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Gaddafi regime could be toppled by end of this month: Libyan envoy

August 14, 2011 - London

The regime of Libyan leader Colonel Muammar Gaddafi could topple by the end of this month, the UK head of Libya's transitional council has claimed.

Dr Guma el-Gamaty said he believed that the impact of Ramadan, which would see the people of the country "spiritually and emotionally highly charged" could be the catalyst for the dictator's fall from power, The Scotsman reports.

Although he insisted that Gaddafi's fate could be decided in the next two weeks, el-Gamaty said that the option for the dictator to leave the country with immunity for another Arab nation is still open.

"My only guess for the end game is that once Gaddafi realises he has lost control of every city outside Tripoli and that he is surrounded, then I think he will make a run for it. I think then the situation will be very, very rapid," he added.

El-Gamaty said that Gaddafi has never managed to regain any territory he has lost

"He is losing his grip. I think once we have reached the tipping point, the collapse will be pretty fast and it could seriously come this month, in August. This is the month of Ramadan, the people are spiritually and emotionally highly charged, and eager to conclude this battle and get rid of this evil regime," he said.

El-Gamaty said that the "end game" would most likely be when Gaddafi realises that he is surrounded, and that is exactly when "I think, he will make a run for it. I think then the situation will be very, very rapid."


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