher than the earlier ones.

"NATO's efforts to reduce the Libyan regime's capability to command and control military forces are having an effect. It is becoming increasingly difficult for him to operate inside Tripoli," the paper quoted the official as saying.

U.S. intelligence agencies, however, have reportedly said that the dictator has no plan to flee the country.

Reports suggest that Gadhafi has several residences and other facilities outside Tripoli to which he could relocate to escape airstrikes, which have been continuing since the past three months.


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